The Remote Jobs List for PR and Comms Professionals You Haven’t Heard of

The Remote Jobs List for PR and Comms Professionals You Haven’t Heard of
The Remote Jobs List for PR and Comms Professionals You Haven’t Heard of

Today we sit down with Andrea Holland, founder RemotePRJobs, the leading remote jobs site solely for PR and Communications professionals.

What is

RemotePRJobs is a weekly list and jobs site for the remote PR and communications workforce. The goal is to help keep dealflow strong for PR and Communications professionals.

Why did you start RemotePRJobs?

I left the corporate world and started consulting to create a lifestyle for myself – one where I could do my craft from anywhere in the world, on my own schedule. I was very blessed that when I left my corporate career, work came through my personal network and word of mouth. However, when it wasn’t so abundant, I would turn online to jobs sites. I would search remote + freelance public relations jobs, and it was a mess. To find even a handful of leads, I would try 10+ sites, but many of the roles available weren’t relevant or vet.

I felt there was a need, but wasn’t sure if it was just me! I started sending weekly emails to PR friends with freelance + remote jobs that I’d find, as well as those that came through my personal network. I was testing for viability and found quickly that my PR community liked this. After becoming a public relations author/instructor for LinkedIn Learning, my personal network grew even more exponentially. With that exposure and credibility, I now had access to more remote PR roles to share, and started formalizing the business.

How does it work?

Every week members receive an email newsletter with 30+ hot public relations and communications leads from businesses, startups, nonprofits and more, looking to hire remote PR + Comms for full time, part time and project roles. After the list is live, the jobs are posted on our searchable online database for members to apply. All roles are predominantly remote within the U.S. and sourced from a variety of places as well as companies that are submitting inbound requests for PR + Comms help. All weekly jobs remain on the site for more than 90 days.

What experience is needed?

Our roles range from 3 years of experience to 20. Every week is different, and we note the experience expectations as well as the industry at the top of each role, for easy reference.

What Industries Post on the List?

We cover a variety of industries including (not limited to) FinTech, Retail, Hospitality, Tech, Non Profit, Healthcare, Hardware and more.

Do you help the candidate get hired?

We are not a staffing agency, we serve as a brokerage of sorts, connecting remote PR and Communications professionals a) with roles that would have taken them hours to find on their own, b) through networks they aren’t a part of and c) with companies they didn’t know were hiring. This gives everyone equal access to opportunities. We leave scoping, invoicing and application to the PR professional, allowing them to negotiate how they normally would on their terms.

How has Covid-19 affected the business? It looks like you are putting out more jobs?

Yes. We realized that during the pandemic that our service was going to help a lot of people. We made the decision early to expand from solely PR, into broader Communications jobs such as Content, Social Media, Investor Relations, Internal Comms, and even Copywriting and Executive assistant roles to serve as many people in need as possible. Within the first two weeks of the pandemic, we doubled down on the list, giving members double the number of jobs without charging more and are continuing to do so.

The core value of the list is that all jobs are 100% remote, all the time. So even now, we are vetting very heavily to make sure that the jobs are remote, even after people are allowed to go back to work – and not just temporarily.

What are the other benefits of joining the RemotePRJobs community?

Aside from job leads, we have a blog full of articles and tips to help PR professionals stay sharp and on top of the latest trends in the industry. We also have downloadable PR templates and tools!

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