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Entertainment Public Relations is the entertainment section of Everything-PR that covers the branding and press releases of celebrities. Most of the information from blog posts on the website comes through Celebrity PR agencies who announce artists signing with agencies, and press releases that are both positive and negative in the entertainment business.

Examples of agencies and celebrities that can be found on the website include MWW, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky, and the Kardashians. Entertainment PR is especially interested in branding dynasties like Jay-Z and the Kardashians. Jay-Z’s entrepreneurial status and business are hot button items, especially with the PR that follows around him and his wife, Beyoncé. On one of the pages, there is a blog post about him possibly selling off his music website Tidal, and another post about “The Publicist Who Lied About Jay Z & Beyoncé.”

These are important subjects in the world of entertainment, as the lines between celebrities and entrepreneurs are getting more and more blurry. PR Agencies who handle with the entertainment business can learn a lot from Entertainment PR, and as a result, Everything PR has a broader appeal for its brand as something that covers well… everything.

How Will Free Agency Reshape the NFL?

How Will Free Agency Reshape the NFL?

As the adage goes, you build NFL teams through the draft, and you plug holes through free agency. If you’re a team on the verge, but you just need one or two new assets, free agency can mean the difference between a losing season and a playoff run. But, the same team can turn a […]

Remy and Minaj Still Beefing

Remy and Minaj Still Beefing

Remy Ma is still going after Nicki Minaj, and fans of the singer, rapper, and talent show judge are looking for Minaj to fire back. The Hip Hop beef began when Ma dropped “Shether,” in which the female rapper dumped all over her fellow lady gangsta. Then Ma added another punch with her next single […]

How Social Media is Driving this Sports Brand

MMA PUBLIC RELATIONS - conor mcgregor marketing

Mixed martial arts is big business these days, arguably more popular than boxing, especially in the United States with UFC superstar Conor McGregor getting press every time he pauses five minutes to glance at a camera. When McGregor and boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather tentatively agreed to a money split for a rumored fight, headlines […]

Bollywood returns to Pakistan – what happens next?

Bollywood returns to Pakistan - what happens next

If there’s a more worrisome border animosity on the planet, it’s tough to imagine it. There’s no love lost between India and Pakistan, two of the most populous countries, both boasting modernized military forces and nuclear capabilities … and a mutual dislike that is constantly in danger of flaring up into a shooting conflict, that, […]

Viacom makes another change at the top

Viacom makes another change at the top

It wasn’t that long ago that cable brands like MTV and Comedy Central ruled the airwaves with a certain demographic. The channels were by-words in teen and young adult culture, both reflecting and defining trends and defining cool and funny. Things have changed. YouTube and streaming media have captured the attention of the key target […]

NBC faces conflict of interest accusations


In the early days of his campaign, reporters were actually worried about Donald Trump still appearing on The Apprentice as his campaign continued. He quickly put those worries to bed by bringing in none other than The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to be the face of the show. TV execs at NBC salivated. If there was […]