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New Buffer Laws for Cyclists

A multitude of states have passed so-called “buffer laws” that specify the distance a motorist must keep away from a bicyclist while passing them on the road. California is one of the most recent states to enact the law, specifying a distance of three feet, says George Galgano – a lawyer from NY.. The buffer […]

How to Market Web Apps Online

With more than 1 billion websites that are online every day, it is difficult to get the attention from people whom you want to market your product, especially if you’re still starting to grow your brand from scratch. In the tech industry, there are already existing websites that are dominating the web in providing great […]

Treasury Wine Estates Seeks A PR Agency

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), Stags’ Leap Winery in Napa, CA is seeking a PR Agency.  The ideal proposal should outline a strategic and creative campaign for the brand that would begin early 2015 and continue through September as necessary. Stags’ Leap is a storied winery in Napa Valley and needs to be bolstered with a […]

When WTF might be okay at work

Social norms are changing. The rules of what is and is not permissible at work might be relaxing, Cursing has been in the news a lot lately. If you believe the hype it seems like everyone is doing it, from mailroom clerks to CEOs. But does that give you license to spit some profanity across […]

Phenix Salon Suites Is Seeking a PR Agency

Phenix Salon Suites is a national company with over 100 locations nationwide. Phenix is the first salon concept to ever be named to the Top 500 Franchise list by Entrepreneur Magazine. Phenix also produces a product line that is currently being rolled out to the general public. Finally, Phenix has the North and South American rights […]

Left at the altar, He Leaves it to Charity Instead

For most people, having a wedding fall apart is an unparalleled disaster. After all, so much time, effort, money, and planning go into a wedding that calling it off at the last minute can be financially devastating in addition to being a major emotional blow. Though, some people have the fortitude to turn their misfortune […]

Google burns

Defend Your Reputation: Google Bows to European Data Protection Law

Google now has to remove search results related to your name, but only if you are European, and if those results are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.”   Google lost a battle with the European court, and has to comply with its “right […]

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And the Best Site to Pitch Journalists in 2014 Is…

By far, the best resource we tested in 2013, is PressKing, and will undoubtedly remain our favorite in 2014. The site is designed to help you spread the good old press release directly to subscribing journalists.