MWWPR Sued In New York Supreme Court For Non-Payment of Invoices…. Again

2017-04-13 by Richard D. Pace
MWW Public Relations Group

  T & M Protection services, a security & investigations company has sued MWW PR in the Supreme Court of The State of New York for non-payment of $11,150.16, plus interest and claims total now due to be $26,673.92. Said lawsuit was filed on March 9, 2017 for work MWWPR contracted for “the provision of private investigation and consultation services.” MWW Sued In New York Supreme Court For Non-Payment of Invoices…. Again from EverythingPR T&M Protection Resources is an American private security, intelligence and investigations company headquartered in New York City, New York, and according to Google “T&M provides business... Read More >

Happenings From Omnicom PR, MWWPR, Edelman, Ogilvy Singapore, and MDC Partners

2017-03-08 by Jason Tannahill
omnicom group

France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands see alliances between Ketchum, Porter Novelli, and FleishmanHillard – All of Omnicom PR Group The three Omnicom PR Group agencies are pooling resources and talent in the four European markets for clients. Although individual brands will remain with the firms to which they are signed, the three will work together in special efforts and when doing so, will do so under the Omnicom PR Group name and logo. Karen van Bergen said: “In our first year of the Omnicom PR Group, one of the things we’ve seen is the power of collaboration. Today is... Read More >

News From MWWPR, Alison Brod, PadillaCRT, and Global PR Summit

2017-01-25 by Aaron Sarno
mww public relations

MWWPR and opendorse Come Together to Recognize Social Media’s Most Engaging Pro Football Players MWWPR is an independent PR firm, while opendorse brings athletes and marketers together for social media and other campaigns with access to over 3,500 pro athlete influencers around the world. MWWPR and opendorse recently listed their top pro-football players known for engaging on social media, though these are not necessarily the ones with the largest fan bases. Those with the highest engagement rate include Carson Wentz, Derek Carr, Jarvis Juice Landry, Marquette King, and Ezekiel Elliott. Those leading with most engagements included Odell Beckham, Jr., Ezekiel Elliott,... Read More >

Montclair State Market Research RFP Issued

2017-01-07 by Jason Tannahill
Montclair State Market Research RFP Issued

Montclair State University has issued an RFP seeking a market research firm to do Brand Benchmarking Research to measure the relevancy and effectiveness of the University’s current brand strategy.  The institution has invested significantly in the existing brand platform with the “It’s All Here” tagline in its integrated marketing and communications campaigns and seeks to determine if related efforts have had an effect with our key internal and external stakeholders. The awarded bidder must have been in business for five (5) years or more with a demonstrated record of success in the following areas: Proven ability to meet the goals and... Read More >

News from 5WPR, Havas PR, MWWPR, Sunshine Sachs, Koch Brothers, and Ketchum Change/Daggerwing Group

2016-12-14 by Jason Tannahill
LaForce Cancels Holiday Party – Showing Their Pouty Face Over Trump

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Talks About U.S. Independent PR Agencies Torossian’s recent article in Odwyer projects that the 80 or so independently owned PR firms in the U.S. with 20 or more employees are in the best position to guide clients toward the marketing initiatives that will work best for them. The multi-national PR firms are not always able to do that because they are tasked not just with meeting client needs, but business objectives of the parent company and how to boost ROI for investors. Independent firms have much more control over factors like raises and bonuses for their employees.... Read More >

Happenings at Marino, Porter Novelli, PR Agencies for P&G, Penn State PR, MWW PR, and Zimmerman Advertising

2016-11-30 by Richard D. Pace
Marino becomes AOR for New Rochelle

Marino becomes AOR for New Rochelle Manhattan PR agency Marino just won the bid to become the city of New Rochelle’s public relations firm. The selection process began in June. Marino was founded by Frank Marino in 1993, but before that he graduated from Iona College in New Rochelle and later served in public affairs for Ed Koch during his time as mayor of NYC between 1979-1988. Marino will help New Rochelle build a reputation for good economic development for businesses considering moving there. The city has already been redeveloping and promoting the waterfront and downtown areas. They also have... Read More >

News from MWW PR, Edelman, Steve Bannon, and Stephan Huvane

2016-11-23 by Aaron Sarno

What MWW PR and Wakefield Research’s HerVoice Survey Shows The HerVoice Survey of 1000 adults in the US, commissioned by MWWPR and Wakefield Research, looked at gender-based bias issues and the glass ceiling for women. The survey asked respondents what they perceive and expect from both female and male leadership in companies. They got responses indicating that stereotypes about women in leadership being weak had not changed significantly over the past few decades. The survey was done prior to the Presidential election during October. Most participants indicated that they believe men are more likely to be stronger at increasing the... Read More >

Which PR Firms Lose Ground After Trump Victory?

2016-11-21 by Jason Tannahill
Which PR Firms Lose Ground After Trump Victory?

There are some PR firms likely to lose something with the shift in power to a dominant Republican Congress as well as an incoming President Trump. So who will be some of the PR losers with the shift in power? Let’s take a look at four of them: The Podesta Group John and Tony Podesta founded the group in 1998, though different names have graced the agency over the years. Their headquarters is in DC, but where else would it be? Their ties to the DNC and it’s various candidates and causes are almost legendary. John has not been an... Read More >

PR News from Singer Associates, MWWPR, Ruder Finn, and Finn Partners

2016-11-03 by Jason Tannahill
SAG-AFTRA Claims Singer Associates Are Using Their Name Without Consent

SAG-AFTRA Claims Singer Associates Are Using Their Name Without Consent SAG-AFTRA is not happy that Singer Associates have used their name in a website domain and a Twitter account to mislead the public that their union is connected to 11 video games the PR firm represents. Last week they sent a letter that and @SAGAFTRAVGames have no affiliation with the guild and no consent has been given to use their name for such purposes and that doing so confuses the issues while the union is currently on strike. Ray Rodriguez, SAG-AFTRA’s negotiator, issued a statement saying: “Management has a... Read More >

Dallas Area City Seeks Branding Firm

2016-11-02 by Jason Tannahill
Dallas Area City Seeks Branding Firm

Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the City of Carrollton is a vibrant corporate and residential community. The City's location and business cost advantages attract and support a diverse local economy with over 9,000 businesses calling Carrollton home. They are seeking a branding agency to establish a unified platform for the City of Carrollton where a shared brand between the City and the community stakeholders will be utilized. The goals of the branding program are to: Provide a clear vision that crystallizes the City’s competitive advantage and distinct strengths by focusing on the authentic and organic characteristics... Read More >

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