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MWWPR and opendorse Come Together to Recognize Social Media’s Most Engaging Pro Football Players


MWWPR is an independent PR firm, while opendorse brings athletes and marketers together for social media and other campaigns with access to over 3,500 pro athlete influencers around the world. MWWPR and opendorse recently listed their top pro-football players known for engaging on social media, though these are not necessarily the ones with the largest fan bases. Those with the highest engagement rate include Carson Wentz, Derek Carr, Jarvis Juice Landry, Marquette King, and Ezekiel Elliott. Those leading with most engagements included Odell Beckham, Jr., Ezekiel Elliott, Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown, and Russell Wilson.

Glamour Magazine Highlights Alison Brod’s PR Office in Interview

When dealing with anything out of Alison Brod’s life — home, office, clothing, personality — she doesn’t lack style or color and most of it is beautiful, but never laid-back. She has a style, and she’s not afraid to let people in her office know if they are not measuring up to her likes in their own office spaces. Pencils belong in the desk when not in use, pictures always in frames, and sometimes she leaves a post-it note on something she doesn’t like, indicating that it should be gotten rid of.

Having said that, the office space has a candy bar – featuring candy and other goodies from clients’ lines, a blow-dry bar so everyone can look fabulous, and a lobby that could fill a lot of little girls’ fantasy of work life. When asked, she said if not PR, she would love to run an interactive candy museum, score fashion shows and movies, and scout for talent in the evenings.

The Lord of the Dance Facing Lawsuit – Not Paying Publicist

Origlio & Miramontez Company (O&M) recently filed suit in New York Supreme Court for $42,000 in fees they say Michael Flatley incurred as well as “such other, further and different relief as this Court shall deem just and proper including the costs, fees, disbursements, and attorney’s fee incurred herein.”

O&M said the money was for theatrical press agent and PR services concerning The Lord of the Dance: Danger Games performed between November 2015 and January 2016 at the Lyric Theatre in New York. The lawsuit claims no invoices have been paid and no objections made by Flatley about any of the services rendered. Flatley’s cast performed at the Inaugural Ball on Friday, January 20th.

PadillaCRT to Represent Bordeaux Wine Region’s Wines in U.S.

The Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) representing approximately 300 wine merchants and 6,000 winegrowers in the Bordeaux region of France just signed an AOR agreement with PadillaCRT as their US PR provider. CIVB’s marketing director, François Jumeau, said: “We’re excited to partner with PadillaCRT on our consumer, trade, and influencer public relations activities in the US. PadillaCRT’s creativity, dynamism, and professionalism, as well as its extensive experience working with other wine regions, make the agency an ideal fit for promoting Bordeaux wines.”

June in New York – Global PR Summit

As the old saying goes – “be there or be square.” Well, that’s how it would be said if you didn’t go to PR summits! This year the summit that’s been in 20 other countries in the past will hit the Big Apple, and arguably the home of most of the top public relations firms. It lasts two days and tickets are on sale now. The list of speakers includes PR stars who’ve worked with US Presidents, Royal Families, top corporations, and entrepreneurs.

There are tips to be learned, new ideas fostered, and insights into the future. There will also be presentations on new approaches for your work and your client relations, and motivation galore. There are interactive sessions and time for networking. The event gives opportunities to create a larger personal PR community for those attending. So clear the calendar for June 8-9 in New York.

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