YellowHeart is Revolutionizing the Ticketing Industry

YellowHeart is a made-in-NYC, blockchain ticketing platform powered by distributed ledger technology and built exclusively for the benefit of artists’ fans.  

Eliminating Scalpers And Getting Fans Good Seats Utilizing Blockchain

The primary market is where tickets are sold for the first time with a price set by the event organizer, face value. The secondary market is where tickets are resold, often for a profit. Fans cannot get good seats on the primary market when they go on sale because scalpers steal them all using bots.

The ticket industry is composed of a massive secondary market. These middlemen overcharge concert-goers, do not share profit with artists, and manipulate the ticket marketplace. Sites like StubHub, Vivid, Seat Geek act as portals, allowing tickets to be resold – but often at a higher price. Fans are forced to overpay for good seats. The artists they love do not get any of this extra money. The ticket industry is at a tipping point and YellowHeart is ready to put the power back in the hands of the fans. 

Concert Goers Will No Longer Need Ticket Scalpers To Get Good Seats   

With YellowHeart, the days of purchasing overpriced tickets through scalpers and third-party platforms are over. The new blockchain ticketing company is set to launch in 2020 and change the industry forever.

Ticketing for live events is fundamentally flawed. 

High fees, counterfeiting, and predatory secondary markets plague prospective event attendees in today’s market.  YellowHeart’s decentralized ticketing platform aims to change all of that. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, tickets will be managed by unbreakable technological rules beneficial to all parties from event attendees to artists and venues.  Further, digital ticket ownership and provenance will be publicly verifiable, providing effective measures to combat fraudulent ticket sales. Tickets can be resold for a predetermined amount, of which, that money gets distributed to a predetermined fan, artist, venue, promoter, or charity automatically hence blocking scalpers from profiting.

YellowHeart to Innovate the Secondary Ticketing Market

YellowHeart’s mission is to eliminate scalping and bad players in ticketing and put artists back in control of how their tickets are distributed and traded. This platform is built BY ARTISTS FOR FANS. 

“YellowHeart’s goal is to partner with artists to eliminate scalping and put the power back in the hands of their fans as to how their tickets are distributed and traded.”

Josh Katz, Partner

Josh Katz is the Founder and CEO of YellowHeart. Founded in 2018, YellowHeart is the first socially responsible live event ticketing platform. The YellowHeart platform is autonomous, fully decentralized and runs on public a Blockchain – which enables artists and teams to identify, market and sell directly to their fans. Josh is also the Founder of El Media Group (EMG). Established in 2005, EMG is the premier subscription music provider for business, servicing over 5000 of the premier luxury brands in hospitality, food and beverage, airports, casinos, and retail. From 1996 – 2004 Josh worked within the music industry spending time at Arista Records, Jive Records and BMG Entertainment. Josh was responsible and assisted in the launch, development and marketing for many of the biggest stars in music today. Artists include Britney Spears, Buddy Guy, Gwen Stefani/ No Doubt and many more.

Adam Alpert, Partner

Adam is the Founder of Disruptor Records, a joint venture record label with Sony Music Entertainment established in 2014.  Disruptor has sold over 15 million singles worldwide as of 2016. Adam has managed the musical group, The  Chainsmokers, since introducing Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall in 2012.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, Partners  

Andrew and Alex are the Grammy-winning artist-producer duo, The Chainsmokers.

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