Updating Bingo’s image for Generation Z

2020-07-17 by JamesD
generation z 1

Updating Bingo's image for Generation Z Ask most people what bingo means to them and chances are that they’ll say it’s an old-fashioned game played in cavernous halls and presided over by a caller in a glittery jacket. And, while this undoubtedly used to be the case, times have changed. So, rather than disappearing forever, bingo has been reborn for the 21st century and the new generation who are constantly craving new forms of entertainment. The impetus for this renaissance of bingo culture has, arguably, been the meteoric rise of the game online. From small beginnings, now there are a wide... Read More >

Former Fox News Employee May Sue Showtime

2018-11-30 by JamesD
Former Fox News Employee May Sue Showtime

The line between what constitutes a fair, though biased, retelling of history and protecting the reputations of those being portrayed is always being tried and tested, both in legal courts and in the court of public opinion. In most cases, the opinions derived by people are a mixture of pop culture “truth” and actual reality, which is often both more visceral and less linear than good storytelling requires. All of these elements are brought into even starker focus when the history being retold is recent history, and the players are still alive and willing to push back against a narrative,... Read More >

Who Wants To Do PR For Coachella?

2018-04-03 by JamesD
Who Wants To Do PR For Coachella?

Sounds like a dream assignment for an agency that does travel entertainment and tourism? Maybe DKC PR or BWR or 5WPR? The City is seeking proposals from qualified agencies for professional services to assist with the City’s marketing and advertising program in two distinct areas: media buying and creative/branding services (“Services”).  The Agency selected for media buying will be required to plan, execute and manage all advertising efforts on behalf of the City, including media planning and placement (both digital and traditional), search engine optimization, monthly e-newsletter development and distribution, and other services as required. This Agency will provide strategic... Read More >

Sirius Bets Big on Pandora

2017-06-16 by Richard D. Pace
Sirius Bets Big on Pandora

First, they merged with their competition, XM Radio, and now Sirius is going after streaming media provider Pandora. However, early reports that Sirius XM would be taking over Pandora turned out to be little more than rumors. It seems Sirius IS making a major investment in Pandora, though, buying about $480 million in preferred shares, equal to about a 16 percent stake in the company. Pandora’s other investors were happy with this news, as stocks went up about 6 percent when the investment was announced. The deal should be an interesting one for both parties involved. Both SiriusXM and Pandora... Read More >

Hayek Film Accused of Attacking Trump

2017-06-15 by Richard D. Pace
Hayek Film Accused of Attacking Trump

When Salma Hayek filmed her new movie “Beatriz at Dinner,” she probably wasn’t expecting a firestorm of political reaction … but that’s not to say the actress is backing down from the pressure. The movie follows a Mexican healer, played by Hayek, who attends a dinner party populated by the rich…and their richer friends. One of those “richer” characters is a real estate developer played by John Lithgow. Many viewers are gleefully making comparisons between Lithgow’s character and President Trump. Meanwhile, some Trump supporters are none too happy with the performance or the portrayal of the character. Now, before we... Read More >

With Junior Done, What’s Next for NASCAR?

2017-05-25 by Jason Tannahill
With Junior Done, What's Next for NASCAR?

Pro auto racing in the US has some big questions to answer this off-season. What to do about Danica Patrick may be one, but the biggest one of them all will be what to do about Little E. Dale Earnhardt Jr., heir to NASCAR royalty and a standout driver in his own right, built a massive following among fans of the sport. He became the face of a racing team, a huge fan favorite and an ever-present force in the sport’s surging popularity. And now he’s out. Make no mistake; this is a massive loss for NASCAR. Sure, Earnhardt doesn’t... Read More >

How Will Free Agency Reshape the NFL?

2017-03-10 by Aaron Sarno
How Will Free Agency Reshape the NFL?

As the adage goes, you build NFL teams through the draft, and you plug holes through free agency. If you’re a team on the verge, but you just need one or two new assets, free agency can mean the difference between a losing season and a playoff run. But, the same team can turn a handful of free agent busts into a bottom-tier losing streak. You only have so much cap room, and you can only stretch your scheme so much to accommodate that incoming superstar. These concerns grow even further when you come up on a light or slim... Read More >

Study On The Top 20 Celebrity Influencers

2017-03-10 by Richard D. Pace
Study On The Top 20 Celebrity Influencers

The numbers and statistics are in, and we have the info to share from a study by celebrityintelligence.com on the top celebrity endorsers and influencers during 2016. Number of Brand Contracts The top three influencers as measured by number of contracts with various brands are Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Iris Apfel, with fashion endorsements on social media being the top of the list when it comes to branding. Those fashion names include UGG, Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger. Other top influencers by number of contracts include Stephen Curry, Ashley Graham, Gigi and Bella Hadid (sisters), and Emily Ratajkowski. From the... Read More >

Scarborough positioning himself as a prime voice of reason in media

2017-01-27 by Aaron Sarno
Social Media taking heat for terrorist attacks

Joe Scarborough is frustrated with the partisan-based attacks on his job performance. In an interview with CNN, Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe” blasted partisan pundits and other critics for taking him to task. “I am sick and tired of people misrepresenting me and making snide assumptions and giving readers false conclusions…” Scarborough followed that up by promising CNN he would “go to war” against lies in 2017. One of the motivations for this tirade during an otherwise standard interview was a report, released on CBS that Scarborough and his co-host Mika Brzezinski have “partied with Trump” during New Year’s Eve.... Read More >

Bollywood returns to Pakistan – what happens next?

2017-01-18 by Archie Obrien
Bollywood returns to Pakistan - what happens next

If there’s a more worrisome border animosity on the planet, it’s tough to imagine it. There’s no love lost between India and Pakistan, two of the most populous countries, both boasting modernized military forces and nuclear capabilities … and a mutual dislike that is constantly in danger of flaring up into a shooting conflict, that, some fear, could go nuclear even faster than North Korea. But there’s been a recent development that may just warm that icy relationship and cool those hotheads calling for conflict. Of course, it comes from the entertainment industry. After several months of banning movies from... Read More >

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