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Breaking bad habits with Pavlok

It is not easy to do away with bad habits and stick to good ones. Bad habits are normal responses to stress and boredom. One can always learn to adopt healthy ways to deal...

Top tech trends for UX design

Top tech trends for UX design

We are no longer restricted to interacting and communicating with others through our phones. The new way of connecting beyond traditional channels like through social media platforms or immersive experiences means that UX designers...

Japan Takes on Big Tech

Tokyo is at it again. Japan has begun drafting guidelines that will be used to introduce more regulation into the US tech giant-dominated domestic digital market. This time, the goal is to weave together...

What to expect in the Israeli tech industry in 2019 0

What to expect in the Israeli tech industry

The Israeli start-up and tech scene have been a hub for innovation and growth. However, the tech scene is at a time of flux and change. The major sectors to watch out for in...

Jason Silva Interview 0

Jason Silva Interview: Humankind’s Greatest Quest

Jason Silva, star of the Emmy winning series The Current, talks about his documentary “Turning Into Gods.” This dynamic, intelligent, and enthusiastic visionary presents a hopeful reality for people in the 21st Century. But, does the march of science, humankind’s age old quest for the unknown, necessarily need to mutually exclude God? These and other questions are probed in this exclusive interview with one of technology’s great thinkers.