A Guide to Facebook’s Four Different Ad Types

A Guide to Facebook’s Four Different Ad Types

If anything about advertising on Facebook is clear, it is that good creative holds the key to improving your return on investment. Even if you’re working with a killer targeting strategy designed perfectly for the kind of audience you want to reach, if your creative can’t persuade your audience to take action, then generating sales can get very expensive.

Even so, with a range of creative formats on Facebook at your disposal, it can be difficult to know which one best serves your marketing strategy. Here are the four different formats to choose from: selecting the right one for your product and business goals are key to making the most of your Facebook advertising budget.

Single Image Ad

The single ad is one of the original ad formats available on Facebook. In more recent years, more attention has been invested in video; even so, single image ads remain valuable when used at the right time.

If you sell a single flagship product that your customers already understand, then the single image is an effective format to choose. Choose a flattering product photo that is sure to appeal to the widest range of potential customers.

If you’re trying to convey a simple message, like a sale or free shipping for a limited time, then a single image ad is a perfect way of getting your message out.

Single Video Ad

Almost every placement within the Facebook Ad Manager now supports video ads. Now, Facebook has even released new video watching experiences – such as IGTV and Facebook Watch – all pointing to the anticipated continued rise of video as a central medium.

If your product has a unique value that cannot be communicated with a photo alone, then a video is a great way of showing how it works and what value it offers to customers. This is especially useful if your product has a range of features and benefits.

If your brand is central to your strategy of attracting new customers, a Single Video Ad telling your company’s story can be an easily watchable way of selling your brand purpose– before you sell your product.

Carousel Ad

A carousel ad can contain several images, videos, or a combination of both. This makes a carousel ad a useful “in-between” ad format, vital if your product requires more than just one image to demonstrate its value but you currently lack the means of producing a long-form video ad.

Collection Ad

The collection ad is the most recently added format, so you may not have yet seen many in your News Feed. Still, a collection ad has a lot to offer e-commerce brands, giving you the option of pairing a product catalog with an engaging video.

If your product, or products, get their value from your brand’s story, then a collection ad is an excellent way of boosting brand awareness while also selling directly through an attached product catalog.

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