Request for Proposal Issued For Media and Digital marketing firms


Creative Associates International is a dynamic and fast-growing professional service firm that specializes in international development in the areas of education, democratic transitions, and stabilization in post-conflict environments. Based in Washington, DC, the firm has a field presence in 30 plus countries worldwide with a strong and diverse portfolio that includes global contracts with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other clients including the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense. The firm has earned a solid reputation among its clients and missions worldwide and is well-regarded by competitors and partners alike.

Program Summary

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is a five-year education and youth program that seeks to transform the organizational culture and improve the abilities within the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth to ensure officials can implement desired reforms. Creative and its partners will provide technical assistance in the development, roll-out, and tracking of policies and procedures to incorporate international best practices for public education and youth programming. Among the many activities in the Jordan Technical Assistance Program, it will support curriculum development, promote inclusive learning techniques, improve the skills of teachers and school managers, and other tangible activities that ultimately support changing the organizational culture within the two ministries and relevant agencies. The program will further support Jordan’s outreach and behavioral change communications initiatives that are aimed at creating a culture of reading, the inclusion of vulnerable children, and increased youth engagement.

Purpose and overall objectives of the assignment

TAP will support an education recovery intervention targeting Grades 4-11 to address educational loss and improve students learning. The program is conceptualized to support various types of learning including regular instruction during academic year, remedial learning, and learning enrichment activities. It has a multi-modular structure that revolves around the three main interlinked components: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. The program will be brought into action through the MoE institutional structure, policies, and systems, assembling activity teams, and developing implementation plans and timelines. The intervention design will ensure gender integration and inclusion principles as a cross cutting theme.

TAP is seeking a Media Firm for a one year period with the possibility of extension, expecting to start in April 2022 with an estimated total level of effort of 160 days. The overall objective of the consultancy is to:

· Increase public awareness on efforts to improve student learning outcomes

· Lead on the production of a media campaign focusing on Ministry of Education remedial efforts to improve student learning outcomes. The media campaign will be divided into 2 phases, where the first one will start immediately after signing the contract, while the second phase will start as soon as the results of the MOE diagnostic study are analyzed, to ensure the responsiveness and effectiveness of the media campaign.

· Produce promotional materials suitable for different audiences (Field Directorates, Schools, parents, community members)

Position Responsibilities:

· The media firm will be responsible for developing creative materials that are simple and easy to adopt, maintain that are reflective of the MOE efforts and its counterparts.

· The media firm will be required to lead on the media campaign on different media platforms to include outdoor billboards (buses, malls, bridges) in addition to designing and sponsoring different social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram), TV and radio ads

· The media firm will maintain consistent communication with the Ministry of Education and TAP team to ensure all materials are approved and In line with expectations

· The media firm will also be responsible on leading an influencer event aiming to launching the campaign slogan.

Expected Outputs:

· Design slogan and agree on the campaign theme.

· Develop seven videos to include:

o One video to promote the remedial program with around 45 seconds duration.

o Six videos capturing success stories from different stakeholders (students, teachers, schools, directorates) highlighting the relevant intervention – one minute each.

· Develop four radio ads – 45 seconds each.

· Develop animated videos (ranging from 5 – 10 videos)

· Design three designs for rollups and produce (10) of each design

· Design and produce brochures, Size: A4, double and/or tri – folded, Four colors, double sided paper: 150 gsm / semi – glossy, Quantity: 500000

· Design and produce one backdrop

· Design and sponsor social media (Facebook, twitter and Instagram) covers

· Design and produce outdoor billboards (buses, malls, bridges)

· Customize 43 Trophies for the Award

· Conduct the influencers event **

Required Qualifications:

§ Registered firm in Jordan

§ The firm must have a minimum of 8-10 years of similar experience in marketing, e-marketing and advertising. Experience in education setup is an asset.

§ Working experience with international agencies, NGOs, and/or government experience, plus working with the ministry of education, is highly desirable.

Submission of Proposal:

Proposals must be submitted in two separate e-mails:

1. E-mail 1 – Technical Proposal

2. E-mail 2 – Cost/Business proposal

Each e-mail should be clearly labeled with the RFP number and project title.

Proposals must be delivered no later than the specified date/time to the address below.

Creative Procurement Department

Amman, Wadi Saqra – 201 Arar St – 1st Floor**

Due Date May 31

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