PR Firms That Represent Rehab Centers

Our society has come a long way since Bill W and Dr. Bob cofounded AA eventually creating their 12-step program used successfully by so many addiction treatment groups and centers. Back then, nobody talked about addiction, no matter what your chosen substance might be. Due to the nature of what they do, many drug and […]

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request for proposal public relations

Updated Weekly: Public Relations Request for Proposal

At Everything PR, we cover the full spectrum of interests, activities, and PR-related topics. What could be more interesting to PR Agency professionals than the prospect of a new client? And for companies looking for help with their public relations, we want to make it easier for you to find the perfect fit. We happily […]

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How University PR Programs Must Evolve to Serve Students

In today’s digital world the lines between facts, entertainment, public image, vocation, and recreation are growing ever blurrier. Momentary whims and tiny soundbites can now control a brand, creating consequences much greater than they may have been a generation ago. Public relations is no longer an easily measured linear conversation between content creator and recipient. […]

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What’s Happening with BGR, APCO, Mercury PR, and SKDK

APCO Worldwide APCO is still gung-ho on playing ball with China, who has recently been cracking down on non-Chinese tech companies with holdings there. Per Bloomberg: “Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo are among the world’s top makers of computing hardware and telecom networking equipment. President Xi Jinping’s government can afford to phase out its use of […]

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Bayer vs. Johnson & Johnson: A PR Overview

Bayer Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson are two of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Serving consumers the world over with products essential to their health and well-being, these businesses rely on the trust of millions. A good PR strategy is absolutely essential to both. Healthcare is a field where one bad incident can lead to […]

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Chris Christie & Hillary Clinton Aren’t Consistent, Although Apple Has To Be…

The election season is in full swing, and voters are hanging on every last word of their favorite candidate. As Democrats and Republicans pick from the politicians vying for the nomination, they’re becoming fiercely loyal to their candidate of choice. Even when these figures “flip-flop” on issues, backtracking on previously-made statements, they maintain popularity. In […]

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Water PR Crisis: Can Flint Officials Recover?

The federal government finally declared a state of emergency in Flint, Michigan. When more than 100,000 can’t drink their water, that qualifies as an emergency, but it should have never taken the Obama administration getting involved. For months, local officials denied there was any problem. Countless children in Flint were being poisoned every time they […]

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