Rocky Mountain College Issues Digital RFP

The Rocky Mountain College has issued an RFP for the Development and Redesign of the Rocky Mountain College Website. The primary objectives and goals of the website redesign are: Interactive and Engaging Website: To redesign website to include an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows students, visitors, and partners to complete their tasks quickly and easily […]

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Volkswagen diesel fix approved

Ever since they got caught trying to scam U.S. emissions inspectors with their diesel vehicles, Volkswagen has been fighting two parallel battles. One group was working to repair the massive public relations damage done to the brand. The other was working feverishly to come up with a cost-effective “fix” for the mechanical issue that triggered […]

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FlatRate Moving: Genius Marketers

For over 25 years, FlatRate Moving has been running high-caliber moves for people all around the world. Be it local or long distance, urgent or gradual, each move under FlatRate’s care s a straightforward and well-planned task. From top to bottom, Flatrate excels in getting your goods where they need to go and when they […]

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Tourism Council Seeks Digital Advertising Help

The Anderson County Tourism Council in Tennessee started a promotional campaign called Adventure Anderson in March 2016.  This campaign promoted Anderson County’s adventures including water, mountain and historical adventures, through digital advertisements, social media, purchased and organic content and enhancements to the website. The first step was using a “spokesperson” who experienced different adventures in […]

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