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Fox Loses Advertisers Over Carlson Remarks

Fox News opinion anchors are known for pushing the limits to both entertain and engage their audiences. One of the most successful in recent years has been Tucker Carlson, whose deadpan delivery, often accompanied by expressions of shock and disbelief, have captured the attention of a significant nightly audience. However, recent comments by Carlson have […]

US Soccer Speaks Out About Anthem Protest Policy

Recently, the National Football League released a statement saying that league officials mishandled the issue of players “speaking out” about “racial injustice.” Responses to the recent comments by Commissioner Roger Goodell received mixed reviews from both players and fans. However, the statement did seem to set a precedent for other professional sports leagues in how […]

Will NASCAR Take a Hit for Banning the Confederate Flag?

Nascar OREO celebration everything-pr

Since its inception, NASCAR has been defined and influenced by its southern roots. The most storied races on the most venerated tracks are in the south, and that’s where the vast majority of the sport’s fans hailed from for decades. But, in recent years, the expansion of the fan base, along with the proliferation of […]

Time for Virtual?

Virtual World Marketing

Brands which have been shuttered or partially closed because of COVID-19 might be wise to consider virtual receptionists to help manage consumer calls if they don’t have personnel deployed remotely to answer calls 24/7. Maintaining customer trust and loyalty will be even more important after the pandemic is over. Even before the pandemic was declared, […]

Four Ways Brick & Mortar Establishments Can Market During Covid

It’s no shock to hear that the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone. From healthcare workers putting their lives at risk every time they go to work, to parents who have lost jobs, it’s a tough time for everyone, financially or otherwise. Brick and mortar business owners are no exception. With most Americans being […]

W20 Group, Ruder Finn & More PR News…

Introducing Jim Weiss: The Founder of W2O

Bryan Specht appointed W2O’s Group President for Transformation, Consumer Activation, and Marketing W2O, the leading independent provider of analytics-driven, digital-first marketing communications to the healthcare industry, has announced that Bryan Specht will take on the role of transforming consumer activation ad marketing. Specht’s role will involve expanding the already wide-ranging healthcare offering, which will include […]

Haute Residence Massive Success With Real Estate Webinars


The first three weeks of Haute Residence’s live webinar series have covered the real estate industry, how the market has performed the last few months and its reaction to quarantine and social distance ordinances—yielding great engagement and discussion from expert panelists and listeners. Over 40 developers, brokers, and top agents spread throughout the luxury markets in the United […]

“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”

Changing Environment

Most of us recognize those familiar words from marriage ceremonies we’ve witnessed over the years or even been a part of. That phrase more recently is one being taken up by community activists and directed at corporate leaders. Until a few years ago, brands that took stands were viewed negatively and there was no upside. […]

Lansons Intermarket: Scaling the Heights

growth hack

Founded in 1986, Lansons Intermarket has a client roster including a diverse clientele of firms around the globe. The firm’s recent rebranding follows its acquisition by leading reputation management firm Lansons. Based in New York, the strategic communications firm’s rebranding heralds a new phase of transatlantic partnerships with UK-based Lansons. The leading public relations and marketing […]

M&P Сommunications: Information On Who Do Ukranians Trust?

M&P Сommunications

M&P Сommunications, a leading PR agency in Ukraine has gathered data from the latest research of Research & Branding Group below to help companies figure out which communication channel will be effective on the Ukrainian market. If you do business in the Ukrainian market, or consider it as potentially attractive, it is important to know and understand what […]