How to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

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Maybe you have heard that Facebook is making it increasingly difficult for businesses, and individuals alike, to get their content seen by their target audience. While Facebook insists that the steps they are implementing is due to the exorbitant amount of content that is being posted on the site, and these new algorithms are designed to ensure the relevancy and quality of the content — reducing the amount of invaluable or spammy content that their users see — it seems to be more of a cash grab, forcing businesses to pay for post boosts and ads.

While this information is just going mainstream, the activity has been underway for quite some time. Organic views on Facebook has been on a steady decline for a while now. This does create a challenge for businesses and public figures; however, there are certain ways to overcome it without having to spend a hefty budget for ads. The first thing that every business owner and public figure should understand is that quality content will always prevail. Following are some tips that will help you increase the reach of your Facebook page without paying for ads or promoted posts.

Create Exceptional Content

This should be the primary focus of any business — to create high-quality content that has a high relevancy. Create highly-targeted content that speaks directly to the needs and passions of your target audience. This does require a strategy to reach its full potential. The best method of approaching this endeavor is to create a blog and making sure that you take plenty of photos, while creating an online persona. When you have created great content on your website or blog, you will always have content that you can share that will be of value to your customers or fans.

Embed Your Post

The chances are that your audience is not limited to using Facebook, it is likely that they are visiting multiple sites, subsequently making the ability to embed your Facebook post on your blog even more appealing. Additionally, embedding your post on your site will allow your site visitors to interact with your Facebook content off-site.

Use Quality Images

One area in which many businesses fail on Facebook is that they don’t utilize proper visualization. People are visual creatures, and imagery is powerful. The image should be clear in the message that you want to send with it, and it should be sized properly. According to Callen Rush, one of the most successful launch experts on the internet, the ideal size for a Facebook image is a width of 400 pixels and a height of 209 pixels. This allows the image to fill the entire news feed space.

Encourage Your Customers and Fans to Receive Notifications

Not everyone is aware of the fact that they can receive posts notifications every time that you make a post on your page. You should encourage your followers to receive notifications from you. It is easy for them to set up. All they need to do is to hover over the like button on your page and click notifications. Once this is done, every time that an update is made on the page, they will receive a notification.

There are multitudinous other methods that will help increase your reach, such as encouraging your followers to comment on posts; however, the aforementioned suggestions are the best place to start.

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