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How Social Media is Driving this Sports Brand

2017-02-21 by Ronn Torossian
MMA PUBLIC RELATIONS - conor mcgregor marketing

Mixed martial arts is big business these days, arguably more popular than boxing, especially in the United States with UFC superstar Conor McGregor getting press every time he pauses five minutes to glance at a camera. When McGregor and boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather tentatively agreed to a money split for a rumored fight, headlines were written as if the fight was on. That’s the power of the octagon to influence pugilist entertainment. Meanwhile, a host of other similar martial pursuits are making a comeback. Both karate and kickboxing are seeing a resurgence thanks to MMA. And, though Muay Thai... Read More >

Bollywood returns to Pakistan – what happens next?

2017-01-18 by Archie Obrien
Bollywood returns to Pakistan - what happens next

If there’s a more worrisome border animosity on the planet, it’s tough to imagine it. There’s no love lost between India and Pakistan, two of the most populous countries, both boasting modernized military forces and nuclear capabilities … and a mutual dislike that is constantly in danger of flaring up into a shooting conflict, that, some fear, could go nuclear even faster than North Korea. But there’s been a recent development that may just warm that icy relationship and cool those hotheads calling for conflict. Of course, it comes from the entertainment industry. After several months of banning movies from... Read More >

Mariah Carey fires back about New Year’s debacle

2017-01-12 by Aaron Sarno
Mariah Carey fires back about New Year’s debacle

The biggest headline coming out of the annual ball drop party in Times Square is easily the debacle surrounding Mariah Carey’s performance … or lack thereof. Where you land on this story depends entirely on what version of the story you’ve read. Maybe you heard that she was lip syncing and when the track was off, she just gave up. Maybe you heard that her monitors were not working properly and she couldn’t hear the backing track over the crowd. Maybe you’re with the camp who scoffs at any performer who lip syncs at a major show … or maybe... Read More >

Viacom makes another change at the top

2017-01-06 by Richard D. Pace
Viacom makes another change at the top

It wasn’t that long ago that cable brands like MTV and Comedy Central ruled the airwaves with a certain demographic. The channels were by-words in teen and young adult culture, both reflecting and defining trends and defining cool and funny. Things have changed. YouTube and streaming media have captured the attention of the key target demographics for these stations, and that has the top brass searching for answers. Some are looking for them in other jobs. Veteran leader Doug Herzog, who heads MTV and Comedy Central, has announced plans to exit the company soon. This is a big change for... Read More >

What Mariah Carey Should Have Done After Midnight

2017-01-05 by Ronn Torossian
mariah carey - 5wpr ceo ronn torossian

[caption id="attachment_86244" align="aligncenter" width="880"] Ronn Torossian on Mariah Carey's New Years Eve performance.[/caption] This advice is not new: When it comes to a PR crisis, own up to the mistake quickly. Don’t deflect blame, don’t try to sweep it under the rug; admit the problem, do what you can to fix it and let people know what you’re doing along those lines, and move past it as fast as you can. What did Mariah Carey do after the debacle that was her performance on New Year’s Eve at Time Square? None of the above. Instead, she’s blamed others, gone so... Read More >

NBC faces conflict of interest accusations

2016-12-16 by Richard D. Pace

In the early days of his campaign, reporters were actually worried about Donald Trump still appearing on The Apprentice as his campaign continued. He quickly put those worries to bed by bringing in none other than The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to be the face of the show. TV execs at NBC salivated. If there was anyone who could step in and match Trump’s level of business savvy and bombast, it was Arnie. Celebrity Apprentice was bound to be a hit. Then Trump won, and journalists began writing headlines with three ulcer-inducing words for NBC – conflict of interest. As it... Read More >

Star Wars Drones Out In Time For Rogue One

2016-12-04 by Ronn Torossian
Star Wars Drone

It didn’t take long for Unmanned Flying Vehicles (AVF), otherwise known as “drones,” to become a hit on the consumer market. Soon, everyone had a friend or neighbor who owned a drone, and school kids were programming them in elementary schools. And, with consumer proliferation, comes consumer choice. That means promotional stunts and product placement. Enter Disney and Star Wars, the twin Death Stars of promotional merchandising expertise. This holiday season, living rooms and yards across the country will become re-enactments of the Battles of Endor or Hoth or the Death Star … or maybe a mashup of all the... Read More >

DuJour Media’s Jason Binn and JetSmarter To Host Art Basel Kick-Off Event

2016-11-28 by Richard D. Pace
Art Basel Miami

The Kick Off of Miami Beach’s Art Basel Week Party to Celebrate DuJour Cover Star Kris Jenner  WHAT:              DuJour Media’s Jason Binn, Gilt’s Jonathan Greller and JetSmarter’s Sergey Petrossovhost the kick off of Miami Beach’s Art Basel Week Party at The Confidante Hotel to celebrate DuJour cover star Kris Jenner and the release of All-American XVI by Nan Bushand Bruce Weber, presented by InList. Guests will enjoy handcrafted bites from award-winning new-style Japanese restaurant Kuro located at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and be treated to music by The Extortionists featuring Ibe Soliman and Public School's Dao-Yi & Maxwell Osborne. WHO: Jason Binn along with friends Kris Jenner, Nan Bush, Bruce Weber, Jonathan Greller,Alexa Greenfield, Archie Drury, Audrina Patridge,... Read More >

German TV star takes heat for blackface sketch

2016-11-09 by Aaron Sarno
German TV star takes heat for blackface sketch

Okay, say it with me now, if you do something in blackface, no matter how funny you think it is, you will need to hire a PR company to fix your stupid mess. Seriously, at this point in history, you would think folks would be beyond certain things. It doesn’t matter how drunk you were when you came up with the idea, or how funny your friends thought it would be or if your One Black Friend signed off on it. Do not think about donning blackface … ever. Got it? Case in point, this warning came far too late... Read More >

Miss Israel Yityish “Titi” Aynaw: Israel’s Public Relations Dream Come True

2016-11-08 by Jason Tannahill
Miss Israel Yityish “Titi” Aynaw: Israel’s Public Relations Dream Come True

Israel’s Strong Public Relations Ambassador For a young woman, Yityish “Titi” Aynaw (pronounced Ya-Teesh I-now) has accomplished some amazing things. She was born in Ethiopia in 1991. Her father died when she was only a few years old, followed after her tenth birthday by her mother’s passing. At the age of 12, she and her brother moved to Israel to live with their grandparents. Before long, Titi had learned to speak Hebrew and during high school she served as student body president, participated in track and field, and won a national film competition for students. After that, she served as... Read More >

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