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Phenix Salon Suites Is Seeking a PR Agency

Phenix Salon Suites is a national company with over 100 locations nationwide. Phenix is the first salon concept to ever be named to the Top 500 Franchise list by Entrepreneur Magazine. Phenix also produces a product line that is currently being rolled out to the general public. Finally, Phenix has the North and South American rights […]

Left at the altar, He Leaves it to Charity Instead

For most people, having a wedding fall apart is an unparalleled disaster. After all, so much time, effort, money, and planning go into a wedding that calling it off at the last minute can be financially devastating in addition to being a major emotional blow. Though, some people have the fortitude to turn their misfortune […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Public Relations Job Interview Process

Public relations is an exciting and dynamic field. It’s also very competitive, so if you are fortunate enough to land a job interview you want to make sure you’re well prepared. Since public relations is all about generating publicity and making a strong impression, you will have to do some PR of your own when […]

Marketing vs PR: Overview of Difference and Comparison

The Basic Difference between Marketing and PR A study of marketing and PR can clearly define the difference in a single word, “Scope.” The scope of marketing is based on business to customer relationships. The scope of PR is based on emphasizing the business name, brand and product or service offering. For some businesses, these […]

Why leaders must have the ability to effectively negotiate?

While we can agree that there’s some true to the saying “excellent leaders are born, not made”, the capacity for outstanding leadership is intrinsic. People can become great leaders as long as they’re willing to learn, make mistakes, and share their experiences with others. Why should CEOs, managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs master negotiations? It’s […]

How companies can do a Better Job at Mastering Employee Engagement

Having engaged employees is critical for companies that want to survive and thrive. Studies have shown that engaged employees are more committed, more productive, and less likely to leave the company. They are happy with their jobs, and more willing to go above and beyond to get things done. Employee engagement isn’t just about financial […]

Google burns

Defend Your Reputation: Google Bows to European Data Protection Law

Google now has to remove search results related to your name, but only if you are European, and if those results are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.”   Google lost a battle with the European court, and has to comply with its “right […]

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And the Best Site to Pitch Journalists in 2014 Is…

By far, the best resource we tested in 2013, is PressKing, and will undoubtedly remain our favorite in 2014. The site is designed to help you spread the good old press release directly to subscribing journalists.