Gasthalter & Co: A PR Company

Gasthalter & Co. is a media relations and strategic communications firm that’s here to help brands lead their lives in the public. Whether it’s a public company or a private corporation, managers or platforms, they are capable of anything. The company is there to advise brands whatever the circumstances, from crisis situations, litigations, proxy contests, regulatory matters, management succession or restructuring of the company, the team at Gasthalter & Co. is there to help.

Their team of professionals has all of the expertise that a brand needs when it comes to both new technologies as well as financial markets, all of which have major impacts on the global trade market as well as the future of the finance world. Many brands have specifically chosen this media firm to provide them with counsel and unique ideas so that they can achieve the brand’s objectives and goals.

Gasthalter & Co. is the leading advisor to various senior executives at some of the top investment management firms, as well as the top members of some private and public corporations all around the world. The firm is an expert when it comes to creating, as well as managing corporate positioning, along with raising profiles and managing media relations programs. The goal of Gasthalter & Co. is to partner with their clients so they can create and implement the perfect strategies which will protect the reputations of those clients effectively.

The firm has experts in various fields relating to media relations, including strategic profile raising as well as protection management, investor communications, crisis communications, proxy contests along with shareholder activism and many others.

The founder, Jonathan Gasthalter, has been working in media relations for almost 20 years.

He has amassed a wealth of experience through those years, creating and implementing various communications strategies for a number of clients and, thanks to his experience advising some of the world’s leading hedge funds, real estate, private equity as well as asset management firms, financial services companies and banks, he decided to build his own media relations company do lend its services to clients.

Whenever you’re looking for advice and counsel when it comes to long-term corporate positioning programs, crisis situations, the management or restructuring changes or issues Gasthalter & Co. is the media relations firm that can help you.

If you’re in need of getting your company to the next level, but are not quite sure how to do so, or even what exactly you should be doing, Gasthalter & Co. can assist you with that. The firm also takes great pride in the close relationships that it has with various global print, online, broadcast and industry trade media, along with their collaboration with individual journalists. That way, they can properly communicate their client’s ideas and stories and get them to the target audiences effectively.

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