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Eight of the Top Men’s Products Influencers

Eight of the Top Men’s Products Influencers

Eight leaders in men’s product influencers… an area 5WPR is working extensively in. Expert Vagabond  — Travel and photography Expert Vagabond, aka, Matthew Karsten is a blogger and travel photographer, who has spent the last six years working to inspire others with beautiful images and entertaining stories that he gathers during his worldwide wild adventures. Much […]

Why can’t audiences get enough of Sharknado

There’s a popular meme making its way around social media these days. It’s an encouraging sort that reminds people not to keep quiet, even if they think their idea will never work because, “someone once sat in a pitch meeting and said, ‘tornados full of sharks’.” And that’s it. The meme works because no one […]

PR News From Westminster Lobbying, APCO Worldwide, Weber Shandwick, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, and North 6th

Alison White Says Unregistered Lobbying at Westminster is Rare Alison White is the registrar of consultant lobbyists for the office established in 2015 to track third-party consultants dealing with ministers and permanent secretaries for the government. She reported recently in ORCL’s 2016-17 accounts that “During the past year, I have conducted a series of investigations […]

10 Leading Sports Influencers

In sports, the ones getting paid for endorsing products are usually the athletes, not always the ones at the top of their particular playing field though. Endorsements are not just about being good at what you do, but also being a good long-term match with a product or lots of products. Unless a brand is […]

R Kelly accused of abuse

Remember the old days, back when R Kelly was only known for R&B? Those days are long gone. These days, the former singer has been in the headlines so often for “other” activities, that he’s fast becoming a punchline. But now, things are getting even worse as he tries to make his comeback. Civic leaders […]

Shkreli guilty of fraud

In what many are already calling a victory for the “good guys,” Martin Shkreli may be looking at the end of his career. The former pharmaceutical CEO who earned the derisive nickname, “Pharma Bro,” has been found guilty of fraud. According to the conviction, Shkreli “deceived investors” in some hedge funds. The jury deliberated for […]

Top Pot & Cannabis PR Firms

Legalized marijuana is a growing industry, but even in places where it’s legal, they still are not treated equally under the law. One way that proves this point is that such companies are not allowed to declare the usual deductions such as rent or advertising. That means that when it comes to public relations, these […]

Thinx fights image issues with new leadership

Maybe you were unaware, but period underwear is a thing. Thinx was touted as having the ability to “absorb blood and kill germs,” qualities that appealed to enough people to support the company’s Kickstarter launch back in 2013. Things looked rosy for Thinx for years. Not so much anymore. The company recently brought in new […]