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FACTORY PR? What do Hyundai and Factory PR have in common?  Aside from an assembly line at Hyundai and being a client of Factory PR, absolutely nothing.  Factory PR is a New York city-based firm that not only represents automaker Hyundai, but also companies in the lifestyle, wellness, retail, hospitality, technology, and apparel industries.  As […]

Eido Minkovsky: Spotlight on Tel Aviv PR Firm

Eido Minkovsky

Eido Minkovsky, a father of two, founded the public relations firm Minkovsky Media in 2009. The firm’s clients include some of the biggest technology companies in Israel — MyHeritage, Outbrain, AOL, Soluto and more. Mr. Minkovsky believes that public relations are easy when you get to the heart of it: “[PR] is not physics, it’s […]

Maureen Lippe Of Lippe Taylor Feature

When Maureen Lippe founded Lippe Taylor, a public relations firm based in New York, she did so because she saw a need for more innovation in the industry. Working in editorial within the fashion and beauty industry, Lippe saw little creativity when it came to promoting brands. This was a problem. “Brands were executing such […]

Declan Kelly and Teneo Profile

Declan Kelly, the co-founder of global consulting firm Teneo, has a well-rounded and accomplished CV that lends itself well to international relations and business. With roots firmly planted in Ireland and a far-reaching network of operations with Teneo, Kelly has made himself a widely respected expert within international business. Kelly was born in Tipperary, Ireland […]

Brand USA Seeks Social Media Aggregation Tool


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify the appropriate vendor to supply a software as a service product to aggregate and manage user generated content from social media platforms. Our objective is for continuous improvement in curating and surfacing user generated content on our social media platforms, websites and publicly facing […]

PR News From Edelman PR, Ruder Finn & Walker Sands

PR News From Edelman PR, Ruder Finn & Walker Sands

Edelman Hires Kate Krane as Brand Practice Lead for Pacific NW Leading PR company is introducing a new member to its leadership team this week. Kate Krane is now the “Brand Practice Lead” for the company’s Pacific Northwest branch. According to the general manager of Edelman Pacific Northwest, Will Ludlam, Kate brings exceptional leadership potential […]

Finding the Right PR Firm

Whether it’s a startup, an established company, or even a charity non-profit organization, any professional group can benefit from the support of a good PR firm. The right PR agency can help a business to build and improve their brand image, attract new clients and more. If that wasn’t enough, in times of disaster, a […]

Ketner Group Profile

Ketner Group Profile

Located in Austin, Texas, Ketner Group Communications works alongside clients throughout Canada, the UK, and the US with specialist services in public relations, content development and social media. The Ketner Group prides themselves on their ability to create trustworthy and credible long-term relationships with media contacts, analysts and industry experts alike. Ketner Group employees treat […]

Kite Hill PR: Profile of Agency

Kite Hill PR: Profile of Agency

Kite Hill is a technology specialty PR firm. The company takes a highly immersive and integrated approach to communications and marketing – delivering state of the art PR to a range of client campaigns. Through thought leadership, news-jacking and media relations, Kite Hill works alongside the media to build brand reputation. Kite Hill PR Leadership […]

Citizen Relations Company Profile

Citizen Relations Company Profile

Citizen Relations is integrated communication and marketing agency based primarily in New York. While the company initially emerged in the United States, it’s spread out across the world with offices in Los Angeles, London, New York City, Toronto, and Montreal among many other locations too. Citizen Relations believe that people are the heart and soul […]