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Superstar Leslee Dart & Donald Trump As A Fake Publicist

2016-05-18 by EPR Staff
Fake Publicist Donald Trump PR

It can be assumed that most PR people and publicists have only a limited amount of influence over what is said in the press about their clients. But when you start looking at those representing a long list of superstar clients as does Leslee Dart of 42 West (previously known as the Dart Group) founded in 2004 when she left PMK– it can be a different story entirely. At the time she left, she was one of the three top people at PMK, long considered one of the top talent and entertainment PR and publicist talent companies. When she left... Read More >

WPP’s Revenue On The Rise & Miami Public Relations Acquisition

2016-05-11 by EPR Staff
rbb spiderboost

WPP reported double-digit revenue gains of 10.5 percent for 2016’s first quarter equaling approximately $4.5 billion. This is up from the first quarter in 2015, which totaled $4.2 billion including 5.1 percent revenue growth - like-for-like basis. The good news for the ad/PR conglomerate based in the U.K. didn’t stop there either. They also reported an 8.1 percent net sales growth – showing 3.2 percent like-for-like gains. Almost all of their sectors and regions were in the positive except it’s data investment management properties, which still reported revenue gains. Billings increased 8.3 percent totaling approximately $17.4 billion (£11.922 billion), and... Read More >

Walleye Population Decline causes PR Worries for Mille Lacs

2016-05-10 by EPR Staff
animal pr

From as early as the summer of 2013, Lake Mille Lacs began to experience a decline in the walleye population. The situation did not improve; causing the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to act on that desperation in March. This action included banning residents from keeping walleye, and then from using live bait. But after discussions with the public and other officials, the DNR decided to lift the live-bait ban. The DNR made the decision after speaking to the local Advisory, which aired opposition from other committee members and the public against the live-bait ban. People voiced concerns about the... Read More >

Toronto Needs Media Monitoring

2016-05-07 by EPR Staff
toronto media pr

The City of Toronto's Economic Development and Culture Division (EDC) is seeking a media monitoring and evaluation service that will provide daily delivery of Canadian print, broadcast and online media stories relevant to the city. The service will provide analytics and evaluation of Canadian print, broadcast and online media coverage, and on occasion, evaluation of coverage from international media sources. The service will also provide access to a comprehensive database of media contacts. Comprehensive media monitoring of print, broadcast and online offers the ability to stay abreast of media coverage and ahead of any potential issues as they arise in... Read More >

Pure Michigan Campaign Losing Ground since Flint Water Crisis

2016-04-04 by EPR Staff
Pure Michigan Campaign

Long before the Pure Michigan campaign began ten years ago, the state was known for its water. And the Pure Michigan campaign builds on that with breathtaking pictures associating the campaign with water, just as it’s always been. There are the Great Lakes with shorelines dusting the Northern part of Michigan and beautiful pristine inland mountain lakes as well. All those freshwater coastlines appealing to residents, vacationers, travelers, and businesses looking to relocate to the natural beauty of Michigan. Gov. Jennifer Granholm launched the campaign including TV, radio, print ads, billboards, and license plates in 2006. Since then, Michigan has... Read More >

The Fine Art of Wooing Two Conflicting Partners in PR

2016-04-04 by EPR Staff
Competition PR

Businesses and the people who own them thrive due to relationships. In almost all successful instances, someone knew someone who helped another someone rise to greatness. Whether it’s through nepotism or just a referral, building partnerships and maintaining them is often the difference between a sinking ship and smooth sailing in business. No one knows this better than public relations experts who specialize in cultivating and managing these relationships. They help connect clients with key influencers, while giving influencers the opportunity to break a story first. This may sound simple, but it is a delicate balance requiring two partners with... Read More >

Tracy Nguyen: Publicist To Kanye West And More

2016-03-24 by EPR Staff
Tracy Nguyen

Kanye West is of course someone everyone has heard of – He is also the husband of Kim Kardashian West, and the father of her two children. But few people outside of the public relations world have heard of Tracy Nguyen Romulus, the publicist for Kanye West. Who She Is Tracy was born in Indonesia but migrated to the United States with her mother at the age of six months. Tracy’s journey across the United States began in California and then to Washington, and later New York, where she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design. Within... Read More >

Florida Tourism Industry Issues Advertising RFP

2016-03-18 by EPR Staff
Visit Florida

VISIT FLORIDA – The Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Association – has issued an advertising & branding RFP. VISIT FLORIDA is the State of Florida’s official tourism marketing corporation and serves as the official source for travel planning to visitors across the globe. VISIT FLORIDA is not a government vendor, but rather a not-for-profit corporation created as a public/private partnership by the Florida Legislature in 1996. The FY 2016-2017 advertising campaign is centered around an advertising strategy that focuses on the following: Core Segments: Families with children; Couples focused on romance; winter “sun seekers”, Explorers & Adventurers, and those looking for... Read More >

Coke and Crimea: All Marketing Is Local

2016-02-10 by EPR Staff
Coca Cola Branding

This past December, Coca-Cola posted a holiday update to its followers on Vkontakte, a social media network popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. The post included a cheerful message overlaid on a map of Russia presented in Coke’s iconic red and white. This is a branding strategy Coca-Cola has used for years: the company is known for its marketing campaigns that emphasize locally popular figures and events popular to local markets. These targeted messages are always offered in Coke’s instantly-recognizable style, affirming their vision of unifying consumers across the globe. The map was intended to give a boost to Coke’s... Read More >

How University PR Programs Must Evolve to Serve Students

2016-02-04 by EPR Staff
PR Books

In today’s digital world the lines between facts, entertainment, public image, vocation, and recreation are growing ever blurrier. Momentary whims and tiny soundbites can now control a brand, creating consequences much greater than they may have been a generation ago. Public relations is no longer an easily measured linear conversation between content creator and recipient. There is an endless digital web in and around every communication, spinning off limitless potential for developing or damaging a brand. The best public relations curriculums must teach their students how to engage in these environments, how to influence and when possible, take control of... Read More >

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