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The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is requesting qualified and experienced vendors (hereinafter referred to as “Respondent”, “Respondents”, “Vendor”, or “Vendors”) to submit proposals to this Request for Proposal for Website Redesign Services (hereinafter referred to as “RFP”).

DEO seeks a Vendor who has proven experience to design and implement a new website to replace the current design, utilizing a new, user-friendly CMS. The redesign must be done in accordance with generally accepted website standards, including ADA compliance, mobile accessibility, and secure web development practices. Additionally, reliable and secure hosting and maintenance services are required, which meet the criteria identified in Attachment L – Service Level Agreement.


DEO’s website is an integral component to communicate and promote necessary information on behalf the State of Florida. The current design was developed and launched in 2011, along with a new Content Management System (CMS). DEO has determined that its present website is out-of-date and no longer meets DEO’s needs. DEO wants to enhance the ease of use for both the public and employees with a redesign, and is interested in a dynamic, innovative design and architecture that engages visitors and provides easy access to the information sought. DEO is interested in implementing a new CMS with the new website design.

Scope of Work:


Conduct project kickoff meeting(s) at DEO’s location. Develop the Project Management Plan (PMP) and the PMP sub-plans:

• Project Plan Summary;

• Project Scope Management Plan;

• Resource Management Plan;

• Risk Management Plan;

• Communication Plan;

• Project Change Management Plan;

• Project Schedule (developed in Microsoft Project format);

• Quality Management Plan;

• Security Management Plan.

Performance Measures

Conduct kickoff meeting(s) and provide completed Project Management Plan (PMP) and PMP sub-plans, as specified, within 10 business days of contract execution. Evidence of sign-in sheet(s), PMP plans and any other required documentation must be submitted and approved by DEO.

Financial Consequences

Failure to conduct kickoff meeting(s) and submit PMP Management Plan and sub-plans within 10 business days of contract execution will result in a deduction of 5% of the deliverable cost for each business week beyond the due date. Such reduction shall be made from the deliverable payment.

Contractor’s responsibilities under this Contract are as follows:

1. Deliverable 1: Introduction and Project Management Plan

a. Conduct project kickoff meeting(s) at DEO’s location.

b. Develop the Project Management Plan (PMP) and the following PMP sub-plans:

• Project Plan Summary

• Project Scope Management Plan

• Resource Management Plan

• Risk Management Plan

• Communication Plan

• Project Change Management Plan

• Project Schedule (developed in Microsoft Project format)

• Quality Management Plan

• Security Management Plan

2. Deliverable 2: Content Gap Analysis

a. Provide a content gap analysis of as-is and to-be design that includes the following information:

• Analysis of the internal usage of DEO’s current website and identification of barriers to effective content delivery.

• Recommendations on streamlining usage.

• Identification of necessary tools to be developed that will allow content owners to update information.

3. Deliverable 3: Website Design Plan

a. Develop a DEO Website Design Document(s) that includes the following information:

• Website Style Framework Documentation

i.                     The webpage frameworks and navigation must be fully ADA compliant and all pages must comply with DEO branding standards and security best practices.

• DEO Website Wireframe Mockup(s), including how navigation collapsing is prioritized (i.e. item prioritization as screen shrinks) for mobile browsing

• Demonstrates critical aspects of Cybersecurity rules and relevant policies, as well as the use of required tools.

b. Contractor shall show website design progress at weekly intervals during the build phase through conference calls.

4. Deliverable 4: Solution Prototype

a. Develop a fully interactive prototype of the solution in a testing environment.

b. Create any needed images for the website.

c. Web Content Management delivery tools must be dynamic database driven and not rely on hardcoded computer code in html pages requiring constant maintenance.

d. Develop/Implement/Customize general tools for authoring, publishing, and allowing remote management of website content as part of the website.

e. All tools must, at a minimum, have the same capabilities as the current public website.

5. Deliverable 5: Master Test Plan

a. Develop the Master Test Plan, which must define the process and approach for all comprehensive levels of testing and the testing work streams, such as system integration, performance, unit, accessibility, regression, ADA, and security testing. 6. Deliverable 6: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) a. Facilitate User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

b. Provide detailed results of the UAT execution.

7. Deliverable 7: Working System and Supporting Documentation

a. Develop and deliver a Final System, in a production environment, and User Documentation required for the operation of the overall solution, which must include system details, and user documentation specific to DEO. 

b. Supporting documents to the System and User Documentation Document that shall include: • A System Administration Manual

• A User Manual.

8. Deliverable 8: Training 

a. Develop and deliver training for use of the tool to achieve the following objectives:

b. Teach DEO staff how to use the new content management tools.

c. Teach identified DEO staff how to use any tools developed in the future under the terms of this agreement.

9. Deliverable 9: Project Closure 

a. Submit a Project Closure Report which includes details of the activities needed to close out all Project activities, tasks, and reports.

b. Supporting reports to the Project Closure Report that shall include:

• Lessons Learned Project Report

• Project Release Document (Signed)

• Change Log (Closed Out)

• Contract(s) Closure.

10. Deliverable 10: Ongoing Services

a. Provide Ongoing Website Hosting and Maintenance services to include:

• Infrastructure and application services that meet the criterial defined in Attachment L – Service Level Agreement.

• Provide Application and Server Maintenance and support based upon the criterial defined in Attachment L.

b. Provide Auxiliary Technical Services, as needed, as defined in Attachment L.

Due Date:

01/06/2020 – 03:00 P.M.


Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO)

Office of Property and Procurement

107 East Madison Street, B-047

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4128

Telephone Number: 850-245-7455

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