20 Leading Digital PR Agencies

Choosing the right Digital PR firm is no easy task. Between the Digital PR strategy they offer or the things they stand for, anyone would have a tough time making the right choice – and potentially second-guess themselves regarding it down the road.  In order to make the process slightly easier, we’ve compiled this list with some of the best digital public relations companies, agencies, and networks in the digital PR industry.

Choosing any one of these means making the right choice for your brand and guarantees success – the rest of the Digital PR business is up to them:

This list of Digital PR Firms was compiled in 2020. 

  •  Ogilvy & Mather: The award-winning, integrated creative network Ogilvy & Mather is here to make brands really matter. The network is based in New York and has been in the PR, advertising and marketing business for over 150 years, providing advertising, brand strategy, customer engagement and commerce, digital transformation, public relations and influence, and partnerships. Throughout the years, this network has effectively branched out to different parts of the world and now offers services on nearly every continent on the globe. The main goal of Ogilvy & Mather is to bring brands’ stories to life, by using brand identity creation and retail design.
  • Bluetext: Bluetext is a digital marketing agency based in Washington, D.C. that offers a wide array of digital marketing, branding, and PR services. This agency helps brands and organizations of all shapes and sizes compete and stand out in a large market. Bluetext does this by using masterful strategies, creative and powerful websites, as well as digital experiences and campaigns. Working with an expert team of about 50 leaders, this agency strives to shape each of their clients’ brands exactly the way that the clients need. Additionally, the agency’s work isn’t finished until measurable results are achieved with each campaign.
  • 5W Public Relations: 5W Public Relations is an agency that offers much more than just public relations, as their name suggests. Founded in 2003, this agency provides marketing solutions, strategic planning, brand positioning, reputation management, social media, and many other services to its clients. Resourceful, it practices novel approaches when it comes to the services it offers, which, for the clients, effectively translates into achieving success.With headquarters in New York City,  this full-service agency works with brands from all over the world – whether they are startups or are previously established giants in their respective industries. 5W Public Relations is made of professionals that can effectively take a brand’s story from start to finish, with great success.
  • Landis Communications, Inc.: A top public relations firm based in San Francisco that’s been working in the field for 30 years. The firm offers international public relations capabilities, with 50 offices worldwide.Landis Communications, Inc. is here to strategically partner with each and every client, in a way that they can demonstrate precisely how communication can enable a business’s success and growth. Employing the right public relations initiatives, as well as the right communications, they set their clients’ brands on the road to success.
  • Walker Sands: An award-winning B2B tech integrated marketing agency, with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. The agency was founded in 2001, and has worked with plenty of different B2B brands and received many awards for their exceptional marketing capabilities. Walker Sands creates and executes comprehensive marketing strategies that always drive results, through the various services they offer their clients, including branding, public relations, web, and creative services.
  • Coyne: Coyne PR was founded in 1991 and has offices both in New Jersey and in New York City. This agency has quickly climbed to the top of the independent public relations ranks, thanks to its integrated approach and various capabilities. The agency takes pride in its success, which stems from considering every possible situation for the clients they work with before making a final decision on the right strategy for each company. They provide social media, advertising, public relations, and digital services to their clients so that they can effectively communicate messages across paid, earned, shared and owned channels.
  • Schneider Associates: The Belfort Group was founded 40 years ago as the Schneider Associates and is an integrated digital marketing and public relations agency based in Boston. Many of the brands and companies they work with are within industries that are extremely competitive and under constant pressure to keep up with an ever-changing world.
  • Racepoint Global: Racepoint Global is an integrated communications agency that is based in Boston. This agency partners with brands and companies in a specific way that is going to help the clients engage with target audiences in a meaningful way. As such, their main mission is to shape conversations that really matter.
  • Blaze PR: Blaze PR is a boutique public relations and communications agency that offers its services to various different lifestyle brands. With an office in Santa Monica, they have a team of expert veteran practitioners who are always keeping up with trends worldwide, and doing their best to stay one step ahead of everyone. This agency creates three-dimensional strategies that are both precise and creative, as they are all backed by an innovative and thoughtful process that takes into account the particular industry and world of each brand that they are working with.
  • Marketing Maven: Marketing Maven is an integrated marketing agency with offices in both Los Angeles and New York City. This agency offers its clients innovative media relations, brand strategy and activation, social media strategy, creative direction, and many other services. The main mission of Marketing Maven is to exceed all of their clients’ expectations and help brands and companies in achieving communications objectives and marketing goals, with exceptional levels of expertise and professionalism. Marketing Maven helps each and every one of their clients in gaining national awareness with integrated marketing campaigns with outstanding results.
  • Kaplow: Kaplow is an integrated media relations and communications agency, creating campaigns that always drive results. The agency is an expert in creating custom communications approaches for each of the brands and companies they work with, that fit each unique story, along with the audience and the goals.
  • Kyne: Kyne is an award-winning health communications agency that is dedicated to helping, improving and saving lives. The agency works on the basis that communication is a very powerful health intervention, which is why it partnered with various non-profits, government organizations, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.The agency provides communications strategies, patient advocacy relations, disease-state programming, partnerships, reputation and responsibility programming, as well as creative campaigns that can reach anyone – whether it’s a patient, a healthcare provider, or a potential stakeholder. Kyne does this by applying a rigorous methodology so that they know they’re reaching all of the right people at the right time, and sending them the right message.
  • Status Labs: Status Labs is a digital reputation management and search engine optimization firm, that’s headquartered in Austin, but has offices in  NYC, London, LA, and São Paulo. The firm was founded with a goal to help different institutions and companies, as well as individuals, improve their online reputation. Status Labs’ assistance consists of offering various services, including digital consulting, SEO, as well as public relations strategies.
  • Affect: Affect is a public relations and social media firm that is located in New York and was established in 2002. This firm prides itself on the fact that it isn’t a standard public relations, social media, and marketing firm. Instead, their team of smart and hard-working creatives offers services that are tailored for each of the clients that they are working with.
  • Pan Communications: Pan Communications is an integrated marketing and public relations agency based in Boston, with a 25-year background in the business. With offices both in the United States and the United Kingdom, they provide public relations and social services, as well as content and influencer marketing, creative services and data insights and analytics for their clients’ campaigns.
  • 360 PR: is a public relations agency with offices in Boston as well as New York. The agency has a stated goal of making the world a better place by working hand in hand with their clients – whether the brands are big or small. 360 PR believes in blurring the lines between public relations, between the digital and the social, and creating results that will then extend to both online and offline channels.
  • Davies: Davies is a public affairs company that’s been in the business for nearly four decades. It provides creative and thoughtful strategies, compelling messages, and precise tactical execution that can be used to overcome any controversy or crisis. Thanks to the extensive experience working in the public affairs field, the company has been able to develop unique skill sets that have been proven crucial for their clients’ success. With an office in Santa Barbara, Davies’ team members are highly experienced communications professionals. Each and every one of them represents their clients with a strong commitment and desire to win.
  • Geben Communication: Geben Communication is a public relations firm based in Columbus, Ohio. This firm helps any emerging brands as well as forward-thinking, already-established companies – both B2B and B2C – gain more success in today’s social world. They do this by using smarter communication – specifically, public relations, content marketing, social media, and data analytics and insights. With a fresh approach to best practices, while grounding everything in data and research, the teams of experts onboard Geben Communication know how to pave the road to success for any of their clients. Additionally, instead of solely focusing on the details, this firm always has the bigger-picture goals of their clients at the forefront of their campaigns, aligning the details accordingly.
  • Super Cool Creative: Super Cool Creative is a video production company and a creative agency that’s based in Los Angeles and operates worldwide. This company writes and produces a variety of content, including video ads, promos, social media video content, corporate and crowdfunding videos for any business, brand or startup. With access to the best production professionals, creative talent, locations as well as weather, they’re able to tell a compelling story through any type of video necessary. Companies and brands that are working with Super Cool Creative can expect this company to be there from the start of the creative process for video-making, all the way to the end, with their video marketing services.
  • The W2O Group: The W2O Group is a San Francisco-based company that provides brands with marketing services through subsidiaries. Working for nearly two decades, this company is the digital-first leading agency for healthcare marketing and communications strategies that are driven by analytics. With a goal to make the world a healthier place, the W2O Group is an expert in marketing in the industries of global pharma, medical device, med-tech, biotech, baby biotech, rare disease, healthcare systems, consumer health, and many others. Additionally, everything that this company does starts with analytics first.

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