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PR News from Ruder Finn, ARPR & Others

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Finn Partners Acquires CCI Nashville’s Corporate Communications Inc, was acquired by Finn Partners. Last year, Finn Partners acquired Lazar Partners, a New York-based IR shop, which became a part of its global health practice. Sard Verbinnen & Co Acquires Oakhill Communications The global strategic communications consultancy Sard Verbinnen & Co announced that it acquired Oakhill […]

Strategic Marketing and Caliber Corporate Advisers

Caliber Corporate Advisers, with offices in New York, was founded in 2010 and is a strategic marketing communications firm. It helps companies tell their own stories as well as connect with key stakeholders. The firm is practically an extension of its clients’ internal team and the existing marketing infrastructure. With the core tactical and strategic […]

PR & Marketing Books Recommended By PR Pros

The Top 3 Books on Investing

We asked some marketing pros what are the best PR & marketing books, and some answers came back. Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR nominated his own book – “For Immediate Release”, telling us that it’s a hands-on guide for pr pros to learn about the ins and outs of the PR industry.  We agree and […]

McDonald’s Continues Fight with Former CEO

The legal fight between fast-food giant McDonald’s and its former CEO continues to be acrimonious. This could have Public Relations ramifications for both the brand and the embattled ex-boss. Initially, when Steve Easterbrook left McDonald’s over disclosures about an “inappropriate” relationship with a company employee, the two parties parted ways relatively amicably, with McDonald’s giving Easterbrook a […]

Apple Takes Mom ‘n Pop Company to Court Over Fruit Logo

Natalie Monson started her food blog as a hobby. Then it took off. Then her company added a food prep app that gained a significant following. Now she’s fighting to keep her branding, defending her logo against one of the world’s most powerful – and valuable – brands. Monson’s food blog recipe cards, as well […]

Brand Activism and Popular Support Both Rising

The BLM movement that reignited after the deaths of George Floyd and several other African Americans at the hands of law enforcement officials has also sparked sweeping changes and improvements in a growing number of companies and communities. Add to that a groundswell of public support as evidenced by recent surveys. A recent one, by […]

PR News from Shift, Finn & W2o Health

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Virginia Beach Visitors Bureau Working with Finn Partners Finn Partners was named the U.S PR AOR to the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, in an attempt to get people back to the beaches and improve the city’s suffering tourism industry. The PR firm is going to create an integrated program with social media, marketing […]

NBA Continues to Push Social Message

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When other professional sports leagues struggled with how to speak out about current social and cultural narratives, they settled on sending out tweets or press releases. The National Basketball Association (NBA) painted Black Lives Matter on their court. And that was just the beginning of a public narrative that will continue to be a major […]

Red Egg Marketing & Forward PR Studio on Great 2020 Marketing

What do marketing and PR leaders think have been great 2020 marketing campaigns? Its been a tough year, but there has been great work which has been done. We conducted a number of interviews and here is what some of our readers think: “The best marketing and PR campaigns were done by fashion industry leaders […]

Media Group Switches Course on Conspiracy Program

Since early into the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, conspiracy theories have become big business. Entire industries sprung up around the more popular narratives and figures pushing those narratives. For the most part, though, these stories and theories remained at the consumer level, shared by believers and skeptics alike on file-sharing sites and social media. Recently, though, […]