Project Overview

The marketing and outreach campaign will focus on educating the community about the

importance of SB 1383 compliance and encouraging residents and businesses to actively

participate in recycling, solid waste reduction, proper HHW disposal, and organics recycling

programs. The campaign should raise awareness of the environmental impact of these initiatives

and motivate behavior change.

H. Scope of Services

The sections below provide the framework for the scope of services required. Any additional

information that the consultant wishes to include will be helpful in making our decision.

1. Campaign Strategy and Planning

a. Develop a comprehensive marketing and outreach strategy that includes target

audience analysis, key messaging, and a detailed plan for campaign execution.

b. Provide a timeline for the campaign, including key milestones and deliverables.

c. Specify the platforms that will be used to deliver the information and messaging.

d. Develop the branding for the campaign to include a graphic look for all mediums, a

palette of colors that can be used that complements the existing program logo and

suggest fronts that work well across all mediums. (see Attachment No. 2)

e. Develop the workflow plan for quality control, accuracy, and materials review.

2. Social Media Campaign

a. Develop a campaign specifying a Social Media Calendar, suggested content and

graphic look, written captions, and specify static graphics, animated graphic, or video

use. The City Community Relations team will use original graphic artwork files from

printed materials to develop the social media graphics. Templates for this content may

City of Chino Hills

Solid Waste and Recycling Marketing and Outreach Campaign RFP

be provided but may or may not be used in the exact design. Templates should be

adaptable for various campaign messages and include both static and animated


3. Printed Materials

a. Design and produce informational materials such as brochures, flyers, booklets,

postcards, and mailers that can be distributed in the community, at events, and to local


b. Ensure the content is accessible, easy to understand, and visually engaging.

c. Provide the final artwork files for all printed materials to the City of Chino Hills

4. Animated Informational Videos

a. Produce a series of animated videos explaining the key aspects of SB 1383, recycling,

solid waste management, HHW disposal, and other recycling programs.

b. Videos should be suitable for sharing on social media and the City’s website.

c. Suggest any non-animated videos for the campaign utilizing City in-house production


5. Website Content

a. Review and provide enhancement content for the City’s website content related to SB

1383 and solid waste management programs.

b. Develop content for new web pages or sections to host campaign materials, resources,

and interactive tools.

6. Provide all original artwork files including required fonts when all materials are approved

and finalized. The City of Chino Hills will become the full owner of these creative materials.

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