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Sox and Yanks in trouble with the League

The Boston Red Sox have been fined by Major League Baseball for using technology to steal signs from the Yankees earlier in the season. In a scenario somewhat similar to the one that got the nearby Patriots in trouble a few years, back, the Sox will have to cough up some cash for the infraction. […]

Virginia uses sports to promote healing

The University of Virginia did not ask to become ground zero for the groups creating social divides in the United States. By all accounts, the venerable state institution of higher learning just wants to educate and inspire young minds. Unfortunately, due to events beyond the University’s control, faculty and staff, students, and even sports team […]

Harassment allegations put finance startup in danger

sofi ceo

Starting a business is tough enough without a scandal. You need to have the right product or service, the right market, the right cash flow and business plan, and the right team to work out that plan. Even if you have all of that, you may not make it unscathed. Take, for example, the case […]

Brits waging war on calories

The British are known for many things. Delicious cuisine is not exactly one of them. Now, though, the British government is cracking down on tastier food in an effort to reduce the caloric intake of its citizens. Obesity Declared an Epidemic in British Kids According to Public Health England, obesity is epidemic in British kids, […]

Danish inventor facing murder charges

Danish inventor Peter Madsen will have his day in court, but, in the court of public opinion, he is in dire straits … and many are saying it’s well deserved. Charges Against Madsen According to multiple international news sources, Madsen will be charged with “murder” and “indecent interference with a human corpse” in the case […]

Bill Nye the Accountant Guy

Bill Nye burst onto the national consciousness as the host of a Saturday morning kids TV program. He was there to get kids excited about science, and, by most accounts, he did a great job at that. Then, for a few decades, Nye disappeared from the public view. He’d pop up here and there, but, […]