Marketing RFP Issued By Morris County Economic Development Corporation


The MCEDC seeks to strengthen its current marketing practices to promote Morris County as an ideal location to live, work, and play and influence individual, household and business decisions to remain or relocate into the county. The desire of the MCEDC is to market the county in a cost effective and efficient way that leads to the retention of, attraction to and establishment of businesses in the County and may lead to an increase in membership support for the Chamber and MCEDC. In 2016, the MCEDC commenced the redesign of the MCEDC website, produced videos, and commissioned data and industry information sheets.

Subsequently, the MCEDC reinvigorated its social media presence and engaged with NJ Advance Media on a digital strategy to promote the county for a one-year period from June 2018 through June 2019. This included sponsored content and placed ads to market the county and elevate its brand to several boroughs of New York City. The MCEDC now aims to further define and project the image of the County both within and beyond its borders through effective messaging and through a comprehensive marketing strategy, both traditional and digital, and advertising in a variety of media. The website has become a source of comprehensive information regarding Morris County and can serve as a landing page for any marketing campaign. The MCEDC aims to leverage initiatives already undertaken and raise the profile of the county through an increased online presence and digital marketing efforts through search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation. Video production will also be a part of the marketing initiative, which includes highlighting the County’s assets, profiling companies, and launching a YouTube channel and Instagram page.


The Morris County Economic Development Corporation (“MCEDC” or “Morris County EDC”) is a division of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce (“MCCC” or “Morris Chamber”) and a partnership of business and government supported by the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders (Freeholders). The mission of the MCEDC is as follows: “The Morris County Economic Development Corporation, a division of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, is a partnership of business and government dedicated to growing the economy of Morris County, New Jersey through programs and services that result in business attraction, creation, retention and expansion and to assist government in managing growth for the benefit of present and future generations.” The organization, as a division of the Chamber, is a 501(c)6 member organization with a 501(c)3 organization the “Morris County Economic Development Alliance.”

Scope of Work:

A) Marketing Strategy The MCEDC seeks a vendor to develop a cost effective yet comprehensive marketing strategy (both digital marketing and traditional) that would utilize social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,

YouTube and Twitter) and other media as suggested (e.g. billboards, direct mailings, ads in transit hubs such as airports and train stations). Overall services are to include: · Development of digital and traditional marketing strategy with suggested budget expenditures and for future budgeting purposes, to market, to promote and educate the public about the strengths and comparative benefits of Morris County, encouraging individuals, households and businesses to remain or relocate in the county; · SEO strategy including suggested website content and key words and metrics to evaluate effectiveness of strategy;

· Initial cost assessment, set-up, strategy and support for postings and channel management with suggested resources;

· Create and advise on an e-mail, social media, strategy (e.g. frequency of postings, suggested topics) with newsletter and blogging as appropriate to maximize outreach and connect with widest possible audience;

· On-going support It is requested that the vendor also include in the proposal response the cost of such on-going support preferably in the form of an hourly rate and estimated monthly cost related to social media posts and regular (i.e., quarterly or as-needed) evaluation of the effectiveness of the strategy, to evaluate execution, and advise staff. Timeline: The MCEDC envisions a timeframe for completion of strategy outline and framework within two (2) months of contract authorization.

(B) Text and Graphic Design

In coordination and consultation with the marketer (if a sub consultant), will develop text and graphics, to convey the message. All test, graphics, video, source code, and editorial content used in connection with the campaign will become the sole property of the MCCC/MCEDC and may be used for any purpose including but not limited to posting, disclosure, reproduction, broadcast, and transmission. The MCCC/MCEDC may use any concepts, ideas or techniques contained within the designed website for any reason or purpose whatsoever including but not limited to developing and marketing services or applications using such data. The vendor shall covenant that any material published or technologies used in the project will not violate or infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything libelous or harmful. Timeline: The MCEDC realizes that this is on-going and would expect that initial copy and graphics to be reviewed would be available starting within a month of the completion of strategy and not more than three months from contract authorization.

(C) Production of videos showcasing Morris County The MCEDC seeks a vendor capable of producing short videos highlighting the assets of Morris County including variety of community types and environments and diversity of industry sectors to be used as digital ads, on websites, in social media posts, and integrated into other aspects of the campaign. This would include residential areas, downtown amenities, parks, train stations, and places of work such as a pharmaceutical company. It is anticipated that either real live business owners or actors will be used and the cost should be included by the vendor in the overall proposal. The MCEDC requests that an effort to find local actors to donate their time for free or nominal fee. Either text or voiceovers are anticipated to convey information. Timeline: The MCEDC realizes that this is on-going and would expect that initial video to be reviewed would be available starting within two months of the completion of strategy and not more than five months from contract authorization. Due to safety considerations during the COVID crisis, the MCEDC understands that the timeline may be modified if actors or business owners are to be video recorded on-site.

(D) Public Relations The MCEDC recognizes the need for Morris County to raise its profile. A strong public relations component is also key to successful execution of this strategy and which would ideally tell the county’s story through unpaid or earned media to build trust and improve public perception of relocating to New Jersey. A combination of informing and persuading the public to view the county positively and favorably would be included in the strategy. Timeline: The MCEDC realizes that this is on-going and would expect that initial copy to be reviewed would be available starting within a month of the completion of strategy and not more than three months from contract authorization.

Due Date:

5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time December 23, 2020.


c/o Meghan Hunscher, President Morris County Chamber of Commerce / Morris County Economic Development Corporation 325 Columbia Turnpike, Suite 101 Florham Park, NJ 07932

Relevant agencies to consider include Zeno Group and Finn Partners.

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