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Cutler PR Lands Three New Clients, Hires Key Talent in New York

Cutler PR Group

Firm closes out 2016 with a robust wave of growth and momentum Cutler PR, a global tech-focused public relations firm, has been named the agency of record by three new innovative technology clients: Zive, Glassbox, and Wise Data Media. Additionally, the agency is announcing an expansion of its New York City office with three new […]

PR Lessons from Unions

Great PR is often associated with Mad Men of Madison Ave, Silicon Valley wizards, or seasoned warriors on K Street. But that’s oversimplifying things, and underestimating some of the best PR operatives in the country – unions. Long gone are days when unions accomplished their goals by simply picketing outside the employer’s office, or scaring […]

The Public Relations World Was Changed By Project Apollo

Nasa Public Relations

Project Apollo, and especially Apollo 11, gave the United States an opportunity to shine like it has rarely been able to do. Not that great things haven’t been accomplished in America over the years, but this was above the mark. It gave the U.S. a chance to show our technological supremacy over the rest of […]

Building a PR Bridge

Building a PR Bridge

When you build a bridge in an area considered to be protected by an act of Congress, it takes another act of Congress to begin the process. But sometimes that’s necessary when the existing one is more than 80-years-old and could fail in the not too distant future. If the new bridge isn’t in place, […]

Pentagon Joins PR War for Environmentalism

Pentagon Joins PR War for Environmentalism

A poll conducted earlier this year showed that only 70 percent of Americans believe climate change is real. Another survey showed that whether people believed it was real or not, only 40 percent of Americans believe climate change is a serious threat. This is compared to 88 percent of British people who believe the climate […]

MWWPR Sues Their Accounting Firm Marcum LLP Alleging Negligence


  2016 has seen multiple lawsuits where MWWPR has been sued for reportedly not paying their bills, clearly a reputational issue for the Michael Kempner owned firm, which consistently ranks as one of the largest companies in the United States public relations arena. The most recent lawsuit for the firm has seen the New Jersey headquartered firm […]

Recession Tracker Puts JP Morgan in the News

The headquarters of JP Morgan Chase in NY REUTERS/Mike Segar/Files

As one of the largest banks in the United States, JP Morgan, enjoys its fair share of the limelight. Yet, many believe a desire for more publicity must be the company’s reason behind its recession tracker. The company’s economists recently announced the tracker shows a 36 percent chance of America entering yet another economic recession. […]

Haley makes SC ground zero for abortion debate

abortion debate

Pick an issue in the public domain. Almost nothing sets more teeth on edge and gets more people riled up than abortion. Doesn’t matter where you stand on the issue, chances are you have a more than passing association with a hardline stance. Just mention the word in any comments thread or conversation and watch […]

Budweiser Rebrands As America

Budweiser Rebrands As America

This may be the most presumptuous branding move in the beer industry since they coined the name, “King of Beers” … or it could be one of the most shrewd and audacious marketing moves of the decade. Recently, Budweiser announced, at least for the summer, it would be renaming its signature beer “America” for the […]