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Q & A With Katerina Antonova, founder and CEO of Aeris PR

2022-02-15 by EPR Staff
Katerina Antonova founder and CEO of Aeris PR

Katerina Antonova is a well-known expert in public relations and strategic communications. She is the founder and CEO of Aeris PR, a boutique agency that helps tech startups and VC firms from Europe, Russia, and the US to develop brand awareness and increase exposure. She has over 10 years of expertise in tech PR. Also, Katerina is a member of the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) and GWPR (Global Women in PR) community.  Tell us what you do at Aeris PR, and how are you different from other agencies? The main difference is that we are KPI-driven. At the beginning... Read More >


2022-01-05 by EPR Staff
Marketing Blockchain

NAMED AGENCY OF RECORD FOR nWAY, THE DEVELOPER AND PUBLISHER OF POWER RANGERS: LEGACY WARS Virgo PR, a New York PR agency that creates campaigns that delight audiences and attract attention, has been appointed to work with nWay as the agency continues to grow. nWay is a developer, publisher, and tech platform for competitive multiplayer games across mobile, PC, and consoles.  Virgo has already done tremendous work in the blockchain and NFT space working with the likes of Upland, Genies and OpenSea. Earlier this year the company ran campaigns for OpenSea’s raise of $100 million at a $1.5 billion value from A16z to scale its open nonfungible... Read More >

Interview With Brafton’s CMO: Jeff Baker

2021-09-17 by EPR Staff
jeff employee headshot

Interview with Jeff Baker, the CMO for Brafton's marketing team. He specializes in SEO research and testing. In his personal time, he is a woodworker and jogger. He hosts a podcast that can be found below: 1.    What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a CMO? I come from an account management and production background. In many ways, life is a lot simpler when you have someone telling you exactly what you need to do and when it needs to be done. Your priorities are laid out perfectly in front of you; your calendar is filled with what... Read More >

Q&A with Damian Burleigh, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Acuity Knowledge Partners

2021-09-14 by EPR Staff
Acuity Knowledge Partners

download ·         What is your role at Acuity Knowledge Partners and how have your responsibilities been redefined by the pandemic?  As the Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer (CRMO) at Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity), I lead all sales, account management and marketing activities for the global organization.  My role, and sales and marketing in general, has seen remarkable elevation amid the pandemic. Acuity’s board and C-suite see marketing as a critical function to drive growth for the company. As CRMO, I must set priorities so the firm can navigate this growth strategically. Throughout the pandemic, my focus for both sales and marketing... Read More >


2021-09-13 by EPR Staff
logo postcardmania

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a CMO? A: Since PostcardMania (PCM) founder and CEO, Joy Gendusa, brought me on in 2004, it’s always been a delight to serve PostcardMania’s central purpose: helping small business owners grow their companies. It’s been enjoyable solving the marketing puzzle for different industries. We started off primarily serving real estate; these guys contributed to almost half of all revenue. When the housing bubble burst in 2008, PostcardMania really had to grow and pivot our focus to helping everyone we could with direct mail. I helped Joy dive into our available data to see how much... Read More >

Avery Andon is navigating the contemporary art world in an age of digital transformation

2021-08-23 by EPR Staff
Avery Andon 3

It takes far more than a quiver of sought after works by leading contemporary artists to stand out in the saturated art market. Kaws, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons are all household names, and while presenting their works might turn a significant profit, institutional innovation is vital to success in our world of digital exposure. None know this better than Avery Andon, founder of ArtLife Gallery and the standalone NFT-hosting platform, ArtGrails. Andon began his sprawling art career as manager to his brother, the world-renowned street artist, Alec Monopoly, before branching into gallery work. His brainchild, ArtLife, has set a new standard for how... Read More >

David A. Steinberg: Co-Founder and CEO of Zeta Global

2021-07-29 by EPR Staff
David Steinberg and Zeta Global

The CEO who made Multi-million Brands Famous David A. Steinberg is the CEO of Zeta Global, a solutions-based marketing company with headquarters in New York. He is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive track record who has taken two companies public.  His net worth is estimated at approximately $750 Million Dollars.  According to the Zeta Global website, Steinberg's global customer growth platform has represented well-known brands such as CNN, Samsung, Hyundai, Toyota and BMW. Zeta Global's website states that their vision is to help brands "acquire, grow, and retain their customers" by using cutting-edge technology to increase brand visibility. A... Read More >

Interview with Steve Cody, Founder & CEO of Peppercomm

2021-06-14 by EPR Staff
Peppercomm PR: A Profile

Humor is a HUGE Strategic Differentiator Tell me a bit about Peppercomm’s founding. I need to know where the “Pepper” part came from! Peppercomm was founded in September of 1995, after I had become disenchanted with the stultifying life of being a top executive at a global holding company. I couldn't stand the bureaucratic, administrative, operational and financial tasks I had to attend to - all while trying to make sure the trains kept running on time and that those leading client accounts were delivering. I decided that I had it with big agency life, foolishly thought I was just as... Read More >

Q&A with Anvil Media President, Kent Lewis

2021-06-01 by EPR Staff
Anvil Media Inc logo profile 1

Learn how a boutique digital agency generated a Fortune 50 prospect via a parody press release We sat down with Kent Lewis, President & Founder of Anvil Media, a digital agency based in Portland, Oregon. What is Anvil Media all about? Anvil Media was founded in 2000, two years after Google officially launched as a search engine and the same year AdWords unveiled. As one of the oldest search engine marketing-focused digital agencies in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the most award-winning in the United States, Anvil prides itself on its ability to delight customers and consistently generate measurable... Read More >

Q & A with (W)right On Communications President and Founder, Julie Wright

2021-05-26 by EPR Staff

 What’s (W)right On Communications all about?   Our public relations agency was founded in 1998. As we've grown over the decades, we've continuously adapted to a shifting communications landscape.   Today, we serve organizations in complex and unpredictable business environments like energy and cleantech public relations but also hospitality PR--which became very chaotic in 2020 and 2021--as well as senior living, education, healthcare, B2B, not-for-profit and public sector strategic communications.   Our mission is to elevate the agency experience for our client partners, employees and industry. We do that through a winning combination of savvy, imagination and earning our client partners' trust every day. For employees, we invest in their success and growth. We want... Read More >

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