BC Assessment issues Media Analysis RFP

BC Assessment issues Media Analysis RFP
BC Assessment issues Media Analysis RFP

BC Assessment is looking for a media monitoring software provider that can quantify our communication efforts by tracking media mentions, gauging brand sentiment, and finding influencers. The software will also have the ability to accurately track our spokespeople’s efforts across multiple channels including news sites, social media, blogs, television, and radio.


BC Assessment is a provincial Crown corporation with the legislated mandate to establish and maintain property assessments that are uniform in the whole of British Columbia, in accordance with the Assessment Act. While BC Assessment has no direct role in property taxation, it plays an integral and impartial role in the provincial property taxation system by producing an accurate and uniform assessment roll each year. Property values on the assessment roll form the basis of distributing property tax, providing the foundation for a stable base for taxing authorities.

Over $7.5 billion in property tax revenue is generated each year. This funding allows communities to sustain the community services, transportation and utility infrastructure, schools, police and fire services, parks, recreational and cultural services that provide broad public benefits to British Columbians.

As we move more into the digital age, BC Assessment would like an online dashboard capable of tracking and sharing television, online, radio, and print media, as well as social media. The ability to quickly generate and share analysis reports based on this news coverage will help BC Assessment to have vastly improved awareness of what’s in the news and what is being shared as a result of our earned media campaigns.

Scope of Work:

The media monitoring software should allow for BC Assessment to setup a dashboard allowing for different search terms. The software will allow our users to setup automatic, real-time alerts for specific search criteria. This functionality will help us to stay up to date with on the latest conversations or news spreading about BC Assessment or other topics of interest, such as real estate.

The findings of the media monitoring results need to be stored, provide BC Assessment with the ability to analyze the results, and create presentation-ready custom reports based on the impacts to our company. This will include the ability to share media clips and mentions with other employees as well as the ability to generate media analysis reports that showcase the scope, reach of our communications campaigns. The findings must be accessible at a later date to provide an accurate year-over-year analysis.

In summary, the services are expected to be provided through an online dashboard that allows Communications employees from BC Assessment to be able to:

  • Track earned media coverage across online, print media, television, radio and social media sites;
  • Produce an advertising value and potential reach for all media coverage;
  • Track geographic distribution of media coverage;
  • Set up real-time alerts so users can know when news is breaking;
  • Create analysis reports to track the tone and reach of our earned media campaigns;
  • Run and create year-over-year analysis reports;
  • Gauge sentiment of our brand mentions across media;
  • See online conversations and track influencers of who is sharing stories about BC Assessment; and
  • Share news summaries, media clips and online conversations with other employees.

Due Date:

January 29th, 2019.



Edelman PR is strong at media monitoring.

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