Breaking bad habits with Pavlok

2022-07-04 by EPR Staff
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It is not easy to do away with bad habits and stick to good ones. Bad habits are normal responses to stress and boredom. One can always learn to adopt healthy ways to deal with stress and boredom. Bad habits might seem beneficial and they can be anything from biting nails to opening the inbox as soon as one is connected to a computer. It will be nothing short of a miracle if a device can help a person break a bad habit. Wearable tech Pavlok is a bracelet that delivers an electric shock. The electric shock is aversion therapy... Read More >

Tips for creatives looking for success in the NFT industry

2022-03-06 by EPR Staff

NFTs are an extremely popular trend in the domain of blockchain, and are capable of transforming the representation of digital ownership. The rising popularity of NFTs will revolutionize the creative industry. Before cryptocurrency, nobody owned anything digital. Videos, articles, memes, and graphics were recycled, and there was no way to acquire ownership of a digital file. NFTs brought about a change. Creators can now sell, exhibit, or lend digital artwork at will. Given below are tips on how people in creative industries can benefit from NFTs. Generate income The NFT space is still in a nascent stage, which means there... Read More >

Top tech trends for UX design

2022-03-03 by EPR Staff
Top tech trends for UX design

We are no longer restricted to interacting and communicating with others through our phones. The new way of connecting beyond traditional channels like through social media platforms or immersive experiences means that UX designers have the technology and scope of designing interactive experiences that did not exist previously. With technology becoming more pervasive, some UX trends, as discussed below, are taking the tech industry by storm. Desktop and mobile apps Desktop applications now require a corresponding mobile app. The popularity of internet browsing on mobile has changed the game of digital design. Nowadays, users use mobiles and computers most of... Read More >

General Management in Today’s Tech Oriented Business Model

2019-10-29 by EPR Staff

The role of the executive has changed drastically over the last decade. The social media platforms have produced a more transparent and interactive executive role. The influencers of social media, are many times the CEO’s and General Managers of large, growing companies, with tech orientated roots. For many, who rise to the heights of influence over millions of followers, it is wise to remember that social media is a tool to influencers. A way to interact and spin a brand, product, or service, through immersion within a culture, built to spin, produce, and brand something of value. General management in... Read More >

Japan Takes on Big Tech

2019-09-13 by EPR Staff

Japan Takes on Big Tech Tokyo is at it again. Japan has begun drafting guidelines that will be used to introduce more regulation into the US tech giant-dominated domestic digital market. This time, the goal is to weave together the protection of competition and protection of user privacy and devise a set of regulations that would address the purposes of both. The proposed guidelines are being drafted by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission and will be up for public debate in September. If approved, the guidelines could come into effect as early as October 2019. Japan’s push for broader regulation is... Read More >

Is Artificial Intelligence Coming for Your Job?

2019-09-12 by EPR Staff

Is AI Coming for Your Job? Persado is an artificial intelligence-driven company that utilizes machine learning to create compelling copy and branding words for companies looking for a boost. While services such as what Persado offers are attractive and innovative, some marketing professionals might be quaking in their boots. And this trepidation may well be valid: Persado just signed a deal with JPMorgan for five years to create marketing copy. What happens to the humans who were previously tasked with creating that copy that will now be handed off to a machine? The fact of the matter is that we,... Read More >

What to expect in the Israeli tech industry

2019-02-19 by EPR Staff
What to expect in the Israeli tech industry in 2019

The Israeli start-up and tech scene have been a hub for innovation and growth. However, the tech scene is at a time of flux and change. The major sectors to watch out for in the Israeli tech include innovations in blockchain, AI, medical cannabis and advanced manufacturing. In terms of what’s in store for Israeli in 2019, “The main difference between 2018 and 2019 will be the sectors of interest to investors”, says Haggai Ravid, CEO of investment firm Cukierman & Co. based in Tel Aviv. “We believe certain sectors will go out of vogue and other sectors will become... Read More >

Three tips on building a strong tech brand

2018-12-24 by EPR Staff

“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior and a brand that captures your heart gains commitment”, according to the brand strategist Scott Talgo. This definitely holds true for developing brands across different industries. In the tech industry, branding has been a hot topic lately with tech companies dominating the top brand charts - think of Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon among a few. Having a strong brand means you’ve differentiated yourself from your competitors and you’re easily recognized amongst the plethora of tech products in circulation. This translates into greater trust, more loyalty, and better conversion rates. Here are... Read More >

Jason Silva Interview: Humankind’s Greatest Quest

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
Jason Silva Interview

It's amazing what Facebook does by way of "shortcutting" the process of meeting people. Just the other day I added an interesting fellow named Jason Silva, and he returned the favor. Imagine my surprise when adding a friendly face revealed the star of the Emmy Award winning Current TV. You gotta love Facebook, and I think you will like Jason Silva if you put on your thinking cap. Jason granted Everything PR News an interview to talk about his somewhat controversial (and imminently interesting) new documentary "Turning Into Gods." If the title itself does not do it for you, Jason... Read More >

Airline Loses Luggage of the World’s Top Luggage Tracker

2017-11-14 by EPR Staff
Airline Loses Luggage of the World’s Top Luggage Tracker.

Sometimes Airlines lose luggage.  They sure picked the wrong luggage to lose this time. Daniel Levine, founder and President of Blue Ribbon Bags, the world’s leader in tracking lost luggage, arrived in China this week but his luggage did not arrive with him. Unfortunately for the airline, this customer was prepared.  Daniel went straight to the airline baggage claim desk to file a lost luggage claim.  When he got his file reference number to identify his lost bag, he asked the airline employee when his bags would arrive at his destination.  At no surprise to Daniel, the answer he got... Read More >

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