Chief Communications Officer Must Have’s

Chief Communications Officer Must Have’s
Chief Communications Officer Must Have’s

The role of a Chief Communications Officer, or CCO, is constantly evolving as the digital and communications landscape is also in flux. Being a CCO now covers many aspects of the organization, from public relations to internal communications to branding. As a result, in many organizations, CCOs have taken on a more prominent leadership role. Because of their knowhow, the CEO and the board usually turn to CCO’s for strategic advice. Therefore, it is no longer sufficient for CCO’s to just be competent at the communications side of things. Here are some of the essential qualities that a CCO needs to excel in the modern business world:


A good CCO is someone that people trust, both inside and outside the company. Having someone that’s known for being able to spin the truth doesn’t do much for the company’s reputation. Good PR is based on trust. The company needs to trust the CCO is accurately representing the company, and the public and the media should trust that the CCO is an honest and reliable source of information.

Intellectual Diversity

A good CCO is not only good at communications and PR, but also has a wide range of knowledge on various topics. He or she is also capable of immersing themselves into unfamiliar subjects to grasp and understand new information with ease. They should also be able to communicate different topics in an understandable and accurate manner. 


Being able to build networks is key to PR and communications efforts. A CCO should be charismatic and have strong people skills, which allows them to easily build relationships with people inside and outside the industry. A CCO with charisma can easily make friends and maintain those friends through constant communication and shared interests.  

Excellent judgement

In communications, it can sometimes be tricky to know when to say something and when to stay quiet. A good CCO knows how to navigate this issue by being a good judge of when an organization should go public with a statement. A CCO with good judgment can make a big difference when it comes to the reputation of the organisation.

Ability to provide sound advice

The role of a CCO involves providing PR advice to the entire C-Suite. He or she should be available and capable of giving sound advice to executives on how to handle certain situations. They should be ready to provide detailed tips on the best way to deliver and articulate a certain message. 

Creative Thinking

A good CCO is creative and knows how to think outside the box. They know that getting your message to stand out and your target market to listen requires new and interesting approaches. Therefore, it is essential that a CCO can branch away from the go-to methods of communications, while adapting to new ideas and approaches.  

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