Tracy Nguyen: Publicist To Kanye West And More

Tracy Nguyen

Kanye West is of course someone everyone has heard of – He is also the husband of Kim Kardashian West, and the father of her two children. But few people outside of the public relations world have heard of Tracy Nguyen Romulus, the publicist for Kanye West.

Who She Is

Tracy was born in Indonesia but migrated to the United States with her mother at the age of six months. Tracy’s journey across the United States began in California and then to Washington, and later New York, where she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design.

Within two years, she branched into the field of public relations and today has more than fifteen years of PR experience and uses the vast network she has built over the years.

She is married to one of the owners behind The Stereotypes, a production company which makes music for up and coming artists it represents as well as more established musicians. She is also a proud mother and fashion designer.

Tracy Nguyen PR

Her Career

After completing her associate’s degree in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Tracy worked for the boutique fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution.

In 2003, she moved on to work as a Senior Vice President of 5W Public Relations, and credits herself as playing “a critical role in helping to propel 5WPR in 2003 from its very humble beginnings to becoming a leading agency that was named as one of Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing companies in the country in 2007.”

Certain she had gathered enough knowledge and experience to run her own PR show, Tracy founded her PR firm in 2008, Industry Public Relations, where she is a Managing Partner. In March 2014, Tracy also launched a children’s clothing line called Rhyla LLC, where she also works as a Creative Director.

Over the years, Tracy’s public relations work has called for the use of various skills and abilities. She is well-versed in the arts of social media marketing, creative direction, media relations, brand development, trend forecasting, handling press releases, blogging, and a wealth of others. Tracy also helps build her client’s visibility by capitalizing on her own. She uses her personal social media platforms to distribute their content in a favorable and positive light.

Her Social Media Reach

Tracy follows 814 users on Twitter while boasting a following of more than 26,000. Her Instagram stats are even more impressive as she follows 356 users while boasting more than 140,000 followers.

Tracy Nguyen Public Life

This far-spreading social media reach also filters into her personal life. Like her clients, Tracy lives a relatively public life and leaves very little behind closed doors. For example, in 2014 when she married her boyfriend of three years, the couple created a website hosted on detailing their personal life stories, how they met, the wedding party, and pictures of their family.

Friendship with Kim Kardashian

Tracy is also good friends with Kanye’s high-profile socialite wife, Kim Kardashian West.  In fact, both women were sighted together while pregnant on multiple occasions and Kim attended Tracy’s baby shower. Today, their children play together and are described as “besties.” The Kardashian-West family also invited Tracy to Kanye’s exclusive 38th birthday celebration.

Other Clientele

Kanye West represents just one of the many high-profile clients Tracy has worked with during her long career in public relations. Other current and past clients include Nick Cannon, Ciara, Big Sean, Ice Cube, Rocawear, Elle Girl Magazine, Pamela Anderson, Kelis, Swiss Beatz, McDonald’s, Puma, and others.

About Industry Public Relations

Industry Public Relations is a PR firm mixing marketing and brand management. Based in Los Angeles, the firm works primarily with clients in the entertainment, lifestyle, and consumer brand fields.The company is staffed by less than ten employees and is privately held.

About Rhyla

Tracy coined the clothing line’s name after combining her daughter’s nickname “Rhy” with the city she lived in with her family, “LA.” Tracy claims she gained inspiration to create the clothing line after the difficulty she had in finding appropriate accessories for her daughter. This resulted in her making some of her daughter’s accessories.

The company produces its pieces in downtown Los Angeles and uses both local and imported materials handpicked by Tracy. Rhyla produces unique pieces “designed for the chic and stylish.”

And that, dear readers is Tracy Nguyen Romulus!

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