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Chief Communications Officer Must Have’s

The role of a Chief Communications Officer, or CCO, is constantly evolving as the digital and communications landscape is also in flux. Being a CCO now covers many aspects of the organization, from public relations to internal communications to branding. As a result, in many organizations, CCOs have taken on a more prominent leadership role. […]

Dolce & Gabbana’s Marketing Mishap

Dolce & Gabbana’s Marketing Mishap

It’s been a shaky couple of weeks for Dolce and Gabbana, after they released an ad campaign that has been described as “disrespectful and racist”. The backlash has been immediate and hard, ranging from boycotts by celebrities and having its products withdrawn from Chinese e-commerce sites. The Italian luxury fashion house’s controversial advertising campaign includes […]

Marketing Healthcare Services to Baby Boomers

Marketing Healthcare Services to Baby Boomers

Healthcare and insurance companies wanting to engage Baby Boomers need to let go of traditional ways communicating to this generation. We need to recognize that our traditional perception of their priorities does not align with what they actually want – boomers want to stay active while also dealing with the challenges that come with getting […]

Adding Thought Leadership To Your Marketing Strategy

Adding Thought Leadership To Your Marketing Strategy

Thought leadership is one of the most significant buzzwords to hit the marketing industry for some time now. However, while many people know about thought leadership – few business owners understand what it means to their company and their promotional methods. Thought leadership is a specific kind of content marketing – designed to convince an […]

Ways Leaders Can Improve Communication Skills

Simple Ways for Leaders to Improve Communication Skills

Businesses rely on great communication to thrive. If team members don’t know how to connect with each other, share ideas, or express their feelings, then collaboration simply can’t happen. Unfortunately, not everyone naturally has excellent communication skills from the moment they move into a leadership role. While all managers and supervisors strive to say the […]

How to Get It Done Without Losing Your Mind

How to Get It All Done Without Losing Your Mind

Ask any leader, and they will likely tell you they have more to do than they have time to do it. We have all kinds of metaphors to describe it: wearing lots of hats, too many irons in the fire, burning the candle at both ends … you understand, because you’re likely living it. The […]

Becker Back in the Headlines for all the Wrong Reasons

It’s been decades since tennis sensation Boris Becker made international headlines. In those days, he was a phenom on the court, capturing the attention of tennis fans the world over as he won multiple Wimbledon titles. The recent mention of Becker in the headlines paints a very different picture. Becker is embroiled in a bankruptcy […]