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2022-05-29 by EPR Staff
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Public relations is a field that has been traditionally dominated by white men. This can cause problems for diversity because the lack of diversity in the field means that there are not many people with different perspectives in the room when decisions are being made. This lack of diversity can lead to PR teams making decisions without considering how they might affect other people, which can lead to poor decisions and negative publicity for your brand. Here are some examples of how public relations can cause problems for diversity: White men have a tendency to hire other white men, who... Read More >

McDonald’s on Improving Business Operations and Performance

2022-05-19 by Ronn Torossian
McDonald’s hoping tech brings back customers

Recently Mcdonald's announced that it would be introducing a brand new system in the next year that would be assessing how each of its franchise restaurants is performing. According to the announcement, this new assessment system is meant to help the fast food chain better support its objectives regarding the growth plan. Response After the announcement, many franchisees expressed their opinion to the public, with plenty of them questioning the timing of this new system while the entire country is undergoing a labor shortage which has also impacted the operations of many Mcdonald's franchises. In fact, according to two different... Read More >

Preventing a PR Crisis in the Royal Family

2022-03-03 by EPR Staff
Queen Elizabeth II

Recently, Queen Elizabeth II announced that she wanted Camilla, Prince Charles's wife, to become Queen Consort whenever Charles takes the throne. In a statement on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which marked 70 years of her time on the British throne, she noted that whenever Charles became King, the public should give Camilla and Charles the same support that she received throughout her years on the throne. Endorsement She also expressed that one of her wishes for when the time comes, was for Camilla to be known as Queen Consort, and continue her Royal service. With Prince... Read More >

Vice Burger voted best burger at South Florida Food and Wine Burger Bash

2022-03-01 by EPR Staff

At the South Florida Food and Wine Burger Bash on Friday February 25th, Judges Dwyane Wade, Reverend Run DMC, Chef Ahmad Alzahabi, The Points Guy, and Al Roker from NBC, voted Vice Burger as the #1 Burger. Vice Burger uses ground fresh daily wagyu beef, authentic Parisian brioche bun, and most importantly applies a proprietary cooking method which uses both industrial grade steam as well as intense heat for caramelization, creating a piping hot, juicy, and melty delicious cheeseburger. Vice Burger has amassed a cult following in Miami as the city’s best burger and now as the winner of Burger Bash... Read More >

Volkswagen’s AR driving experience

2021-12-31 by EPR Staff

Based on emerging patterns, augmented reality is being used by automakers to give potential consumers the opportunity to explore their vehicles. The automotive sector is undergoing rapid development. The industry is trying to improve the driving experience for users. The application of augmented reality can help the industry save time and money. It can also revolutionize the way purchases are made. Volkswagen announced a new web-based augmented reality technology experience via certain Amazon boxes. It aims to bring a sensory experience of the new Taos SUV to online shoppers. Users can experience a virtual drive on a 3D map by... Read More >

Rebranding automobiles

2021-12-14 by EPR Staff
Automative PR Agency

A brand encapsulates more than just the name of a business. It brings together the ideals, standards, values and characteristics an organization represents. In other words, a brand represents the personality of a business. With a shift in social dynamics and the way certain brands are viewed, sometimes rebranding becomes necessary. Companies change their branding for a number of reasons, such as developing a new visual identity, changes in consumer behavior, or messaging changes . Given below are examples of rebranding in the automotive industry. 1) Peugeot - On the eve of their push towards manufacturing electric cars, Peugeot, has unveiled a... Read More >

Improving Omnichannel Marketing Efforts

2021-11-23 by Ronn Torossian

Most modern consumers tend to be impulsive in their purchases, which makes them unpredictable.   And with the many  ways that consumers can make purchases, they don’t have to pay a lot of attention in researching a product or a business. They also tend to expect brands to follow them around throughout their buying journey, instead of the other way around. That means companies have to anticipate the needs of consumers while also providing a positive experience throughout their  buying journey. That’s where omnichannel marketing efforts become very beneficial to brands, as they give consumers positive experiences with the right messages... Read More >

Marc Roberts’ Miami Worldcenter changed the Landscape of Downtown Miami

2021-11-22 by EPR Staff

Miami Worldcenter is one of the most luxurious and most visited places in Miami, Florida, with more than 200 shops in this mall. Marc Roberts co-founded it, and it has a great variety of shops, with plenty of options to choose from. This makes it a great place to shop, while it also offers an amazing view of the city.  Miami Worldcenter can be visited for window shopping or products purchases, and it is a great place to visit in Miami. The center is a mixed-use complex in Downtown Miami. It consists of three buildings and features a luxury hotel and residences... Read More >

Toyota begins Production of Award-winning Yaris in Czech Republic

2021-11-21 by EPR Staff
toyota corolla 2010

The manufacturing of Toyota Yaris cars has commenced in the Toyota's Motor Manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic (TMMCZ). The model is being produced in the manufacturing plant in Kolinis. The Yaris was the Car of the Year 2021, with the TMMCZ plant becoming the second in Europe to produce the Yaris,  which is the best-selling car in the region. The other European plant manufacturing the Yaris is the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility in France (TMMF). The TMMCZ plant used to be known as TPCA, and full ownership of it was given to Toyota Motor Europe in January, with the... Read More >

Mercedes Benz sells sustainability with electric vehicles

2021-11-06 by EPR Staff
Mercedes-Benz C Class

The shift to electric mobility is essential in building a sustainable future. Daimler AG, whose luxury automobile brand is Mercedes Benz, is pushing ahead with the change to emission-free mobility. Sustainability is one of the key elements of Daimler’s corporate strategy and hence they are ready to make Mercedes Benz all electric by the end of the decade. Mercedes Benz will offer battery electric vehicles in all segments the company serves. All new vehicle architectures will be electric-only from 2025 onwards. Customers will be able to choose an all-electric alternative for each model the company makes. Mercedes Benz intends to... Read More >

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