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MA Office of Travel & Tourism Issues Marketing RFP 

2022-05-12 by EPR Staff

Address: 136 Blackstone Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02109 The MA Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) is seeking proposals from experienced Massachusetts marketing agencies in public relations, marketing strategy, social media, graphic design, and advertising support services for a marketing campaign to promote Massachusetts to tourists and travelers. The campaign will include innovative promotional strategies and/or programs to stimulate and incentivize spending and provide support to the Massachusetts tourism businesses disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic and increase activity to and all social media sites. It will highlight the recreational, scenic, historic, cultural, and culinary tourist attractions, amenities, and advantages of... Read More >

Advertising Agency RFP Issued State of New Hampshire

2022-05-10 by EPR Staff
Best Colleges In New Hampshire 2021

Department of Natural and Cultural Resources Division of Parks and Recreation 172 Pembroke Rd. Concord, NH 03301 Period of Contract: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2025 (with an option to extend through June 30, 2027) Proposal Deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. *Proposal must be received at DNCR no later than 2:00 p.m. Proposals postmarked prior to, but received after deadline, will not be accepted. All inquiries for information should be directed to: Greg Keeler, Cannon Mountain Director of Marketing & Sales Email: If proposals are mailed, send directly to issuing agency shown above. If proposals are... Read More >


2022-05-05 by EPR Staff

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued by University Hospital (UH). UH seeks proposals from qualified firms to provide marketing and advertising services. Intent UH intends to retain one or more qualified firm(s) as a collaborative partner in the development, implementation, management and evaluation of hospital awareness and social marketing, communications, media and related services Background University Hospital (UH) was separated from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), its parent organization for 31 years, by legislation that took effect in July 2013. UH is now an independent medical center and an instrumentality of the State of... Read More >

Millcreek Common Website RFP Issued 

2022-04-20 by EPR Staff
Millcreek Common

Millcreek (the “City”) is requesting proposals/bids (“Proposals” or “Responses”) from qualified proposers (“Proposers”) to build a marketing website with integrated ticketing and e-commerce for the new Millcreek skating loop at the Millcreek Common. Background and Detailed Description of Scope of Work The City is a suburban/semi-urban municipality of approximately 65,000 residents. Among a wide spectrum of residential strata, the City has a moderate amount of active commercial enterprise, including small businesses, public and private schools, a major hospital, clinics, library and community supporting non-profit headquarters. Fifty percent of households can be described as starter homeowner, young professional, and generationally established.... Read More >

Stormwater Marketing RFP Issued  Outreach

2022-04-19 by EPR Staff
Stormwater Marketing

Proposals Due: May 4, 2022 Introduction The City of Gaithersburg is seeking a qualified public relations and marketing firm to frame, develop, and aid in executing a successful public outreach plan for future water quality initiatives, infrastructure, an stormwater capital improvement projects. The selected consultant will: A. Task 1 - Create a Stormwater Outreach & Communication Strategic plan, B. Task 2 - Develop a Communications Framework and Practitioner Toolkit for the Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Program, and C. Task 3 - Provide as-needed professional services to help execute the newly developed outreach plan. Background A. Gaithersburg is among the... Read More >


2022-03-25 by EPR Staff
Indiana Scholarships

The Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program (INESA) requests proposals from qualified marketing firms (Providers) who wish to provide marketing services (Services) to help engage, educate, and promote INESA to eligible students and participating entities. INESA is a program of the State of Indiana, administered and overseen by the Indiana Treasurer of State (TOS). INESA was established in 2021 and is projected to take effect in the 2022-2023 school year. SCOPE OF WORK The Provider shall provide the Services outlined below. The Provider will be expected to provide these services under the control and direction of the Executive Director of INESA... Read More >

Marketing RFP issued By Organization WorldFish Center

2022-03-24 by EPR Staff
WorldFish Center

WorldFish is seeking a contractor or independent consultant to develop, write, design and produce the corporate 2021 WorldFish Annual Report in print and digital formats. Contractors responding to this Request for Proposal (RFP) should have experience in marketing and/or public relations, communications, designing and creating high-quality reports, with visual appeal and information graphics, for research and development organizations and other not-for-profit institutions whose work supports the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Actual printing and binding of the report is not a part of this project's scope of work. Proposal must be submitted by no later than 25 March... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued for the New Regional Economic Development Website

2022-03-08 by EPR Staff
horseback riding

The Cariboo Regional District wishes to retain an experienced, qualified contractor to implement on online marketing campaign to promote the new regional economic development website to investors and job seekers. The ultimate goal is to fill current labour market gaps. These labour gaps are identified as high priorities in the “Local Action, Collective Impact… 2020-2025 Labour Market Strategy for the Cariboo Chilcotin Region” produced by MDC Insight and can be found at Submission Instructions Proposals can be sent on the prescribed forms via email to Beth Holden, Regional Economic & Community Development Officer at Deliverables What: a) Attract... Read More >


2022-03-07 by EPR Staff
TV Ads everything-pr

In  accordance  with  the  informal competition  procedures  provided  for in  11  Iowa Administrative  Code  rule  118.9,  the  Department  of  Human  Services,  Woodward Resource  Center,  Woodward,  Iowa  (the  Agency) is seeking  a  contractor  or contractors (Service  Provider)  to  create  and  run  television  advertising  campaigns  within  a  70-mile radius  of  Agency.  The  Agency  reserves the  rights  to  award to  multiple  Contractors .  The Agency  anticipates that  the  term  of  any  resulting  contract  will be  two  (2) months beginning  on  March  1,  2022.   Bidders interested  in  providing  these  services  should  submit  proposals to  the  Glenwood Resource  Center,  711  South  Vine  Street,  Glenwood,  Iowa ... Read More >

Advertising RFP Issued By State of South Carolina 

2022-03-05 by EPR Staff
493367 coastal south carolina

The  purpose  of  this  solicitation  is  to  establish  a  source  to  provide  digital  advertising placement  and  a  strategic plan  to  assist  in  recruitment  by  increasing  lead  generation  and  conversions  of  applications  and  hires.  This  will include  various  types  of  digital  advertising  directed  to  applicable  landing  pages,  SCDC  website,  or  application site  for  the  purpose  of recruiting  and  increasing  staffing.  The  primary  goal  of  this  campaign  is  to  drastically increase  the  number  of  applications,  and  subsequent  hires,  through  lead  generation  and  digital  advertising tactics.  This  will  at  minimum  be  a  statewide  campaign  but  can  potentially  include neighboring  states  or  other geographies  of  interest  as  discussed  during  campaign  planning.  Scope of Work  VENDOR REQUIREMENTS   1. During  the  period  of  performance,  the  SCDC  will  request  certain  digital  advertising formats  as detailed  below  in  the  following  requirements.   2. The vendor  shall  propose  geographic  targeting  based  on  the  SCDC  Facility  locations  and  additional locations  of  interest.  (i.e.  hospitals,  unemployment  offices,  etc.)   3. The SCDC will  either  direct  the  design  of  their  ads  with  the  assistance  of  the  contractor  who  will  be responsible  for  ad  creation,  or  the  SCDC  will  provide  creative content  to  the  contractor  to  purchase and  place  the  ads  on  behalf  of  SCDC  in accordance  with  the  campaign  strategy.   4. The vendor  will  be  responsible  for  campaign  management,  to  include  changes  or  reallocation  of budget,  at  no  additional  charge  (i.e.  no  monthly  or  yearly  management  fee)   5. It  is  recommended  that  the  vendor  can  provide  design  services  at  no  charge.  However,  the  SCDC can  provide  ad  content  for  the  contractor  to  place,  if  needed. Vendors  must  specify  whether  they  are able  to  provide  design  services  in  their  bid  submissions.   6. The vendor  must  create  and/or  place  the  digital  ads  compliant  with  the  SCDC’s requirements  as discussed  during  campaign  planning  and  throughout  the  entire  flight.   7. The vendor  must  easily  direct  the  created  digital  advertisements  to  the  targets  the SCDC  specifies (ie:  Landing  page,  SCDC  Jobs  page,  etc.)   8. The vendor  must  be  able  to  track  and  measure  conversion  rate  to  show  campaign  efficacy  and desired  result  of  increased  applications  to  hires.  Vendor  must  be  able  to provide  SCDC  exact number  and/or  names  of  individuals  who  applied  to  and  were hired  by  the  SCDC  due  to  digital advertising  campaign  influence  via  ads  delivered.   9. The vendor  must  be  able  to  provide  the  SCDC  with  a  list  of  leads  and  contact  information  from  data capture,  such  as  form  fills,  on  at  least  a  weekly  basis  for  the SCDC  to  follow  up  on  leads  in  a  timely fashion.  10. The  vendor  must  provide  monitoring  of  social  media  ads  to  include  hiding  or  deleting  negative  or inappropriate  comments  at  no  additional  charge  to  SCDC.   11. The  vendor  must  use  data  that  undergoes  a  minimum  monthly  or  30-day  hygiene  to  ensure  current datasets  are  being  used  to  establish  audiences  and  deliver  ad  impressions.   12. The  vendor  must  be  able  to  create  and  manage  the  SCDC’s  digital  advertising  campaign  in-house without  outsourcing  the  work  to  the  vendor’s  parent  company  or  an  additional  outside  entity  to ensure  higher  efficiency,  faster  turnaround  time,  and  more hands-on  direction  of  campaign.   13. The  vendor  must  be  able  to  implement  requested  changes  to  campaign  within  3  business  days  of  the request  unless  otherwise  specified  and/or  agreed  upon  by  the  SCDC.   14. The  vendor  must  offer  a  minimum  of  the  following  digital  advertising  tactics: Programmatic, Search,  Endemic  Sites,  Native,  Digital  OOH,  Streaming  Audio,  Video,  Social,  Mobile,  Beacon, Connected  TV.   15. The  vendor  must  be  able  to  deliver  ads  to  requested  audiences  including,  but  not limited  to:  Adults 21+,  Adults  21-49,  active  and  passive  job  seekers,  AA  women  25-39,  Average  HHI  under  $50,000, Average  HHI  $70,000+,  nurses,  security,  Military/Veterans, law  enforcement,  food  service  workers, teachers,  caseworkers,  licensed  mental  health  professionals,  recreation  specialists,  etc.  Vendor should  be  able  to  show  the  number  of  impressions  available  for  requested  audiences.   16. The  vendor  must  offer  ad  placement  on  a  minimum  of  seven  of  the  following social  media platforms:  Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Snapchat,  YouTube, Pinterest,  TikTok.   17. A digital  dashboard  must  be  available  for  the  SCDC  access  once  the  campaign begins.  Submission  SUBMIT OFFER BY (Opening Date/Time): 03/08/2022 @ 10:00:00a.m. (See "Deadline For Submission Of Offer" provision)   After  award,  all  deliveries  shall  be  made  and  all  services  provided  to  the  following  address,  unless  otherwise specified:  SC  SCDC  –  Recruiting  Division  –  Columbia,  SC29210  Agencies... Read More >

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