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Vladimir Putin. on Direct Line recently - Courtesy the Kremlin

Putin Remains The King Of Media… And Of Russia

While the world waits to see if an actual war will erupt between Russia and Ukraine, the communications battle continues. As one who owns a PR agency, and is married to a Ukrainian born, Russian-speaking wife who watches Russian TV daily, I have unique insight in this arena.

Ronn Torossian Sitting

How Businesses Can Learn From Kim Kardashian [by Ronn Torossian]

She may just be one of many pretty faces in her family’s ensemble cast reality show, but Kim Kardashian has once again found a way to stand out from the rest of her famous friends and relatives. And, she’s gone right back to the talent that brought her to the ball to begin with. Kardashian’s hot bikini spreads in US Magazine put the focus of the “K Family” conversation squarely back on Kim.


PR Tips for Startups [infographic from 5WPR]

5W Public Relations has created a nice infographic about PR Tips for Startups, we thought we’d share. Winning in the early stages for startups is crucial to overall success. Here’s some reasons public relations plays one of the key roles, as well as logical tips to enhance success.

General Breedlove

Why Twitter Should Be A NATO “No Fly Zone”

The situation in Ukraine is the most dire breakage of world detentes since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the JFK administration. Since the fall of Soviet Russia, NATO has expanded relentlessly to virtually encircle Russia. Today, everyone from the US Secretary of State to the commanding generals of NATO and US forces seems hell bent […]

Kerry in Kiev

Ukraine: Defining Line for Political Liars

I went to bed last night more calm, having heard the news the US, the EU, and Russia had agreed to sort out Ukraine diplomatically. As if this weren’t the intentional from the start. This morning I logged into Facebook to see Secretary of State John Kerry beating the drums of antisemitism and war over allegations, rumors, and sheer lunacy. If America were ever in dire trouble, it’s this Good Friday, that’s for sure.

Office furniture

How office furniture design leads to better business

If you run a business, you’re concerned with keeping your employees as focused, efficient, and productive as possible. The design of your office space can play a bigger in role in this than you may realize. Old design approaches had rows of cubicles, with workers all toiling away at their desks. When employees spend day after day in a maze of little cubicles, it’s easy to become demoralized. It also leads to wasting time looking for coworkers, trying to find a meeting room, or being distracted by the people chatting in the adjacent cubicle.