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Since its founding in 2001, Infinite PR has provided strategic communications and crisis counsel to some of the world’s largest law, consulting and financial firms, offering global service through a network of strategic partners. With similar client bases and complementary cultures, Infinite and Spada are now joining forces to create the first global professional services communications consultancy. […]


Dr. Chauncey Crandall & PR Students

Whether one is a constant teacher like Dr. Chauncey Crandall, or a student of the arts, wise citizens are always learning. Like many others, Theresa Graham a student of the Department of Journalism at Indiana University has a public relations assignment which she is asking any participants to assist her with.  She may be reached […]

Burson-Marsteller’s Radical Client Speaking At Yale Tuesday

Given the controversy surrounding Burson-Marsteller’s representation of the Ennahda political party, one wonders if Don Baer, CEO of the firm who’s widely seen as one of Hillary Clinton’s closest confidants is concerned of a possible backlash to Hillary. Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, the head of Tunisia’s controversial Islamist Ennahda Movement, is scheduled to speak on Tuesday […]

Gus Drakopoulos On Breastaurants walking a fine PR line

When Hooters debuted the chain back in the 1980s, the uproar and raised eyebrows were the best PR, the company could get. Now, the home of wings and little orange shorts are an international brand, and their success is beginning to spawn a plethora of copycats hoping to cash in. The common parlance for these […]

Unique IndieGoGo Campaign Set to Fund New Multicultural Division

Lynch Archer PR Entertainment recently launched an exciting IndieGoGo campaign with donation perks ranging from exclusive access to audience seating at popular TV show tapings to not-so-easy-to-come-by invitations to “Hollywood” red carpet events, Timed to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, the objective of the LAPR Latino two-week IndieGoGo campaign is to raise venture capital for […]

Google burns

Defend Your Reputation: Google Bows to European Data Protection Law

Google now has to remove search results related to your name, but only if you are European, and if those results are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.”   Google lost a battle with the European court, and has to comply with its “right […]