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AARP Seeking Public Relations Firm – RFP Everything PR

**Everything PR Exclusive** AARP, one of the largest and most-influential non-profit organizations in the United States is seeking a public relations firm of record, Everything PR has exclusively learned.  The nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people as they age.  AARP provides information and resources; engages in legislative, […]

jessica pressler

Bloomberg News Condemns Jessica Pressler

Will Pressler Be Hired Despite Bloomberg News Saying There Will Always Be Ways To Verify A Financial Transaction – Jessica Pressler is the New York Magazine reporter who wrote the ridiculous story about the high school teenagers who claimed to have made $72 Million dollars in the stock market – yet, in reality they earned […]

uber breaking law

Uber Is Breaking The Law To The Tune of $40 Billion Dollars

Like many entrepreneurs, I began my business 12 years ago with nothing more than 300 square feet and a dream.  Today, I employ more than 120 people in a fast-growing PR Agency, but it certainly did not happen easily, and I have been  forced to understand and rise above the many challenges of building a […]


The PR implications of ‘Beef’ in Hip Hop

The world of hip-hop stars, and rappers in particular is quite unique. This is exemplified the best when arguments and confrontations, otherwise known as “beefs”, erupt between opposing rappers on the hip-hop scene. Of course these confrontations occur on a fairly regular basis, so much so it has made some people wonder if some of […]


Top Women In Public Relations You Should Know About

As public relations continues to grow and change through the proliferation of social media, it is important to look at the women who have become an important part of this public relations shift. The most influential women in PR today focus not only on their own business-to-business clients, but they affect the field across the […]


Public Relations vs. Media Relations

Media relations and public relations are often terms used interchangeably. Contrary to popular belief, the two are not the same. Media relations accomplishes one goal, and public relations accomplishes another. Public Relations Public relations act of connecting and communicating with all the various publics that a business or organization may have formed a relationship. These […]


10 Ways to Measure the ROI of Public Relations

PR ROI cannot be reduced to a simple accounting equation. An additional, intangible value, needs to be considered, and this value may take a while till it becomes “cash.” And because PR and corporate communication strategies are often employed to achieve non-financial objectives, there are several other metrics to consider.


100 Media Monitoring Tools for PR

Although there are hundreds of media monitoring tools available online, some are very hard to find. We put together a collection of 100 such sources (software, applications and service providers), some free, some that require a fee. When it comes to media monitoring and analytics, it’s really hard to choose. Some offer in-depth features, but […]

beautiful world international

New Digital, Luxury Lifestyle ‘Magazine & TV’ to Launch

Beautiful World International is the world’s first digital, fully interactive luxury lifestyle magazine with video content incorporating latest flip-page, 3D-technology. ‘It’s a magazine people can watch and a TV people can read’. The magazine will launch on December 19th 2014. The magazine is 75-pages of glossy, informative and entertaining stories with news, views and stories. […]


General Electric and the future of Big Data

Big Data has always been a big commodity, but many businesses are not sure how to capitalize on the benefits. General Electric, however, has found a way to not only harness Big Data, but also share with other companies. With Big Data becoming more and more essential, this strategy is something that can’t be missed. […]