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The City of Toronto’s Economic Development and Culture Division (EDC) is seeking a media monitoring and evaluation service that will provide daily delivery of Canadian print, broadcast and online media stories relevant to the city. The service will provide analytics and evaluation of Canadian print, broadcast and online media coverage, and on occasion, evaluation of coverage from international media sources. The service will also provide access to a comprehensive database of media contacts.

Comprehensive media monitoring of print, broadcast and online offers the ability to stay abreast of media coverage and ahead of any potential issues as they arise in media. Measurement and evaluation are particularly important tools for quantifying efforts and results, and enticing corporate sponsorship.

The City is seeking the services of a qualified media monitoring company that can provide the following core services:

  • Monitoring and reporting of national, regional and local newspapers;
  • Monitoring and reporting of national, regional, consumer and trade magazines andpublications;
  • Monitoring and reporting of national, regional and local radio;
  • Monitoring and reporting of national, regional and local television;
  • Monitoring and reporting of internet sites;
  • Daily delivery of media results in an electronic report;
  • An online platform/portal encompassing all relevant media coverage searchable by key words or other targeted criteria;
  • An online platform/portal including comprehensive coverage details i.e. links, full-page colour PDFs, story summaries, broadcast notes etc.;
  • An evaluation tool that is accessible by EDC and can generate analysis reports andcharts that account for ad value, circulation/audience reach, geographic region, tone,media type etc.;
  • A media database service with wide-ranging search functions that allows the user tofind media contacts throughout North America and worldwide.

Services must include:

  • Media Database
  • Print Media Monitoring
  • Broadcast Media Monitoring
  • Online Media Monitoring

Proposals are due by mid May to: Aimee Yang, Acting Senior Corporate Buyer Purchasing and Materials Management,

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