Fine Bro’s PR Crisis and YouTube Controversy

In this age of modern technology innovations where people are able to complete almost any tasks with the click of a mouse button or a few keystrokes on a keyboard, new rules are being made and broken on a daily basis concerning copyright and trademark ownership. The Internet’s Backlash One particular area where modern technology, […]

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Whole Foods Reeling After Consumer Complaints

Well, some said it could never happen, but the leading purveyor of “healthy and organic” groceries is getting trashed by the very people who, last year, were singing its praises. Whole Foods is under the gun, and it doesn’t look like things will get much better any time soon. In its most recent report, shares […]

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The Best New Social Networks for Marketers

Okay, everyone knows Facebook and Twitter are must-have social platforms. But they have limits, and you don’t want to be captive to the whims of their programmers. You only have so many hours in the day, so what other social platforms deserve your attention? And are there any that are just about to blow up […]

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A New Name For AOL: Good Business for the Future?

AOL, one of the earliest internet service providers, is as well-known for its history as it is for its current operations. AOL owns Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Engadget, and has acquired all of Microsoft’s ad business, rendering it a serious force in the digital media business. Despite this, it still can’t shake off an old-school, […]

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Shkreli’s attorney admits he has a major PR crisis

One of the most hated men in America today didn’t score himself any more points during his high-profile appearance in Washington, DC. Martin Shkreli has been hard at work losing friends and distancing people by constantly tweeting attacks against anyone who falls into his crosshairs. What some have called bravado in the face of major legal issues […]

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Asheville, North Carolina Issues Website RFP, and Indiana Schools Digital RFP

Two PR Opportunities Everything-PR has learned about: The City of Asheville, North Carolina is planning a redesign of its existing website, The redesigned website should improve the City’s ability to provide the community with an intuitive, functional, user-friendly and attractive website. The City is looking for a distinctive website that exemplifies the character and […]

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PR Strategies – Sara Lee vs. Pepperidge Farm

We’ve all seen the commercials of various products being advertised by Pepperidge Farm and Sara Lee, thanks to the creative endeavors of their PR campaigns. And while both brands remain successful amidst many other competing brands, each campaign has its differences. Pepperidge Farm – Pepperidge Farm was founded by Margaret Rudkin and officially began in […]

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Weber Shandwick CEO, Ketchum CEO & More

There are big name agencies out there, but not always enough people know about the people running these big name agencies.  Here’s some more background on some of the most powerful CEO’s in PR: Andy Polansky of Weber Shandwick PR Since 2012, Andy Polansky has served as the CEO of Weber Shandwick, a public relations […]

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