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Transmedia campaigns

2021-12-01 by EPR Staff
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A transmedia campaign is the practice of crafting a campaign across multiple media platforms, where each medium makes a unique contribution to the campaign. The campaign can use any combination of media including video games, blog entries, webapps, online videos, blog entries, movies and advertisements. Storytelling that takes place in such a way needs to make sense to the audience as parts of a homogenous world, with shared constituents such as visual elements, storylines and characters. Such a type of campaign has been adopted by marketers to promote brands and products. Ways to run a transmedia campaign - In a... Read More >

Tips for Boosting PR Efforts

2021-11-30 by EPR Staff
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When it comes to public relations, most of the time it’s all about choosing the right PR strategy. While there are plenty of different PR strategies that businesses can utilize to improve their PR efforts, there are certain things that they can work on to improve those strategies and to really help the company grow. Relationships Although this is advice that’s commonly given to anyone looking to expand their PR effects, people tend to underestimate how important it is to build relationships with the right people. That means businesses should be sending personalized messages when reaching out to journalists or... Read More >

Financial PR

2021-11-30 by EPR Staff
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Financial services is a term which describes the offerings within the finance industry, including money management and digital banking technology. It addresses financial needs for individuals and corporations. Due to rapid changes in technology during the last decade, the industry is also undergoing a lot of changes. Financial PR is a specialist PR activity concerned with communicating to financial audiences and especially those who can impact share prices. Financial PR showcases relationships with investors. Some of the main activities of financial PR are PR activity surrounding flotation or IPO advice and major structural changes such as mergers and acquisitions. Given... Read More >

How the pandemic changed the PR industry

2021-11-29 by EPR Staff
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The entire world has changed during the pandemic, and has had to get used to new regulations and safety protocols. The pandemic has changed the way PR professionals communicate, and some of these changes are likely to stay. Businesses ranging from international airlines and tourism operators to local businesses were impacted. Other than the health emergency, many organizations faced crises because of restrictions to their operations, as well as income losses. The pandemic led to the loss of more than 1 billion jobs both temporarily and permanently, as businesses closed down, resulting in economic hardship, anxiety, and panic among workers.... Read More >

Negative Events and Public Image

2021-11-23 by EPR Staff
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Recently, the online stock trading platform Robinhood announced that it was hacked, with between five and seven million email addresses and two million names being leaked, along with some smaller and more specific data from its customers. According to a blog post from the platform, a malicious hacker had successfully socially engineered a customer service employee on the phone and managed to get access to the platform’s customer support system. After that, the hacker was able to get the names and email addresses of numerous customers, as well as the full names, dates of birth, and ZIP codes of over... Read More >

PR Fundamentals for Businesses

2021-11-19 by EPR Staff
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The fact that the public relations industry is constantly changing means that both PR professionals and businesses have to stay on top of those changes to be able to keep up. Fortunately, when someone has a deep understanding of the fundamentals of PR, it becomes a lot easier to keep up with the latest trends and changes. Setting Goals and Metrics When creating a PR campaign, the first step should actually be the last stage of the process - the goals that a campaign aims to achieve. Additionally, when setting PR goals, it’s also important to make them very specific,... Read More >

Effective Social Media and Email PR Strategies

2021-11-12 by EPR Staff
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PR professionals and marketers have to work hard to remain on top of things because both industries have fierce competition with small margins of error. To stay on top of everything, PR professionals have to find ways for a business to get an edge over market competitors, which is why they end up trying different strategies that can potentially bring their clients success.  Digital Marketing  When it comes to digital marketing, which has become a big part of digital PR in recent years, there are plenty of useful strategies that businesses can employ. Some of the most important ones include... Read More >

Achieving Success Through Digital PR

2021-11-11 by EPR Staff
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If companies don’t invest in digital PR campaigns, it is often the case that all of the time and effort that’s spent on improving SEO scores is not going to bring any positive results. Achieving success through digital PR starts at setting goals, and all of the strategies for each digital PR campaign should work hand in hand to deliver the company the desired results.   Setting clear goals when creating a digital PR strategy is essential to achieving success, and if a company isn’t able to achieve certain goals, but doesn’t always mean the goals should be changed. Plenty of... Read More >

Improving PR Through SEO

2021-11-10 by EPR Staff
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] When companies look to increase their digital presence they tend to utilize digital PR and marketing strategies. For those strategies, businesses work with influencers, journalists, media outlets, and bloggers to send out their press releases and get high-quality backlinks, improve their SEO, and generate social media mentions.  With the help of digital PR specifically, companies can get more publicity online, generate positive customer reviews, communicate with journalists and customers effectively, and perhaps most importantly, get high-quality backlinks that generate more website traffic and ultimately, sales.  Digital PR strategies help businesses reach  target audiences by having the company featured on... Read More >

Digital PR Tips for Success

2021-11-09 by EPR Staff

Using traditional PR strategies and combining them with contemporary resources that are based on data to boost PR campaigns and generate more exposure for a business constitutes the core of digital PR. However, before creating any sort of campaign, companies should have a clear understanding of what goals they want to achieve with the campaign itself.  There are plenty of beneficial digital PR strategies that companies can utilize to achieve success. However, establishing the intended goals and outcomes of a campaign should always be the first step. That’s because every PR strategy and tactic that’s going to be employed is... Read More >

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