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Building on the legacy of an integrated agency, 360PR prides itself on rolling out campaigns that stop consumers in their tracks. Founded in 2001, Laura Tomasetti’s firm has achieved numerous milestones.  Thanks to its ‘All In’ mantra, 360PR has a client roster that includes high profile brands such as Amazon, Showcase Cinemas, TIAA, Bright Horizons, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Nintendo, and Reed’s Ginger Beer, among others.

To understand the agency’s success further, here is a brief overview of key case studies.

Major Projects and Results Achieved

1. Jabra

Thanks to 360PR, Jabra’s wireless earbuds Sport Pulse, which incorporates a heart rate monitor, secured a position in the read-hot wearables category.

By engaging health-conscious consumers, 360PR positioned Jabra’s Sport Pulse as the wireless solution to help simplify workouts. At the same time, the PR agency educated influencers in the fitness and consumer lifestyle media on the workings of Sport Pulse through an experiential event in Manhattan.

To extend the brands reach beyond the fitness and lifestyle categories, the PR firm spotlighted Jabra as a pedigree in the development of exceptional audio solutions—with Sport Pvlse being the brand’s latest innovation.

The results? The PR firm’s effort bore exceptional results, earning Jabra Sport Pulse a prominent position in numerous lifestyle, fitness, and tech media, reaching more than 600 million consumers, and driving a boatload of happy buyers to Jabra.com.

2. Harpoon

Amid thousands of upstarts promoting products that have a short period of great popularity, 360PR adopted a crafty approach to position Harpoon at the top of the craft beer movement. The strategy involved highlighting the people behind Harpoon, from owners to co-founders to employees. 

Thanks to the strategy, 360PR managed to position Harpoon and its founder as pioneers that have credibility and an ethos to speak on behalf of the category. The effect being that it elevated Harpoon IPA as the gold standard for all others.

The results were phenomenal. In the first six months, Harpoon’s story was featured in more than 100 articles across various outlets and local markets. To add, Harpoon secured a leadership position in the influential seasonal beer stories and got coverage of its unique craft brewing writ large and its continued independence.

3. Rubik’s Cube

To increase media attention in the Rubik’s cube, 360PR had to adopt a twist that appealed to parents and teachers, while making it a must-have for kids. Thanks to Tomasetti’s firm, the Rubik’s cube was cast as the top 21st-century learning tool and a brand that’s more helpful in learning than ever before.

By merging history and pop-culture, 360PR set up a hands-on Rubik’s challenge, featuring Creator Erno Rubik as a personal coach, at the Museum of Modern Art.

Accompanying the hype from the hands-on Rubik’s challenge, the PR firm released the survey results from 1000 consumers, which showed that more people had played with the Cube as compared to those owning an iPhone. The survey results also highlighted that more than 17% of the consumers were more likely to hire someone who could solve a cube.

To add human interest, 360PR spotlighted the crème-de-crème of the Rubik’s cube solvers facing off at the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship.

In three months, the campaign became a success story for the Rubik brand, garnering more than 400 million impressions and helped Rubik’s product to stand-out and lead to sales success in the all-important fourth-quarter holiday season.

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