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How Much Profit Do Large Holding Companies in Public Relations Generate?

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Women Dominate Public Relations Industry: 72% Are Women Who Work in PR

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Porter Novelli Claims To Have Invented Social Media

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PR Parents Just Don’t Understand: 72% of Public Relations Pro’s Don’t “Get” PR


5 Ways to Get More People to Listen to You

Do you know how the people you talk with express themselves? This matters especially when you are speaking with people on a one-on-one basis. If you are telling them all the facts and figures, and they are listening for feelings, there will be a disconnect. Here are some ways to approach your discussions, so people […]

India’s Top Level Domain .IN – Seeks A Social Media Company

India Top Level Domain PR

.IN is India’s Country Code Top Level domain (ccTLD) – and they are seeking a social media relations agency to raise awareness of the ability to offer.IN domain name registration worldwide to customers. A firm is sought to raise awareness about .IN and to make people aware of the various means in which having this […]

Public Relations & Managing Your Reputation Online

Online Reputation Management PR

Public Relations professionals recently have been adapting to changes from new technology. For example, PR people specializing in publicity must factor in consumer confidence in brands as they compete with others gaining attention independently through social media efforts. That is why Online Reputation Management, also known as ORM, is becoming increasingly more crucial to all […]

Colorado Non-Profit Organization Wants a Strong Communications PR Company

Colorado Education Association everything-pr

The Colorado Education Association (CEA) is an independent, professional organization that advocates for the interests of public education employees and promotes quality public education, preschool through postsecondary. CEA is requesting proposals from public relations and strategic communications firms to assist in promoting CEA, the education profession, and quality public education to the general public. CEA […] Seeks a Public Relations Agency everything-pr

Megabus – the popular city-to-city, express bus company – today issued a request for proposal for a public relations agency. The firm that is the best fit will oversee’s media relations program and the management of a national college student ambassador program. The prospective firm will work with our internal teams to generate new ideas, […]

Frost Museum Of Science Seeking A PR Firm: RFP

Phillip Frost Museum of Science everything-pr

On the same day that the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science closed their Miami location, they issued a request for proposal to hire a PR firm for their new location. The very definition of every ending marks a new beginning. The Museum – formerly known as the Miami Science Museum – will re-oped […]

Best PR Firms for Book Launches, Publicity & Authors

Best Book PR firms everything-pr

Do you need a PR firm or publicist for a book you’ve written? Generally book pr firms do not think outside of the box – and their retainers are 2 to 4 thousand dollars a month — a bargain when looking at larger Public Relations companies, that might be able to produce more for a higher retainer. Smith […]

How Much Profit Do Large Holding Companies in Public Relations Generate?

Holding Company Public Relations

In the Public Relations Industry it is always important to know the companies behind the PR firms. Everything PR has highlighted the Profits and Losses of 4 large Holding Companies that own one or more PR Firms, and have recently reported their profit / loss statements. Here is what they report. Profits and losses of Text […]

Largest Public Relations Firms in China

China PR Firms

Everything PR has highlighted some of the biggest Public Relations Firms currently operating and offer PR services in China. Blue Focus The industry leader in brand management in the Chinese market is none other than BlueFocus Communication Group. This firm was founded in Beijing, China in 1996 and was indexed as a stock during February of […]

Public Relations Industry Growing in Nigeria

Nigeria Public Relations

The African country Nigeria is seeing some interesting changes within their country relating to public relations. Here are some happenings there we wanted to share. Nigerian Police Force The Nigerian police are making PR progress as they just appointed the first female head of PR for their national police force. Acting ACP Olabisi Alofe Kolawole […]