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Method Communications: Agency Profile

Founded in 2010, with offices in Salt Lake City, as well as San Francisco, Method Communications is there to help brands and corporations in sharing their ambitious visions with the rest of the world. Thanks to the agency’s relentless innovation alongside the entrepreneurial spirit, Method … [Read more...]

KLG Public Relations: Agency Profile

KLG Public Relations

KLG Public Relations: Agency Profile KLG Public Relations agency, based in Tribeca, New York City is a leading PR firm. Founded in 2016, the way this PR agency works with clients is by providing them with high-quality media, unlike most other PR companies, which only provide brand exposure as … [Read more...]

Moxie Communications Group Profile


Moxie Communications Group is a full-service public relations agency that is capable of making challenger brands into household staples, as well as working with already-established brands and bringing them to the top of their respective industries. This public relations agency is here to help … [Read more...]

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

Tricks for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

These days, there are practically more companies out into the world than there are people. And they are all connected somehow. But today we’re going to talk about what connects a popular brand to the influencers that promote the same brand when we open up a social media platform and see one of those … [Read more...]

PR Agency Sought By Experience Camps

Experience Camps

Purpose: Experience Camps are free, one-week camps for children who have had a parent or sibling that died. They help grieving children feel supported through friendship, teamwork, camp activities, and the common bond of loss. It is a safe environment where kids can explore their grief, break the … [Read more...]

Why are there More Women than Men in PR?

Why are there more women than men in PR?

 It’s not news that women dominate in terms of sheer numbers when it comes to PR. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women hold around 59 percent of PR management roles and 63 percent of PR specialist positions. Despite this, females are underrepresented in leadership roles in PR. This … [Read more...]