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Retailers preparing for the holiday season of 2021

2021-11-05 by EPR Staff
How Influencers Drive Holiday Shopping Sales 750x500 1

Last year digital engagement reached an all-time high, thereby impacting in-store shopping. Supply chain challenges may not always be within retailers’ control, but they can influence how customers engage and shop. Consumer shopping behavior continues to evolve in light of the pandemic. The pandemic is still very much present and will continue to shape the year ahead. According to the National Retail Federation, around 20%- 40% of the total annual sale for retailers takes place between November and December. Given below are a few ways in which retail businesses are preparing for the holiday season. 1) Online shopping option -... Read More >

PR Essentials for Healthcare Companies

2021-11-03 by EPR Staff
gop senators faced with tough sell on healthcare

There’s been a rapid increase in the popularity of social media influencers these days, with such influencers getting hundreds of thousands of followers across a variety of social media platforms which have become a critical part  of the success of many companies around the world. While companies used to generate public interest when they were mentioned in traditional or digital media outlets, these days there are plenty of other ways that they can  make an appeal to millions of people. All of that starts with the right PR strategies, which include planning and then creating a PR campaign, contacting the... Read More >

The 4 Models of Public Relations

2021-11-01 by EPR Staff

Various businesses and organizations are using public relations strategies to get more clients and revenue. However, it’s the use of the best public relations models that will see many of these companies succeed. Read this article to learn more about the four public relations models. Understanding The 4 Public Relations Models The four public relations models, which elaborate on different managerial and organizational practices, were developed by Grunig Hunt in 1984. These models help various organizations develop guidelines, tactics, and programs to stay ahead of the competition. The four models include the press agentry/public model, public information, two-way asymmetric, and... Read More >

How beauty brands can create a loyal audience

2021-11-01 by Ronn Torossian
Arizona beauty brands

The beauty and cosmetic industry has thrived on its ability to use a myriad of tools to target specific audiences with specific messages. With the competition for customer loyalty intensifying, customers who stick around can make or break a beauty business. Marketing teams are engaged in contests to make their brand the one that customers feel connected to. With a surfeit of makeup artists and beauty influencers on social media platforms, beauty brands are trying to keep customers loyal. Given below are some ways for beauty brands to create customer loyalty and use beauty pr tactics. 1) Personalized approach -... Read More >

How to Become a Public Relations Specialist

2021-10-31 by EPR Staff

If you're considering a career in public relations, you've probably already thought about the skills and education that it takes. But what do hiring managers and recruiters want? What does it take to land a position as a public relations specialist? Let's find out. What a Public Relations Specialist Does A public relations specialist is a person who shapes the public’s perception of a company, organization, or person. In other words, a PR specialist is responsible for making sure that other people know about a company or organization and what it does—and also for making sure that  the company's name... Read More >

Calculating ROI on PR

2021-10-27 by EPR Staff
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A lot of the time, when people discuss “return on investment” it might just sound like some fancy business buzzwords. However, talking about return on investment, or ROI, doesn't always only mean profitability for the business. That's especially true in the public relations field, where businesses are supposed to generate long-term benefits from investments in PR strategies and campaigns. However, many times, calculating the precise return on investment in public relations isn't easy. This is because not every PR effort can quickly generate a return that's measurable; returns such as sales or an increase in revenue.  That’s why generally, the... Read More >

Growing a Business With Public Relations

2021-10-26 by EPR Staff

Irrespective of the size, every business is looking for a piece of the publicity and media coverage pie. When it’s executed correctly, media coverage can generate plenty of benefits for practically any type of business, yet plenty of companies are still confused about the importance of PR campaigns. For example, plenty of companies believe that marketing and PR are one and the same. Although they have some similarities and can work well in tandem, they’re completely different communications efforts. When it comes to most businesses, it’s essential to regularly communicate with the target audience and to establish and maintain a... Read More >

Growing a Business with PR Strategies

2021-10-20 by EPR Staff
12 promotional strategies to increase your sales

At the very core of every PR strategy is a collaborative effort, especially when it comes to creating strategies and campaigns that will help a business build and maintain a positive brand image while connecting it to its target audience. Utilizing efficient and effective public relations strategies is the key to growing a business and achieving success. Every campaign needs to have a creative approach and newsworthy messaging to be able to reach out to the target audience. With a compelling message, a business is able to get the attention of the target audience while promoting itself . However, the... Read More >

Best Influencer Traits for Boosting PR

2021-10-19 by EPR Staff

What are the Attributes of a Good Influencer? PassionAuthenticityTrustworthinessCommunity management skillsContent Creation skills Passion Influencers serve as aspirational mentors for their followers. Their passion for the craft, idea, or brand they represent causes individuals to pursue their dreams. It is like fuel that pushes people to move forward regardless of the obstacles in front of them. Of course, the passion, enthusiasm, and creativity that drives influencers affect and persuade followers to take action. Likable individuals can discover an influencer’s  zeal, learn more, and receive mentorship for their shared artistic talents. Influencers cannot attract a following without being passionate about a... Read More >

Handling Delicate Issues Publicly

2021-10-15 by EPR Staff

Recently, a number of Facebook users who came across a video of a British tabloid outlet that featured Black men, received an automated prompt from the platform asking if they’d like to continue seeing videos relating to Primates. This led to Facebook apologizing for the “unacceptable error”, pausing all the artificial intelligence features that produce such messages, and investigating what had happened. The company quickly shared an apology for the mistake and stated that it would be looking into developing the recommendation feature on the platform to prevent such situations from happening again in the future. The video in question... Read More >

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