Crazy Rich Asians Impressive at Box Office AND Social Media According To Talkwalker

Crazy Rich Asians Impressive at Box Office AND Social Media According To Talkwalker

NEW YORK – Warner Bros.’ “Crazy Rich Asians” opened Wednesday on 3,303 screens and earning $5 million and the film is expected to compete with 2015’s “Train Wreck” for the highest opening of a romantic comedy ever – finishing in the $30 million-plus range for the five day opening.  Social media has played a big role in the film’s early success, with director Jon Chu tweeting that the movie was a “movement,” prompting digital media entrepreneur Bing Chen to Tweet. “EVERY MOVEMENT NEEDS ITS MAFIA. That’s why 100+ of us have bought out theaters to give #CrazyRichAsians a #GoldOpen.”

International social media analytics firm Talkwalker reported that there have been nearly 173K social media posts in the past week focused on “Crazy Rich Asians.”  That far outpaces any other film that has opened in the past week, as “BlacKkKlansman” checked in with 84.8 mentions, The Meg with 47.5K and Slenderman with 17.2K.

The top social post was this Tweet from actress Irene Choi, with more than 71,000 engagements (likes and reTweets), Talkwalker reported.

One of the film’s stars, Awkwafina, posted this top Tweet, with more than 21,000 engagements.

Comparing hashtags among these top four movies that opened this week,  #CrazyRichAsians is number one by a huge margin, with 73.1K mentions while #BlacKkKlansman is second with 13.5K.  The hashtag used to promote the opening of “Crazy White Asians,” #GoldOpen was third with 3.4K, according to Talkwalker.  When just looking at hashtags related to “Crazy Rich Asians,” other top trending hashtags include #CrazyRichAsiansMovie with 1.45K, #RepresentationMatters with 1.43K.

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