Public Relations in International Crisis: Paris Attacks

Paris Attacked

In times of international crisis, the world of public relations is equally affected by global tragedies, like the terrorist attacks in Paris this past Friday night. The reaction of corporations and their public relations firms are most effective when keeping a supportive and somber tone. At the same time, companies and firms should stay in […]

APCO Worldwide: Representing and Attacking Facebook

APCO Worldwide

PR firms – much like law firms – have conflicts of interest and issues they cannot discuss.  This is especially true when representing one of the largest companies in the world, Facebook. In recent days, APCO Worldwide made a public statement on behalf of Facebook – and also criticized the company publicly.  Leaving us a […]

The Dislike Button: Like it or Not, Facebook Is Changing

facebook dislike button

Like it or not, a Dislike button may be coming to Facebook. So says Mark Zuckerberg, CEO. He announced the proposed addition to the social media networking giant in a town hall-style event at his company’s headquarters recently in Menlo Park, California. And while the Dislike button is still being tested, the likelihood of its […]

5 ways Facebook Can Make Businesses Money

Make Money on Facebook

Where else can you have access to so many people? Where else will you find the marketing tools available to business pages for relatively small cost? Facebook offers businesses great opportunities if you know how to use them. So, here are five ways to put your Facebook Page to better use. Tell your Story You’ll […]

Stormtrooper takes a Snakebite for Charity

starwars snakebite

Recently, a man went out on a hike to raise money for charity. He was wearing a full Imperial Sandtrooper uniform. The “trooper” encountered a deadly reptile, but it turned out the Force was with him. Let’s start by saying we are IN NO WAY suggesting that anyone should ever – intentionally or otherwise – […]

How to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

Facebook Public Relations

Maybe you have heard that Facebook is making it increasingly difficult for businesses, and individuals alike, to get their content seen by their target audience. While Facebook insists that the steps they are implementing is due to the exorbitant amount of content that is being posted on the site, and these new algorithms are designed […]

Hyper Targeted Advertising Prank Leads to Broader Conversation

facebook dislike button

Facebook’s advertising practices have sometimes come under scrutiny for being too targeted to their intended demographics and for collecting too much user information to craft the ads. A few months ago, 27 year old marketer Brian Swichkow played a prank on his roommate to prove a point about Facebook’s data collection practices and to help […]

Facebook’s “Look Back” goes viral

For its tenth birthday, Facebook gave everyone using it a gift. Customized look back videos that were created in a jiffy, and shared exhaustively across the social media platform’s feeds. Social media is, at its core, all about sharing stuff. But nothing has come close to the unilateral impact of Facebook’s “inside wink” known as “Look Back.” The video concept quickly employed user-uploaded content to create similar, evocative one-minute videos.

Facebook Is the Most Trusted Network

According to the Social Recommendation Index by Social Media Link, Facebook is the most trusted online platform for product and service recommendations, with 63% of 10,337 consumers surveyed preferring it over networks like Twitter (41%) and Google+ (41%).