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Everything PR, founded in January 2009, is a news site dedicated to reviewing and promoting public relations companies and services; corporate communications and marketing trends; as well as various social media aspects of the Web.

The site is dedicated to covering the Public Relations industry and sharing information on communications. The site will also review companies and how they conduct their public relations campaigns. In addition to covering PR news, we also write PR and marketing editorials that analyze current online PR, marketing and communication trends, and we cover entertainment, fashion, sports, environmental and travel PR issues as well. Occasionally EPR will also cover the off-beat news that lighten up your day.

We have sources throughout the Public Relations world and share exclusive stories. Everything PR has already featured many breaking news in the industry, valued analysis, and editorials that were cited by the New York Times, BBC, Reuters, Washington Post, BusinessWeek,, Yahoo! Small Business Adviser, ZDNet, and many others.

Everything PR is a Cision top 50 PR site, as well as a top 60 PR choice by InkyBee. Our site was cited many times by PRSA as well. Other honorable mentions include Flack Me, the PR Coach, Vocus, WordStream and so on. We predicted PR trends, we interviewed top specialists, and we constantly feature PR exclusives from industry colleagues and influencers.

Our authors have been interviewed by AlJazeera, PRDaily, The Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, Sitepoint, Social Media Today, Epoch Times, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, CBS, and other networks – for the quality of their commentary concerning crisis like the Ecoli outbreak in Germany, the BT oil spill, and so much more.

Meet Our Team

Richard D. Pace is editor-in-chief of Everything PR. He’s a widely cited authority on beta startups, search engines and public relations issues, and he has covered tech news since 2004. Richard wrote in the past for ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, Profy, SitePoint, Search Engine Journal and many others.

Mike Wheatley is an experienced freelance blogger and copywriter from the UK. His life is one never-ending adventure, traveling and partying across the world, living it up while funding his hectic lifestyle through his work as an author and heading up Content Solutions Online.

Cristina Drafta is Pamil Visions’ intellectual property expert, the force behind numerous brand naming accounts led by the company. A talented professional, Cristina is also in charge of numerous international accounts, with focus on intellectual property management.

Delia Gavrilescu covers PR news, resources, announcements, awards and much more.

Tavis J. Hampton is a staff writer for All Blogs Considered and a seasoned writer with a decade of experience in IT, web publishing, and free and open source software.

Alina Popescu, PR consultant & Founder of Mirror Communications, Marketing and Public Relations Agency has been working in the Marketing and PR field for over 6 years and has been running her own agency for almost three years now.

Ryan Cox is a serial entrepreneur. He is the President of Cox Consulting LLC, a full service Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations & Personal Branding Agency specializing in exploding brands through comprehensive trans-media strategies.

Liliana Dumitru-Steffens is public relations consultant for Pamil Visions PR. She writes for Everything PR since January 2009. Previously she worked for My-tronic GmbH and Unilever Romania.

Kristen Nicole was the lead writer and Field Editor of Mashable, a popular publication that covers social media and tech. She has contributed to a number of other publications including CenterNetworks, VentureBeat, Bubblicious and The Industry Standard. Her work has been syndicated across a number of main stream media outlets, including Reuters, The New York Times, and NBC.

Genesis Davies is a freelance writer and blogger and a work at home mom. She runs a blog for work at home moms, At Home Mom. For Everything PR she worked as an account executive, and covered the news column.