Marketing Tips for Restaurants

2021-10-20 by EPR Staff
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These days, there are so many restaurants all over the world, that the competition is quite fierce, and the most successful locations are the ones that can give it their all. That’s why restaurants have to employ strong marketing strategies and tactics, that will improve their business, get the attention of consumers, and help them grow. Photography Plenty of people these days are already on Instagram, and anyone that’s ever been on the platform has familiarized themself with the abundance of food photos. Categorized using a variety of food-related hashtags, one of the best ways that restaurants can promote themselves... Read More >

Important PR Metrics and Measurements

2021-09-09 by EPR Staff
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More than ever before, public relations professionals are under a lot of pressure from their clients to prove their return on investments. To be able to show clients that PR campaigns actually work, a number of agencies have turned to digital tools and vendors.  Cision  One of the most popular, and most widely used software in the PR industry when it comes to metrics and measurements is Cision. Companies that have a global reach and target audiences across the entire world benefit from utilizing this tool because it allows businesses to get the best global snapshot.   It has a very broad... Read More >

Competitive Edge: Edge Over the Competition

2019-10-21 by EPR Staff
Competitive Advantage

Establishing a competitive edge means turning the tables of the market into your businesses favor. Ensure the market forces favor your company is key to gaining an edge on the competition. With so many businesses competing for the customer's dollars and attention, each business has to work hard to set itself apart from its competitors. Whether they offer a unique product or service, or even if they've been in business for a long time, differentiating your product or service can mean the difference in low or no profits for your company. Being different doesn't always have to be unconventional in... Read More >

Managing a PR Crisis

2019-06-05 by EPR Staff

All businesses, big or small, will face some kind of public relations crisis in their lifetime. Knowing this will happen — and being prepared for it — is the best way to manage these scenarios. All businesses are vulnerable to a wide range of unexpected threats and in this age of anything going viral at any moment, businesses need a strong crisis management PR strategy they are able to implement quickly across multiple platforms. The best way to plan ahead is to anticipate crises by gathering a team of employees to help brainstorm potential crises. A great way to prevent... Read More >

A Guide to Customer Acquisition

2019-01-06 by EPR Staff

For many businesses, sales can be an unpredictable beast to conquer; oftentimes, attracting new customers feels more like a game of chance than one of public relations strategy. Even so, if you want to consistently grow as a business, you need to start thinking about customer acquisition as a process, rather than an outcome. You need to consider how to systematically acquire new customers, assess the cost of getting them through the door, and how much money you can reasonably expect each one to spend. Customer acquisition is the finding and convincing of prospective shoppers to buy from your business... Read More >

8 Common Traits of Successful Chief Marketing Officers 

2018-11-27 by EPR Staff
9 Common Traits of Successful Chief Marketing Officers 

Being a Chief Marketing Officer is one thing but being a successful Chief Marketing Officer is another thing. Successful and effective CMOs are impressive people who know how to lead their team in the right direction. Are you on the path to becoming CMO in your company? Or do you want to improve yourself as the current CMO? If so, here are eight things that successful marketing executives do to stay on top of the game: 1.  They think ahead A good marketing executive is focused on the future and knows that marketing isn’t just about short-term gains. With constant... Read More >

Questions to Ask When Refreshing PR Strategy

2018-10-10 by EPR Staff
Key Questions to Ask When Refreshing a PR Strategy

A PR strategy is a fantastic way for a brand to develop its online presence, improve its reputation and even attract new customers. However, as the media world continues to change, and the preferences of consumers transforms with it, sometimes companies need to refresh their PR strategy to get the most out of each campaign. Of course, refreshing a strategy isn't always easy. It's important for businesses to know what kind of questions they should be asking themselves as they assess the potential of their current PR techniques and set plans in place for the future. Here are some basic... Read More >

Every Company Should Have a PR Strategy

2018-10-08 by EPR Staff
Why Every Company Should Have a PR Strategy

There's more to running a successful company than creating a great product or service and sharing it with the world. Many companies with plenty of potential end up failing because they haven't put the right amount of planning and attention to their public relations and marketing campaigns. Although PR isn't the newest strategy in the business world, it's just important today as it has ever been. For companies to gain the credibility and trust they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive market, they need to attract press coverage from media outlets that their customers respect and trust. Valuable press... Read More >

BBC Settles with “Underpaid” Editor

2018-07-02 by Ronn Torossian

These days, the scandals in the media seem to be mostly centered around harassment at work, but a recent headline out of Britain reminded both readers and activists that some women are still fighting for an equitable paycheck. CNN is reporting that the BBC is apologizing for “underpaying” a senior editor who happened to be a woman. Carrie Gracie, the BBC’s China Editor, learned she was being paid less than male colleagues in similar roles. Gracie challenged that situation, sparking an industry wide conversation about compensation for women and equality of opportunity with their male counterparts. In an interesting move,... Read More >

Zimmerman Ad Agency – a Look Inside the Agency

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
Zimmerman Agency PR

Today we explore the emerging Tallahassee Florida Public Relations market through the lens of one Florida's leading PR Firm: The Zimmerman Agency. “Creating big ideas fueled by disruption” is The Zimmerman Agency’s proprietary planning strategy. Established in Tallahassee, Florida in 1987 by co-founder, President and Chief Disruption Officer, Curtis Zimmerman, the agency has become one of the most respected integrated marketing firms in the United States. The Zimmerman Agency operates on a client-specific platform of strategy, advertising, and public relations via digital, social, and data analytics. Client Work and Efforts Representing brand icons like Club Med, Hard Rock Hotel, Party... Read More >

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