WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY Request for Proposal Advancement Marketing Services

Due Date: May 03, 2024 2:00pm MDT

Weber State University Contact:

Carolyn Sciarini

Purchasing Department

3850 Dixon Parkway Dept. 1013

Ogden, Utah 84408-1013

Phone: (801) 626-6018


Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted through WSU’s Sourcing Website at:


1.01 Purpose. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to enter into a

contract with an experienced Advancement Marketing Services partner that has expertise

in multichannel Annual Giving campaigns to cultivate more alumni donors, increase levels of

giving, and engage supporters throughout their donor lifecycle to support Weber State

University. The University is examining several alternatives of providing this product and/or

service and may decide, after reviewing proposals submitted, not to enter into any agreement.

This document solicits competitive sealed proposals, from qualified businesses to perform the

scope of work set forth herein. This RFP is an offer by the University to purchase, in accordance

with the terms and conditions of this RFP, the products and/or services proposed by the

successful supplier. Respondents are strongly encouraged to read the entire RFP carefully.

1.02 University Background.

As of Fall 2023, Weber State University manages approximately 325,000 reachable alumni in its

database. Our alumni within these categories have been segmented according to mail and

email, age, location, degree, non-degree, credit hours, and donor type.

In these categories, 40% of our alumni are degree holders. The remaining percentage of our

database consists of alumni who have attended at least 6+ credit hours but have not graduated

from this institution.

Currently, 272,000 alumni reside in Utah. Of that, approximately 205,000 alumni reside

along the Wasatch Front (the metropolitan area in Northern Utah, consisting of Box Elder

County in the North and Utah County in the South).


3.01 Scope.

Provide services and strategies to deliver analytics, multichannel campaigns, and performance

data to cultivate more donors (primarily alumni) and increase donors’ giving and engagement

through the donor lifecycle. Provide strategic guidance to WSU Annual Giving and Alumni

Relations team to maintain and grow the annual giving strategy and best practices for Weber

State University.

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