ZENO Group: Agency Profile

Profile of ZENO Group

ZENO Group is a PR agency designed to face the challenges of the modern world, which primarily started as a conflict shop to Edelman PR.   This mid-sized company has global roots with connections all around the world. The team behind ZENO group pride themselves on being creative and pragmatic at the same time, with practices that allow them to relentlessly drive client value.

With a converged approach to communications, ZENO group strategically develops holistic ideas for modern brands, tapping into the cultural trends of the day. They believe that nothing is more important than delighting their clients.

ZENO Group Leadership and Clients:

ZENO portray themselves as the best of both worlds when it comes to brand attitude. They’re both agile and entrepreneurial – with all the personalization of a small business, as well as being large enough to handle some of the most complex assignments. ZENO are also highly independent as a PR brand, which means that they have countless opportunities to make the most of the changing world of offline and online communications.

Barby K Siegel is the current CEO for ZENO group and she is helping to lead the company towards unprecedented levels of growth and industry recognition. Over the years, Barby’s work has led to plenty of brand growth and a strong defining culture. Today, ZENO use Barby’s leadership to help them serve clients across a host of industries, including Sports and Entertainment, Technology, Health, and Consumer goods. Clients on the ZENO roster includes Skyscanner, Starbucks, Appdynamics, Prudential, Lenovo, and Goodyear.

ZENO Group Perks and Problems:

There are distinct values driving the ZENO group to accomplish incredible things. For instance, they consider themselves to be fearless when it comes to embracing the unexpected and accomplishing the unthinkable for their clients. They’re also highly collaborative, because they believe that a team working together is always stronger than a single person alone.  Previous employees of the ZENO group consider the brand to be a great place for growth and acceleration. The business offers plenty of chances to learn from a challenging market, and there’s a great and inclusive culture too. Leadership is also deeply involved with everything the company does, and there’s a flexible working approach too.

Of course, as with many thriving PR brands, the ZENO company has a very fast-paced working environment which might not be ideal for everyone.

ZENO Group Services:

ZENO pride themselves on offering a wide range of services to clients, all the way from influencer mapping for better audience engagement, to newsjacking and media relations. As a digitally-savvy company, they’re also equipped to handle digital marketing and social media strategies. Other services provided include:

  • Analyst relations
  • Thought leadership
  • Multimedia content production
  • Crisis management
  • Social responsibility marketing
  • Sports and entertainment marketing

Getting a Job with ZENO Group:

The ZENO group are currently on the lookout for people in search of fast-growth careers. They believe in providing new PR professionals with opportunities to develop new skills, collaborate with colleagues in a range of networks, and make the most of various complex career experiences. For people interested in joining ZENO’s expanding team, there are offices all over the globe, and the brand also lists current opportunities on their website.

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