Essential PR Crisis Management Steps

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All companies should be prepared for the inevitably of a PR crisis. It can happen to anyone, and it can be about anything - from a negative review to a failed event, or even a data breach. When a company is facing a PR crisis, it should create a response quickly and carefully, to limit the amount of … [Read more...]

Improving Crisis Response

The Need to Prepare a Media Crisis Management Plan

Due to the ongoing pandemic, crisis communication became a part of the job description for external and internal communications professionals, which has led to plenty of different difficulties for employees whose job roles are constantly shifting. Fortunately, there are several ways that … [Read more...]

Crisis Communications Basic Survival Guide

A company should always be well prepared before a crisis to be able to navigate and mitigate the situation successfully. This preparation is done with a crisis communications plan that assesses all possible risks for the company, audits for any vulnerabilities, and then creates responses for … [Read more...]

How Crisis Communication has Changed

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After months of a global pandemic, uncertainty and protests have changed the meaning of crisis communication. Some experts in the field are going even as far as to say that everyone is a crisis communicator these days. With the insights of Zignal Labs, here is what all this means for the … [Read more...]

The Year That Changed Everything for Crisis PR

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After a year of uncertainty and chaos, things have changed for crisis communications and crisis PR, which means public relations experts have to learn more new things to keep up with the new demands. The beginning of a brand new decade saw a world filled with protests, economic uncertainty, and a … [Read more...]

Clarify Capital On Crisis PR Situations


We conducted an interview Q&A with Kimberly Smith, Marketing Manager at Clarify Capital. There have been some PR blunders in 2020. Can you give us a real-world example of one? The Norwegian cruise line campaign #FeelFreeToFeelMore is a prime example of PR done … [Read more...]

Some 2020 Crisis PR Disasters


What are some of the major 2020 crisis PR disasters? We asked some experts and got the following. According to Chris Norris, Managing editor at, “In this fast-paced digital world, with social media readily available to almost everyone it’s scary to make any … [Read more...]

Managing a Brand Crisis

Between online misinformation, misleading advertisements, and social media trolls, today’s crisis management planners have to be prepared for any type of emerging disaster. Whether that’s on a familiar front or a new and unexpected one, the best way of managing a crisis is with a solid … [Read more...]

TP Manufacturers Respond to Consumer Complaints

TP Manufacturers Respond to Consumer Complaints There are a lot of things missing from grocery and big box store shelves, but nothing has become more emblematic of the COVID-19 crisis than shelves without toilet paper. Panic buying caused sales of toilet paper to more than double what they were … [Read more...]