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What to expect in the Israeli tech industry in 2019

What to expect in the Israeli tech industry in 2019

The Israeli start-up and tech scene have been a hub for innovation and growth. However, the tech scene is at a time of flux and change. The major sectors to watch out for in the Israeli tech include innovations in blockchain, AI, medical cannabis and advanced manufacturing. In terms of what’s in store for Israeli […]

Three tips on building a strong tech brand

“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior and a brand that captures your heart gains commitment”, according to the brand strategist Scott Talgo. This definitely holds true for developing brands across different industries. In the tech industry, branding has been a hot topic lately with tech companies dominating the top brand charts – think […]

5 Ways E-Commerce Technology Seeks To Impact The Shipping Industry

5 Ways In Which E-Commerce Technology Seeks To Impact The Shipping Industry

E-commerce trade and online shopping trends that have been gradually swallowing up retail trade sectors have eventually caught up with the shipping industry. The fact that this lucrative sector of the global economy remains untapped technologically saw several multinational e-commerce companies shift their attention to the sector. These companies draw most of their inspiration from […]

The In’s And Out’s of Shipping Container Technology

The In's And Out's of Shipping Container Technology

Shipping containers provide protection, unity and control over goods that are transported around the world. The modern shipping container technology allows for companies to easily track the progress of their cargo. Learn the in’s and out’s of shipping container technology. Powerful Shipping Containers A lot can happen during the transportation of goods around the world. […]

The Connection Between Container Investing and Technology

The Connection Between Container Investing and Technology

Modern freight shipping technology has improved to a great degree. Geo-location tracking technology can make all the difference in a container company investment. Learn about the connection between container investing and technology. Where Is My Freight? The World Wide Web has created a real-time immediacy in the minds of many consumers. Because they talk with […]

Jason Silva Interview: Humankind’s Greatest Quest

Jason Silva Interview

Jason Silva, star of the Emmy winning series The Current, talks about his documentary “Turning Into Gods.” This dynamic, intelligent, and enthusiastic visionary presents a hopeful reality for people in the 21st Century. But, does the march of science, humankind’s age old quest for the unknown, necessarily need to mutually exclude God? These and other questions are probed in this exclusive interview with one of technology’s great thinkers.

Airline Loses Luggage of the World’s Top Luggage Tracker

Airline Loses Luggage of the World’s Top Luggage Tracker.

Sometimes Airlines lose luggage.  They sure picked the wrong luggage to lose this time. Daniel Levine, founder and President of Blue Ribbon Bags, the world’s leader in tracking lost luggage, arrived in China this week but his luggage did not arrive with him. Unfortunately for the airline, this customer was prepared.  Daniel went straight to […]

Mercedes Makes a Big Push for Electric

Mercedes makes a big push for electric

If you were to sit down and make out a list of auto manufacturers that you would expect to make a big push for a fully electric vehicle, where would you put Mercedes? Near the top? In the top ten? Maybe, but probably not. Mercedes is known for quality and for performance. For the pleasure […]

Sirius Bets Big on Pandora

Sirius Bets Big on Pandora

First, they merged with their competition, XM Radio, and now Sirius is going after streaming media provider Pandora. However, early reports that Sirius XM would be taking over Pandora turned out to be little more than rumors. It seems Sirius IS making a major investment in Pandora, though, buying about $480 million in preferred shares, […]