Facebook Is the Most Trusted Network

2013-12-13 by EPR Staff

If your business is still ignoring social media recommendations, treating them like noize, and hoping that they will eventually "go away," you are wasting valuable marketing and public relations potential. According to the Social Recommendation Index by Social Media Link, Facebook is the most trusted online platform for product and service recommendations, with 63% of 10,337 consumers surveyed preferring it over networks like Twitter (41%) and Google+ (41%). Interestingly, consumers still trust blogs (63%) and retail websites (63%). Good news for businesses engaging on Pinterest: the network scored with 56% from the consumers surveyed. YouTube is seen as a trustworthy... Read More >

Nine Ways to Get More Facebook Fans for Your Business Page

2013-12-13 by EPR Staff
facebook everything-pr

The Facebook social network allows for-profit companies to create business fan pages to advertise products and services. Business pages are free for both firms and users and offer an easy way for company owners to start interacting with customers on Facebook. Facebook ensures that unscrupulous firms do not spam the platform by forcing users to “Like” a business page before they can see any content in their news feeds. This system means that your business must get fans to Like your page before you will have any success on the platform. Likes are public votes of confidence in your business... Read More >

Three Great Corporate Facebook Contests – And Why They Worked

2013-12-04 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

Have you ever hosted a Facebook contest? It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your audience and your brand. In fact, a study done by shortstack.com found that 82.4% of Facebook contests helped corporations meet a specific goal. The most common goals: Increase fans/likes (44%) Increase loyalty (30%) Collect data (19%) Whether you host a sweepstakes, photo contest, essay contest or video contest, Facebook can help you reach your brand’s goals. Plus, with 70% of American adults online with high-speed Internet and 1.19 billion active Facebook users, they have the audience you need. Here are three... Read More >

Who Are the Most Annoying Facebook Users?

2013-12-04 by EPR Staff
facebook thumb down

Facebook can be synonymous with information overload, especially when your friends fail to see the line between enough and too much. You always have a choice: unfollow them, limit the updates you receive from them in your timeline, and so on. A lot of the most annoying Facebook personalities may be redundant, but identifying them is, nevertheless, helpful to define some "best practices" for private users. Still, how to draw the line, when almost everything you post on Facebook could land you on the list of the top 10 most annoying personas? The answer is simple: moderation. Or use your... Read More >

Facebook Leads in Social Media News Consumption

2013-11-15 by EPR Staff

A recent study by Pew Research Center in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, revealed just how social media users consume news across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, Tumblr, Myspace, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, among others. The results show that news consumption varies widely across these networks. [caption id="attachment_47115" align="aligncenter" width="750"] More than 30% Facebook users in the US turn to the social network to read news[/caption] According to the research, Facebook is the largest social networking site among U.S. adults, and the most popular when it comes to news consumption too.... Read More >

Facebook Launched Shared Photo Albums

2013-08-28 by EPR Staff
Shared photo albums – source facebook.com

Social media giant Facebook rolled out a new and interesting option allowing its users to create shared albums. A person can create an album and, if he makes it a shareable one, then he can invite up to 50 other people to share photos in that album. Each member can post up to 200 photos in such a shared photo album, which would lead to a total of 10,000 photos that could be available in an album. Each user can tag people so if, for instance, a person participated at an event, he can tag the people who were also... Read More >

Facebook Partners Shutterstock to Provide Advertisers Access to Millions of Free Photos for their Ads

2013-08-27 by EPR Staff
facebook ads stutterstock

You want to promote yourself on Facebook, but don’t have really good photos to use? Well, Facebook just partnered Shutterstock, leader in stock image downloads, and now offers advertisers free access to over 25 millions photos. These photos will not be downloaded by customers and are limited to the digital sized. Advertisers will be able to incorporate these images into their ads through a dedicated API. All the photos are searchable, so advertisers will be able to find the perfect image for their ads. Shutterstock will be integrated directly into the Facebook ad creation tool, and each advertiser will have... Read More >

Facebook and PointRoll Partner to Bring Rich Media Ads to Mobile

2013-08-23 by EPR Staff

PointRoll and Facebook are already partners for desktop solutions, and now they take this partnership a step further, to bring rich media ads to mobile. Facebook has strong reasons to enhance its mobile ads, as mobile revenue accounted for 41 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue in the second quarter. Richer ads offer creative possibilities for advertisers to reach their customers on the go, without disrupting user experience on Facebook: "This user-centric, native ad format creates an experience as interactive as Facebook itself, creating value for brands without disrupting the user experience," explained PointRoll CEO Mario Diez. The first ad format... Read More >

Ways Facebook Is Changing Referral Marketing

2013-08-07 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

When someone you trust tells you to try a new cell phone provider, you’re much more likely to do it than when that same company blasts you with ads on TV. This, in essence, is why referral marketing works. People are much more likely to trust their friends than strangers—and that’s never been more true than in our age of advertising and skepticism. Facebook understands this. In fact, by embracing new forms of referral marketing so well, the ever-popular social network has essentially revolutionized the way referral marketing works. So if you want to know where the future of referral... Read More >

How Businesses Should Be Using Instagram Video

2013-07-01 by EPR Staff
instagram video

  Everyone knows the benefit of Instagram – you get to see/create brilliant photos that look professional and polished. Ok, that we understand. But now Instagram is on the video bandwagon. What does that mean for this hipster filter app now that it’s gone video mainstream? What should you expect? Advertisers – Lots of Advertisers Let’s back up though. Instagram is owned by Facebook (after Mark Zuckerberg shelled out a cool billion for it last year). Facebook might be riddled with advertisements, but Instagram isn’t – which is one of the reasons its mobile experience is sleek and easy to... Read More >

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