Brandon Webb. The Navy Seal. Founder and CEO of Hurricane Media

Brandon Webb -Navy Seal. Airplane pilot. entreprrneur

Brandon Webb: Portrait of a Navy SEAL and Entrepreneur

Brandon Webb is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant, combat veteran and former United States Navy SEAL. A highly accomplished individual, he is also known for his sense of humor and for being down to earth and easy to talk to.

Born in 1974, Webb left home at the age of 16, and, after completing his high school degree, joined the Navy where he served for over a decade. After his military career, he followed in the family tradition of entrepreneurship and founded Hurricane Group Media, a media and eCommerce company.

He has written and co-written, multiple books, appeared in major media outlets as a Special Forces and business expert and is in high demand as a speaker and live personality. Additionally, in 2012, he created the Red Circle Foundation, a nonprofit that gives 100% of all donations to the families of dead and wounded Special Forces veterans.

Navy SEAL Career

As a Navy SEAL, Webb had many roles. After completing Basic Underwater and Demolition SEAL training, he started off as an Aviation Warfare Systems Operator and Search and Rescue Swimmer. He was deployed four separate times to the Middle East and once to Afghanistan and served with valor in combat on many occasions as part of SEAL Team Three.

Despite his heroics in battle, the military work he is most proud of is having served as an instructor for other Navy SEALS; in particular, he was the manager for the SEAL sniper course, which has produced some of the most highly trained and lethal soldiers on the planet.

He has received multiple military honors, including the Presidential Unit Citation, which was presented to him by George W. Bush himself. Additionally, he earned a Commendation medal with a designation for valor in combat from the Navy and Marine Corps.


Brandon Webb Navy Seal's Hurricane Media Group
Hurricane Media Group

Webb left the military to spend more time with his children and to start his own company. Because both of his parents ran small businesses, he had seen firsthand in his youth what it takes to keep a commercial enterprise alive.

Hurricane Media is a unique and high-energy business. It provides media content as well as physical products and is geared towards males interested in pursuing adventure, being fully informed and living life to the fullest. There is a sense of urgency and purpose in everything about the company.

On the media side of the firm, NEWSREP offers cutting-edge journalism from soldiers in the field and SOFREP Radio comes through with broadcasts on military issues from Special Forces veterans who absolutely know what they are talking about, and the SPECOPS Channel provides Special Forces content that traditional media outlets can’t or won’t cover.

As far as physical products go, CUNA markets treats and toys for loyal dogs and CONTINUUM is about providing vitamins and supplements for a longer life. All of the above is just a fraction of what Hurricane has to offer; there is even a book club for the military-minded where the titles are picked out by veterans.

You must also add Crate Club to the list of Brandon Webb’s businesses. Crate Club is a seasonal subscription crate that brings you the finest in survival equipment pieces that have been hand-picked by former Navy SEALs and Special Operation Forces and is delivered right to your door!

Best-Selling Author

Brandon Webb's Navy Seal's Guide to Mastering fear, author
Webb’s Most Recent Release

A prolific author, Webb has written a number of books. Much of his inspiration comes form his own experiences as a Navy SEAL and running Hurricane Media.

Arguably his best-known book is “Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s guide,” which he wrote with John David Mann. In it, he writes about leaving home at an early age, completing a Navy SEALS training course where only 23 of the original 220 soldiers made it through, serving in combat in Afghanistan and then leaving the service to rise from the ashes of a divorce and business failure to become the success he is today. It’s a remarkable and powerful story that is told in his inimitable voice.

Also with John David Mann, he wrote “Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure.” In this work, he explains what he learned about decision-making in combat when the stakes were, literally, life or death. It’s full of life lessons and strategies for making the right call when the adrenaline is high and the consequences of making the wrong call are even higher.

While many readers are drawn to Webb’s books for their in-depth examination of Special Forces methods and culture, his motivational books are geared towards anyone who wants to be more effective in life, not just those in the military orbit. A well-rounded writer, Webb has published books for young adult readers as well.

Speaking and Media Engagements

Because of his military record, business success, long list of writing credits, Webb has made frequent appearances on national television for CNN, ABC and many other networks. Respected by viewers across the political spectrum, he has appeared on programming from Fox to MSNBC, and has also appeared on overseas networks including the BBC. He is very much at ease in front of the cameras.

In person, Brandon Webb is personable and humorous; his manner is far from that of the stereotypical screaming drill-sergeant. Accordingly, he is hired through MacMillan speakers for live appearances and seems to truly love sharing his story for people.

Red Circle Foundation

Brandon Webb Navy Seal's foundation to help retired veterans and their families - logo

In 2012, Brandon Webb lost his best friend Glen Doherty, a CIA contractor and fellow NAVY SEAL, in Benghazi, Libya. This devastating experience motivated him to found Red Circle Foundation, which provides support to the family of fallen and wounded Special Forces veterans by monetarily assisting with memorials, medical services, scholarships and more. Every penny of donated money goes directly to those in need; committed mission donor partners take care of the overhead.

While much of his education comes from having learned practical lessons the hard way in the Special Forces and in his multiple business endeavors, he also studied at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of Kentucky. Currently, Webb divides his time between San Juan, Puerto Rico and Manhattan, New York. When he isn’t writing, speaking, broadcasting or running Hurricane Media Group, he flies airplanes, hangs out with his family and close group of friends and generally makes the most of life.

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