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best school for pr degree

Top Programs for a Degree in Public Relations

  Which College offers the best degree in PR? There are many great colleges and university that offer a public relations major, but we’ve chosen three that typify the best of the best. Students getting a degree in public relations (PR) learn marketable skills multimedia, print, and visual communications. Courses also teach them how to interact […]

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Billionaire Renames Public Relations Agency He Owns

Billionaire owners are commonplace in the finance and technology industries, but are there any Billionaire CEO’s of a PR Firm? There are probably very few professional’s within the Public Relations industry that know of a billionaire who owns a PR Firm. After reading this on Everything PR, everyone in the industry will now know. Recently, […]

belle gibson australia cancer

Cancer Faker Belle Gibson Dumped By Bespoke Approach, Her PR Firm

In Australia, Belle Gibson is a household name, dominating media coverage. The 23 year old entrepreneur falsely claimed to have cured her cancer through a vigorous diet – in reality she never had cancer, so naturally has not healed it. Apparently, further explanation will come this weekend via an interview to take place this weekend […]

fire pr client

Five Reasons a PR Firm Should Fire their Client

When you first open your office doors, you might put up with more from your clients. But at some point in the game, you can choose to fire a client. Here are the top reasons it may be time to cut clients lose.   They demand bargain prices and couture service. Most of your clients […]

2015 Cannes Lions Public Relations Recap

Public Relations News from Cannes Lions

Some tidbits from an Everything PR staffer who is reporting from location. Cannes Lions winning PR firms include Edelman, Fleishman Hillard, and Alison Brod. The center of activity for the PR agency world appears to be the famed intercontinental Carlton hotel. In front of the hotel is a coffee shop with free coffee sponsored by […]

Best PR Firms

Best PR Firms to Work for in Los Angeles

You’ve got the degree, you’ve got the desire, now where do you start when looking for a great place to increase your skills and understanding in public relations. Well, if you happen to be looking in the Los Angeles area, here are a few great firms to research. No matter where you start your career, […]

saudi arabia public relations

Saudi Arabia Seeks Swedish PR Firm, According To Tabloid Reports

Front-Page Expose From Wikileaks Asks Was PR Company JKL Group Or Gavin Anderson Saudi Arabia has long been a country that utilizes public relations firms, think-tanks and the like all over the world.  Clearly, that extends to issues surrounding diplomatic relations in Europe. Breaking news indicates that Expressen, one of the largest tabloid newspapers in […]

Shawn Sachs, CEO of Sunshine Sachs and Brad Zeifman, CEO of Shadow PR

Brad Zeifman & Shawn Sachs To Host NYC Fundraiser

Two very well known New York Public Relations executives, Shawn Sachs, CEO of Sunshine Sachs and Brad Zeifman, CEO of Shadow PR are hosting a fundraiser on Tuesday,June 23rd in NYC to to benefit The Trevor Project. They will have complimentary cocktails & snacks served at a gathering of journalists, broadcast media personalities, digital influencers, […]

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Who Is Alexander De la Torre Bueno of Sunshine Sachs

Very rare that a Public Relations firm is featured in the New York Times.  Of course, today’s feature entitled, “Wikipedia Pages of Star Clients Altered by P.R. Firm” is one which Sunshine Sachs would rather did not appear. The story details efforts by Sunshine Sachs to influence – and change – Wikipedia results. Apparently the […]

ari harow Israeli PR

Netanyahu’s Former Chief Of Staff, Ari Harow Joins New Israeli PR Agency

A new international PR Agency, communications and public affairs consultancy – EDGE Partners has been formed, headquartered in Israel.   The three partners that will make up the Israeli PR Agency are Elie Bennett, Jeremy Wimpfheimer & Dena Wimpfheimer Also announced today was that Ari Harow, Formerly Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Chief of Staff is joining […]

jonah engler modern e commerce

How Big Data is Driving Modern Commerce

If you’ve been wondering why everyone seems to be so excited about big data? Or if you think it might be just a bunch of hokum and will soon disappear in much the way 8-track tapes did – think again. Big data is changing the ways businesses operate. Yes, commerce is more efficient as big […]

Lebron james everything-pr

Lebron James’ and his Brilliant Public Relations Strategy

Lebron James a public relations genius? Many already dubbing him King of PR in the NBA. Others call him a flop. The dynamics of a PR campaign will put any name, face or company through a roller coaster of ups and downs in potential sentiments held by the public. It’s no surprise that we find […]