Basics of Website Backlinks

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how to create backlinks 900x493 1 When it comes to website SEO, aside from keywords, one of the most important factors is high-quality backlinks. When indexing and crawling websites, search engines look for relevant keywords within a web page, and look for backlinks within the website in order to … [Read more...]

Increasing Sales with Digital Marketing

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20191112054904 FotoJet32 1 One of the most effective ways to reach a target audience is through digital marketing, which allows businesses to drive traffic to the company’s website, close sales, and generate high-quality leads. To create a good digital marketing strategy that will result in … [Read more...]

PR Push Essentials

Social media

More and more businesses are turning their focus towards digital marketing, and specifically public relations, in an attempt to boost their credibility and visibility with the target audience. One of the best ways to get a company's name in front of a lot of people, as well as build thought … [Read more...]

Digital PR with Content

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These days, practically anyone can become a content creator, which has significantly lowered the barrier to entry, thus making quality content more difficult to find or reach the right people. In the past, all companies had to do was create ads and issue press releases to be able to get media … [Read more...]

Executing Digital Events at Any Time

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We’re living through a time when mass meetings are largely unavailable due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led to an increase in digital events. Although plenty of digital events were already happening long before the pandemic, their popularity greatly increased once everyone had to stay at … [Read more...]

How Businesses Get Noticed Organically

Paid search advertising is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies that stem from the pay-per-click model, which is used to guarantee businesses that they would get actual traffic to their websites and not just visibility. However, according to some recent studies, it seems that this … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses Benefit From Digital Marketing

The main goal of digital marketing is to be able to reach targeted clients at the right time. The best way to develop any business in the technological and digital age that we’re living in is by connecting with the customers online. With the internet being an inevitable part of everyday life, … [Read more...]

EWR Digital Feature Interview

Today, an interview with Matt Bertram, the co-owner of EWR Digital, a digital marketing agency based out of Houston that has 18 employees, including the two co-owners. Here he answers some questions that can help other agencies grow and succeed at a time when the competition is … [Read more...]

How Firms Are Using Digital Marketing During Pandemic

Across the country, stay-at-home orders have been combined with sweeping mandates for the temporary closure of all “non-essential” businesses, such sports stadiums, restaurants, bars and barber shops. Unfortunately, despite these trying times, earning revenue and being paid a wage is still very much … [Read more...]