How to Manage a Newsworthy Crisis

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The management of a PR crisis can make or break the reputation of an organization. When the crisis in question is newsworthy, it is important for the organization to take steps that are efficient and effective in order to avert any lasting consequences. The crucial steps that an organization can … [Read more...]

What Should a Crisis Communication Plan Include?

Planning is beneficial in any organization, whether new or established. In almost every industry, organizations plan for future activities. Avoiding future planning can spiral into complications during a crisis, ultimately leading to the demise of an organization or a company. That is why … [Read more...]

PR Crisis Lessons from Within the Gaming Community

The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

Earlier this year, the gaming company Electronic Arts, which is behind the popular game FIFA, was embroiled in a big PR crisis, which was one of the biggest scandals to ever strike the company. The crisis happened because an EA employee allegedly sold Ultimate Team cards for thousands of … [Read more...]

The Importance of Immediate Response to a PR Crisis

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When an organization is faced with a newsworthy crisis, a timely response can help them mitigate the issues about PR. The actions that the organization takes in the first few minutes can help them restore their reputation, or shatter it for a while. It is critical that the people in charge of the … [Read more...]

The 10 Steps of Crisis Communication

Public Relations Crisis

It is the hope of every business person that they will never have to face a crisis. But, unfortunately, no matter how much you try to evade it, there is still a chance of dealing with a crisis, especially when it is least expected. During this crisis, communication is one of the most effective tools … [Read more...]

Reviewing Robinhood’s PR Crisis

At the beginning of the year, plenty of young people jokingly bought a small number of shares on the stock market from a failing company that was once a big corporation - GameS top. However, toward the end of January, a group of users on the social media platform Reddit joined together in buying … [Read more...]

Crisis Communication During Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout


When it comes to the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, communicators everywhere face a very critical situation to get the narrative right. Last month, when the FDA and CDC announced that there would be a temporary pause on the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and people were … [Read more...]

Essential PR Crisis Management Steps

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All companies should be prepared for the inevitably of a PR crisis. It can happen to anyone, and it can be about anything - from a negative review to a failed event, or even a data breach. When a company is facing a PR crisis, it should create a response quickly and carefully, to limit the amount of … [Read more...]

Improving Crisis Response

The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

Due to the ongoing pandemic, crisis communication became a part of the job description for external and internal communications professionals, which has led to plenty of different difficulties for employees whose job roles are constantly shifting. Fortunately, there are several ways that … [Read more...]

Crisis Communications Basic Survival Guide

A company should always be well prepared before a crisis to be able to navigate and mitigate the situation successfully. This preparation is done with a crisis communications plan that assesses all possible risks for the company, audits for any vulnerabilities, and then creates responses for … [Read more...]