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ORM Public Relations: Reputation Management Tips

2022-04-01 by EPR Staff

The internet has nearly 5 billion users, which accounts for more than 60% of the entire population of the world, and that number is only going to continue to increase. With more people having access to the internet, and everyday life becoming more centered around digital spaces, how one presents themselves online has a big impact on one's reputation. Whether that's a young professional looking for a new job, a growing influencer, or a business leader, the way individuals are presented in Google's search results acts as a sort of  resume or business card. The same thing is true for... Read More >

Event Management Public Relations: Using PR to Boost Event Attendance

2022-03-31 by EPR Staff

With the help of the right PR and marketing strategies, companies can drive more awareness for their events, and boost the attendance of those events. The best strategies for this include identifying the right target audiences and knowing how to reach those audiences. It's important to promote an event beforehand in order to build awareness through media outlets and encourage event attendance. This strategy also gives businesses additional opportunities for other media coverage in the future. Social media Companies can leverage their social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their events. As long as a... Read More >

PR Tips from Industry Experts 

2022-03-30 by EPR Staff
6 pr tips generating publicity startup

With the help of good publicity, companies can grow, but it's not always easy to convince media outlets to quote a business, much less to feature them in an article. While it's still effective to send out high-quality press releases to journalists and outlets, which can occasionally lead to media coverage, for a company to receive regular coverage it has to reach out directly to the people who are writing those stories. In the past, PR agencies and professionals used contact lists that were worth their weight in gold. Their job was to build strong relationships with media outlets over... Read More >

Turning negative online publicity into PR opportunities

2022-03-29 by EPR Staff

The aim of publicity is to distribute information among as many people as possible. Any organization can make a mistake that might result in negative publicity, so it is essential that businesses have a plan ready to deal with negative publicity. Negative publicity can be turned into a PR opportunity. Positive publicity means more business and more exposure, but bad publicity can also be transformed into an opportunity to build the credibility of a business. Negative PR Negative PR includes harmful published information which can damage a company’s reputation. This information can be bad online press about a business, or... Read More >

Public Relations to Build Loyal Brand Audiences

2022-03-21 by Ronn Torossian

In today's socially and digitally interconnected world, there are a lot of small businesses trying to compete with big brands and corporations. The best way for companies to stand out from a crowded market is by looking to build brand loyalty with consumers. Brand loyalty is the tendency of buyers to continue buying products or services from the same company, instead of making purchases from its competitors. That can be because one company's solutions are high in quality , or because the consumers find other things about that company valuable over any other of its competitors As founder of 5WPR, we... Read More >

New Can Designs for Coca Cola

2022-02-28 by EPR Staff
New Can Designs for Coca Cola

Packaging is an important marketing tool that can be used as a medium to promote brand loyalty.Companies often reinvent their product packaging. Shifts in demand can cause a company to reevaluate its existing packaging and plan for future options. With accurate insight into business practices, brand redesigns can highlight what worked in the past. Packaging according to flavor Coca-Cola has decided to give its cans a total makeover. It has revealed new brand packaging across its entire range of drinks, along with a brand new flavor, Mocha. The packaging of flavored products and their zero-sugar counterparts will be redesigned. The... Read More >

Brands That Drive Gender Equality Forward

2022-02-25 by EPR Staff
Does Gender Matter everything-pr

Quite a few brands have female-focused initiatives that empower women leaders.While Some brands fail to support women in their boardrooms and factories, others tackle gender inequality well. Some organizations prioritize equality. A company that promotes gender equality will be positively received. Women make the majority of household purchasing decisions, and hence, gender equality makes good business sense. The brands mentioned below have taken action to end gender disparity in the workplace. Gap Gap is not only a great place to work for all genders,but they practice and promote gender equality in all aspects of their business. They have partnered with... Read More >

Companies That Prioritize Social Responsibility

2022-02-24 by EPR Staff
Social Responsibility

Social responsibility of a business includes its obligations to protect the interests of society. Consumers are particular about how companies positively impact society, and to what extent they go beyond making profits. Corporate social responsibility or CSR has become a standard metric for companies in the past decade. and consumers insist that companies should also seek to benefit the broader community in which they exist. Social responsibility can help customers see a company as a positive force. The companies mentioned below prioritize social responsibility in a way that  attempts to solve  global community needs. Dr. Bronner’s Dr. Bronner’s is a... Read More >

The Changing PR Efforts in the Metaverse

2022-02-23 by EPR Staff

The Metaverse isn’t a very easy topic to understand, simply because it doesn’t actually exist. It’s not a thing or an entity, and it’s not physical or digital. It’s simply the idea of a thinner boundary between people’s digital and physical beings. The early times of the digital space weren’t easy for companies, but the interactions that they had with their consumers weren’t too different from those they previously had in the real world. The messages that companies sent out to their consumers were distributed through websites, instead of print outlets. The next change in the digital space came with... Read More >

The Role of PR in the Product Launch Cycle

2022-02-21 by EPR Staff
product launch cycle chris maximi 2

In order to understand the role of PR in the product launch cycle, it is essential to first look at the main objectives of PR. Buzz creation – PR creates interest around a brand by creating buzz about its products and services. It builds a feeling that people are excited about product offerings. Visibility Improvement – It draws attention from the target audience. This helps break through the clutter and reach out to your audience Create Sentiment – PR creates positive sentiment around your offering, which is critical for building long-lasting relationships with your customers. How PR aids Product Launches... Read More >

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