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Method Communications: Agency Profile

2020-12-21 by EPR Staff

Founded in 2010, with offices in Salt Lake City, as well as San Francisco, Method Communications is there to help brands and corporations in sharing their ambitious visions with the rest of the world. Thanks to the agency’s relentless innovation alongside the entrepreneurial spirit, Method Communications managed to become one of the top agencies in the public relations and marketing industries in a short amount of time. The team onboard Method Communications strives to implement every tool that’s available for the client in order to get the results that the client expects to achieve. This is why the agency believes... Read More >

PR Firms for Authors: Book Launches, Publicity and More

2020-09-01 by EPR Staff
Best Book PR firms everything-pr

Do you need a PR firm or publicist for a book you’ve written? Generally book pr firms do not think outside of the box – and their retainers are 2 to 4 thousand dollars a month --- a bargain when looking at larger Public Relations companies, that might be able to produce more for a higher retainer. Smith Publicity Smith’s offices are in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They have been promoting books and authors since 1997. Over 2,000 authors and thousands of books have benefited from their help and experience. Most of the work they do is with self-published authors. They work with... Read More >

KLG Public Relations: Agency Profile

2020-04-27 by EPR Staff
KLG Public Relations

KLG Public Relations: Agency Profile KLG Public Relations agency, based in Tribeca, New York City is a leading PR firm. Founded in 2016, the way this PR agency works with clients is by providing them with high-quality media, unlike most other PR companies, which only provide brand exposure as a way of supplying public relations services. The namesake of KLG Public Relations is the award-winning marketing communications executive Kate Laufer Gorenstein. She’s been working in the PR industry for the past 15 years, connecting clients with audiences in the hospitality, celebrity and food and beverage industries. She is very passionate... Read More >

Moxie Communications Group Profile

2020-01-14 by EPR Staff

Moxie Communications Group is a full-service public relations agency that is capable of making challenger brands into household staples, as well as working with already-established brands and bringing them to the top of their respective industries. This public relations agency is here to help brands strategically build their profiles, as well as improve the visibility of their clients during the periods where their growth seems to have slowed down. Moxie Communications Group does this through launches, new products, fundraising, changes in the leadership, along with various other important milestones. The agency has a close relationship with various media platforms and... Read More >

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

2019-12-10 by EPR Staff
Tricks for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

These days, there are practically more companies out into the world than there are people. And they are all connected somehow. But today we’re going to talk about what connects a popular brand to the influencers that promote the same brand when we open up a social media platform and see one of those posts. It seems that practically every other post we come across on our social media feeds is an influencer talking about their current favorite brand. But the way that the brands and the influencers connect with each other is via influencer marketing agencies. And these are some... Read More >

PR Agency Sought By Experience Camps

2019-12-07 by EPR Staff
Experience Camps

Purpose: Experience Camps are free, one-week camps for children who have had a parent or sibling that died. They help grieving children feel supported through friendship, teamwork, camp activities, and the common bond of loss. It is a safe environment where kids can explore their grief, break the isolation they may feel with their non-camp peers, and have a whole lot of fun. They have the opportunity to meet and connect with kids who are going through similar challenges while getting all of the benefits of the traditional summer camp experience. In 2019, more than 750 campers attended Experience Camps... Read More >

PR News from Rasky Partners, Allison Partners & Zeno Group

2019-12-02 by EPR Staff

Texts Reveal Woman Accused of Encouraging Boyfriend to Commit Suicide Tried to Dissuade Him Inyoung You, alleged to have encouraged her 22-year old boyfriend, Alexander Urtula, to commit suicide, has said through her representatives that she intends to argue in court that she, contrary to the allegations, tried to convince him not to take his life.  Rasky Partners, a public relations firm, shared text messages between the couple with the Boston Globe. You’s defense confirmed that they are legitimate messages. Authorities have said that You wrote more than 47,000 of the 75,000 messages shared between her and Urtula in the... Read More >

RI Commerce Corporation, Business Attraction PR Agency

2019-01-09 by EPR Staff

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation seeks a firm able to further develop and build upon its public relations strategy; cultivate promotional & strategic partnerships with key vertical sector-oriented media and economic development reporters; and provide research & analytics on latest best practices and story trends. The chosen agency will work collaboratively with advertising and website partners. Background                 Rhode Island is engaged in a major effort to further drive the progress of its reimagined brand and its presence for the purpose of projecting a more favorable image to the world. Under the leadership of a jobs-focused Governor and General Assembly,... Read More >

Why are there More Women than Men in PR?

2018-12-03 by EPR Staff
Why are there more women than men in PR?

 It’s not news that women dominate in terms of sheer numbers when it comes to PR. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women hold around 59 percent of PR management roles and 63 percent of PR specialist positions. Despite this, females are underrepresented in leadership roles in PR. This begs a question—why is it that more women work in PR than men? There actually has been some research done on this topic and here are the main takeaways. The media has a lot to do with the number of women in PR. Without a doubt, the media paints a... Read More >

San Diego PR Agency Needed

2018-10-09 by EPR Staff
San Diego PR Agency Needed

The selected consultant will recommend and execute strategies that aim to educate customers and stakeholders about upcoming improvements to the regional tolling customer experience including the introduction of new 6C toll transponders, the upgrade to the automated pay points for cash and credit card paying customers and upgraded service options made possible through a new back office system (BOS). As part of the strategy development, the consultant will research and evaluate SANDAG’s current branding of the SR 125 toll road, also known as the South Bay Expressway, and the I-15 Express Lanes, in order to form recommendations that will best... Read More >

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