Outshine Public Relations: Agency Profile

Founded by Talia Samuels, the firm’s current president, Outshine Public Relations is a PR firm based in Orange County. The focus of Outshine is to provide a top-quality public relations campaign to the A-list clientele that it boasts.

Putting her decade of hospitality experience to work, Talia works to support hoteliers, restaurateurs, and chefs alike through her incredible storytelling campaigns.

There are three main services provided by Outshine – public relations, social media support, and professional photography.

Public Relations

Outshine Public Relations works to develop standout PR campaigns to bring awareness to some of California’s top dining and travel destinations. Forbes named Outshine one of America’s Best PR Agencies due to the consistent quality of work and the integrity shown by agents and the founder and president Talia Samuels. Outshine Public Relations boasts some of Orange County’s most iconic and best-rated restaurants and hotel properties.

Social Media

Outshine believes that a great image tells a great story. By creating viral social media content, it is believed that by creating fantastic images that aid in storytelling, the visual aspect can be as compelling as the story itself. With a strong presence on Instagram, and by creating strong social media content across multiple platforms, Outshine PR allows clients to shine a light on the key components.


Through the use of crystal clear images designed to move the consumer, Outshine provides an all-star clientele with an end image that can create significant discussion around a developing brand. Outshine’s photography can be found in Food & Wine magazine, Vogue, and Forbes, just to name a few. With any client, Outshine’s goal with top notch photography is to create an image that tells a compelling story to the consumer about the brand.

Press Results

Through a uniquely designed approach, Outshine PR can directly affect consumer behavior. Through moving storytelling and with photography that touches the end consumer emotionally, Outshine increases reservations and can position a restaurant or hotel as a premier destination within California.

Being in such a competitive space for food and travel, Outshine brings focus to California’s best destinations by creating local community excitement and building awareness of a brand more broadly. Outshine PR has been featured in several publicly respected media, including USA Today, The LA Times, and Food & Wine Magazine.


A quick perusal of the Outshine PR website will show a long list of nationally known brands that the firm represents. From well-known Orange County Bourbon Steak to the delightful Patty’s Cakes and Desserts, there is no shortage of A-list clientele at Outshine Public Relations. By continually acting with integrity and applying the PR firm’s expertise in the hospitality industry, Outshine PR can garner respect and has become one of the most sought after public relations firms in the country.

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