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Twitter Boosts Responsibility Profile by Targeting Political Bots

Twitter Boosts Responsibility Profile by Targeting Political Bots

In recent months, and in response to massive consumer and political pressure, social media companies have been clearing the decks, deleting bad actors and “fake” accounts while also limiting the accounts of provocateurs. Facebook has deleted millions of accounts, gaining consistent headlines. Not to be outdone, Twitter recently suspended a network of accounts accused of […]

Twitter Joins in InfoWars Ban

Twitter Joins in InfoWars Ban

After weeks of waffling, even when facing peer pressure from other social media platforms, Twitter has finally decided to give conspiracy theorist Alex Jones the boot. Jones had been suspended from Twitter for posting yet another “story” about a supposed false flag operation… or at least a potential false flag operation. He was not banned […]

PR for Reputation: Your Brand’s Reputation Troll on Twitter

Twitter Troll

Twitter can be an incredible PR tool, getting the word out on products, events, companies, celebrities, and anything else you can think of is a Twitter specialty. In fact, Twitter is one of the few places where you can easily contact a group of journalists, bloggers, and the like with hashtags such as #HARO, #journoresearch, […]

Stephen Fry and Twitter Arguments

Stephen Fry

Despite recognition and wide reach, comedian and actor Stephen Fry complained at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival that social media is “dispiriting, upsetting and annoying.” His reason is that arguments for major issues like gender and politics often end up in bitter exchanges, and the points of the argument get lost in the bickering. Instead, […]

The Best New Social Networks for Marketers

Public Relations Social Media

Okay, everyone knows Facebook and Twitter are must-have social platforms. But they have limits, and you don’t want to be captive to the whims of their programmers. You only have so many hours in the day, so what other social platforms deserve your attention? And are there any that are just about to blow up […]

The Best B2B Influencers


In the B2B market, there are many influencers, but key ones are those whose followers listen to and use the information given by that influencer. Many people and companies can have a huge following, but that does not always translate into someone who actually makes a difference in the choices of their followers. So choosing […]

An APCO Fire Is Burning In India

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“We have been contacted twice in recent weeks by private PR companies representing Indian govt. officials. Good use of govt funds? @PMOIndia” Such was a tweet from Washington Post India bureau chief Annie Gowen that set off a barrage of Tweets that followed. The height of the Twitter debate reached its peak on Saturday. Its […]

Tweeting with CEOs of the Top 20 Independent PR Firms

Twitter PR

In the public relations arena, CEO’s build brands, and advise their clients to use social as part of their brand identity. We reviewed the CEO’s of the 20 largest independently owned PR firms to see who is doing twitter right, and who is not. Those who don’t do it right? The CEO’s of APCO Worldwide, Ruder […]

How to Attract Thousands of Twitter Followers

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There are a lot of ideas out there being shared on how to make your Twitter account blast off.  Here are a few we thought are un-conventional, yet worth sharing: 1. Hashtags. Nope, we’re not talking about the traditional use of hashtags on your posts. Use them as a search vehicle to find people interested […]