Properly Scaling Facebook Advertising Efforts

2022-06-29 by EPR Staff

When companies want to reach their audiences on Facebook they tend to rely on both paid and organic content. However, when it comes to paid content, companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their campaigns, and one of the best ways that they can do that is by conducting an audit of the existing campaigns. Budget It's common for businesses to expect to generate better results when they start increasing their advertising budgets on Facebook, but that's not always the case. In fact, many times, companies end up with worse overall performance when they start scaling their Facebook ad... Read More >

Update on Facebook Ban of Australian News

2021-03-20 by EPR Staff
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A ban was announced this year on Australian news stories being viewed or shared on the social media platform Facebook. This came after the Australian government drafted a law that would force tech giants Facebook and Google to pay for Australian news and journalism. How the Social Media Giant Will Move Forward Facebook announced this week that they will lift a controversial ban on viewing and sharing of Australian news stories on their platform. Facebook has struck an agreement with the Australian government this month that will make the online giant pay for using Australian journalism. This comes as a... Read More >

Big Brands Announce Facebook Boycott

2020-07-01 by EPR Staff

Big Brands Announce Facebook Boycott Social media giant Facebook has been getting bad news ever since some of the company’s key employees went public with their frustration over the company’s policy against censoring comments on the platform. At the time, Facebook publicly acknowledged and even welcomed the employee’s criticisms, but now that criticism has spilled out, coalescing into a movement called #StopHateforProfit, led by a coalition of civil rights groups. One of the chief early aims of this movement is to put pressure on advertisers to get them to stop supporting platforms that the coalition feels are supporting hate. The... Read More >

A Guide to Facebook’s Four Different Ad Types

2019-05-29 by EPR Staff

A Guide to Facebook’s Four Different Ad Types If anything about advertising on Facebook is clear, it is that good creative holds the key to improving your return on investment. Even if you’re working with a killer targeting strategy designed perfectly for the kind of audience you want to reach, if your creative can’t persuade your audience to take action, then generating sales can get very expensive. Even so, with a range of creative formats on Facebook at your disposal, it can be difficult to know which one best serves your marketing strategy. Here are the four different formats to... Read More >

The Era of the News Feed is Over

2019-04-01 by Ronn Torossian

The Era of the News Feed is Over After a decade of executive instability, Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of dramatic changes last May. He moved two top executives in a bid to create a new blockchain division, and installed new heads at WhatsApp and the News Feed. He also appointed someone to run a new group dedicated to privacy initiatives, though this last move has flown very much under the radar ever since. Zuckerberg has become known in recent months for his substantive blog posts, but was uncharacteristically quiet about the strategy behind these moves. Now, the method behind... Read More >

Facebook’s Fall and what it means for your business

2019-03-26 by EPR Staff

Facebook’s Fall and what it means for your business The Federal Trade Commission is negotiating a multi-billion-dollar penalty for Facebook’s violations of its consent agreement. In the UK, Parliament physically compelled the turnover of secret Facebook documents that show an astonishing disregard for user privacy- and a knowing, intentional effort to violate laws on the use of personal information. The UK has requested that the FTC assist in its investigation. In Europe, Facebook is already under investigation for violations of the GDPR. Those investigations are coming along well. Facebook is already facing fines of €1.6 billion and has been fined... Read More >

Facebook Dips its Toes in Hot Water- Again

2019-02-15 by EPR Staff

Facebook dips its toes in hot water- again According to the New York Times, Facebook is set to merge data from its three messaging services- Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp- into a single platform. The move has since been confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, with Zuckerberg claiming that the platform merger is not set to occur before 2020, with the process only aimed at ensuring users are able to communicate across services and benefit from end-to-end encryption. At present, such encryption is only offered by chat platform WhatsApp. Still, the last time Facebook and WhatsApp attempted to share user... Read More >

Facebook acquires Blockchain firm

2019-02-12 by EPR Staff
Facebook acquires Blockchain firm

Facebook acquires Blockchain firmFacebook acquires Blockchain firm Always one for the headlines, Facebook has acquired cryptocurrency startup Chainspace, giving fuel to claims the social media giant is pushing ahead with plans to build a stablecoin. What is a stablecoin, you ask? Great question. In the wake of the cryptocurrency frenzy that has gripped investors of varying wallet sizes in recent years, stablecoin offers a fresh take: a cryptocurrency pegged to a global currency to ensure steady value, like the US dollar.  There have been few acquisitions of blockchain firms of a similar nature by major tech players, suggesting this may... Read More >

Using Facebook to enhance marketing efforts

2019-01-22 by EPR Staff
Using Facebook to enhance marketing efforts

With its fair share of ups and downs - well, mostly downs - in the last year, Facebook is still reeling from its PR and image crisis. Concerns over privacy breaches and controversy over how its leadership handled issues are just a few of the problems the social networking site faces. Despite these issues, Facebook is still a major tool for marketing and a great way for businesses to reach new and old customers. Home to over two billion active monthly users, it would be irrational to rule out Facebook as a platform for spreading information about your business and... Read More >

Facebook to Dump a Billion Into Virginia

2017-12-21 by EPR Staff
Rumored Facebook censorship tool could open the door to China

These days it’s interesting being Facebook. Billions love you and use your services every day. But a growing number of users are angry about a growing number of issues they blame Facebook for. Whether it’s “fake news,” espionage, abusive posts, racism, unfair restrictions or not restricting enough, Facebook is facing a constant barrage of complaints. But that isn’t stopping the company from attracting customers or expanding its brick-and-mortar footprint. According to multiple media reports, Facebook is planning to build a massive data center in Henrico County, just outside Richmond, Virginia. This project is expected to bring more than a billion... Read More >

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