Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

These days, there are practically more companies out into the world than there are people. And they are all connected somehow. But today we’re going to talk about what connects a popular brand to the influencers that promote the same brand when we open up a social media platform and see one of those posts.

It seems that practically every other post we come across on our social media feeds is an influencer talking about their current favorite brand. But the way that the brands and the influencers connect with each other is via influencer marketing agencies.

And these are some of the best in the business.

IMA – Influencer Marketing Agency

The goal of the company is stated within the name itself. They can take the marketing campaign from the goals defining steps all the way through the execution of that same campaign with their influencers.

Viral Nation

This is a company that works as both an influencer marketing agency, as well as a talent agency for the influencers that work with them. Viral Nation connects their influencers with brands and helps both in creating a campaign that is based on predetermined goals.

Sway Group

This is a women-owned and self-financed influencer marketing agency that offers full-service partnerships to clients. Sway Group has a number of professionals that work on each step of the campaign with their clients.


With their unique influencer marketing campaigns, their goal is to have a meaningful engagement between the brand and the target audience by using influencer marketing. All of their influencers are carefully selected and create their original content.


This influencer marketing agency specializes in the gaming industry. They work with brands and promote them with the help of Twitch streamers and YouTube creators.

Digital Visitor

An agency that specializes in producing digital campaigns for various brands, with the help of various social media platforms. Digital Visitor uses the power of social media to boost the image of any brand.


This influencer marketing agency represents a number of influential creators and talents across different social media. And along with their talent, they work with brands in order to make the best campaigns possible.


A full-service influencer marketing agency, meaning that they are helping each and every client throughout the entire process of influencer marketing – from start to finish. And Obviously also has its own fulfillment center for any brand products.


Another full-service influencer marketing agency that works with plenty of famous brands all around the world. HireInfluence specializes in custom consulting along with promotional campaigns.

So whenever you’re looking at a competitor brand that’s popped up on your social media and are thinking of how to improve your brand’s image, choose from the best influencer marketing agencies out there.

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