KLG Public Relations: Agency Profile

KLG Public Relations: Agency Profile
KLG Public Relations: Agency Profile

KLG Public Relations agency, based in Tribeca, New York City is a leading PR firm.

Founded in 2016, the way this PR agency works with clients is by providing them with high-quality media, unlike most other PR companies, which only provide brand exposure as a way of supplying public relations services.

The namesake of KLG Public Relations is the award-winning marketing communications executive Kate Laufer Gorenstein. She’s been working in the PR industry for the past 15 years, connecting clients with audiences in the hospitality, celebrity and food and beverage industries. She is very passionate when it comes to public relations and has a non-traditional approach, which only benefits her grasp of media relations.

The team onboard KLG Public Relations works closely with their exclusive clients and brands as they solely look for, and provide, media placements that are guaranteed to be a good fit for those clients. This means that the agency avoids connecting brands with the wrong types of publications, so clients will never see their brands, for example, for alcoholic beverages, being promoted in outlets that work with athletics and sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the services that this agency offers to its clients include integrated marketing, media relations, social media, as well as what they’re most known for, non-conventional public relations efforts.

From the very beginning, KLG Public Relations’s team of experts have always been passionate about their work and provided high energy for every campaign. Thus, in a short amount of time, the agency managed to grow from a small business into a big team of talented people whose goal in collaborating is to provide all the top PR services that a client could require.

The professionals at KLG Public Relations have a particular way of curating and crafting narratives which grab an audience’s attention by tracking all of the significant trends which align with a particular client’s goals. Then, the team works with the right media outlets by using all of their strong industry partnerships to utilize the provided information and narratives to increase the visibility of the brand that the team is working with.

The founder and the president of the agency, Kate Laufer Gorenstein, has worked with plenty of celebrities as well as celebrity-owned brands, such as George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila, Jon Bon Jovi’s Hampton Water Wine, and even Conor McGregor’s Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey. With her team at the PR agency, she has developed and executed excellent brand strategies and PR campaigns.

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