Method Communications: Agency Profile

Method Communications: Agency Profile

Founded in 2010, with offices in Salt Lake City, as well as San Francisco, Method Communications is there to help brands and corporations in sharing their ambitious visions with the rest of the world. Thanks to the agency’s relentless innovation alongside the entrepreneurial spirit, Method Communications managed to become one of the top agencies in the public relations and marketing industries in a short amount of time.

The team onboard Method Communications strives to implement every tool that’s available for the client in order to get the results that the client expects to achieve. This is why the agency believes earned, shared, paid, and owned media should support, amplify as well as reinforce each other when pursuing a certain business goal. 

Method Communication offers various PR and marketing services to its clients, including strategic planning, where the agency leverages market, audience, industry, and brand insights to build a strategy that will support the client’s objectives and identify any possible opportunities. The team makes a plan for messaging, content, and distribution that will reach the right target audience.

The agency works with each client so that they can create clear and succinct messages, or refine the existing ones. Method Communications also offers media relations to clients. The agency identifies all the relevant influencers along with journalists that are important to a client’s audience, and then builds meaningful relationships that drive both impact and engagement. This service includes media strategy, acquisitions, IPO, funding or product announcements, spokesperson development, and media training, along with narrative development done through research insights.

Additionally, the agency also provides its clients with strong writing painted with excellent design, which is the key element that creates more movement in today’s content-heavy world. This content is used to engage, educate, persuade, or build trust with the target audience, and can be cut down to interesting bits of information that will keep the audiences interested. 

This way, the agency is able to make any of their clients a thought leader in their industry. Method Communications works to go beyond the occasional social post, byline, or interview and takes advantage of the executive spokesperson and the unique platform of each business to shape the overall corporate narrative. 

Furthermore, with the in-house expertise and research that is practically equivalent to a market research company, Method Communications has its research program. Aptly titled Method Research, it brings all of the advantages of working directly with the people who are going to be executing the business’ communications strategy. By leveraging market insights, quantitative and qualitative data, the agency is able to create attention-grabbing stories for the clients.

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