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Ronn Torossian Sitting

A Big Apple Travel Gem: The Great New York City Public Library

In a city of 30 thousand dollar a year private schools, 800 dollar (or more) a week kids’ camps, and $15 an hour babysitters, the New York City Public Library system is such an amazing tool for parents – and NY’ers of all walks of life. It is a great, free, resource – and one which remains as awesome today as it was years ago.

Obama world

Amid Massive Anti-Israel Protest US’s Obama Twists Israeli Arm, Finally

And most stories in the mainstream today read something like Bloomberg/Businessweek’s; “Israel Holds Gaza Fire as Obama Seeks Full Combat Halt.” But my questions is; “Why not at 500 Palestinians dead?” Why, indeed. This is “way out” for an Israeli PM the world would now rather hate than love. Give us all a break Bloomberg.

Morning Newspaper by Georgie Pauwels

Why Americans Don’t Matter to American Media or Politicians

If Vladimir Putin is not Satan himself, how can so many newspapers and newsrooms claim he is? The man Americans trust as their president, and all of his men and women, why they say so too! So, Russia’s president has to be evil, he has to be responsible for everything bad on Earth, right?


Why optimizing content for audiences trumps SERPs in 2014

Ultimately, SEO is having your website found in the search engines by people interested in your products or services. It’s a very profitable traffic source because most times there is much intent behind each search. As people caught on, they took SEO more seriously and began investing heavily in the channel.

Cross talk

Can gossip ruin your employee engagement?

There’s a major difference between speaking about someone and speaking to someone at work. When you are collaborating, sharing ideas, and welcoming feedback you are speaking to that person (manager, colleague, boss, supervisor, etc); when you are speaking about the people in the office, you are gossiping. Gossip leads to decreased productivity because instead of doing something fruitful, you’re being distracted. Can chitchat ruin employee engagement? Yes, it can.

Google burns

Defend Your Reputation: Google Bows to European Data Protection Law

Google now has to remove search results related to your name, but only if you are European, and if those results are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.” Google lost a battle with the European court, and has to comply with its “right to […]

Office furniture

How office furniture design leads to better business

If you run a business, you’re concerned with keeping your employees as focused, efficient, and productive as possible. The design of your office space can play a bigger in role in this than you may realize. Old design approaches had rows of cubicles, with workers all toiling away at their desks. When employees spend day after day in a maze of little cubicles, it’s easy to become demoralized. It also leads to wasting time looking for coworkers, trying to find a meeting room, or being distracted by the people chatting in the adjacent cubicle.