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Top U.S. PR Agencies Websites

It’s a funny thing, sometimes the companies who specialize in something don’t always manage to make a good showing on their own websites. Didit recently tested 100 major PR agencies websites for 2015 –and found that only 57.3 percent met Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test for their level of “friendliness.”
But, it’s not just about those qualities, there’s also the speed factor. Let’s face it, if you go to a site, and it takes more than a second or two to load, the frustration begins to set in, so using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, Didit ranked the top 100 firms by speed – here are some of the best and the worst according to their results as of January 28, 2016 in the afternoon.

Fastest/Slowest. Top six fastest on mobile devices are Blaze PR (87 – mobile speed level), DKC PR (84), the Hoffman Agency (77), Allison + Partners (76), Maxwell PR (75), and 5W PR (74). The slowest were Beehive PR (14), L.C. Williams and Associates (16), rbb Public Relations (16), Cashman + Katz (24), Crosby Marketing (26) and McNeely Pigott and Fox (27).

The five fastest on desktop devices are APCO (98), DKC (94), the Hoffman Agency (90), SS | PR (87), and Maxwell PR (86). The slowest are Cashman + Katz (6), Beehive PR (12), rbb Public Relations (17), L.C. Williams and Associates (23), and Lewis PR (24).

There were several firms that scored a “100” on the Page Speed Insights “Mobile U/X” test – they include Allison + Partners, Cashman + Katz, Cooney Waters Group, DKC, Fahlgren Mortine, Gregory FCA, GYMR Public Relations, Horn Group, IW Group, Jarrard Inc., O’Malley Hansen, Revive Health, Spark PR, W2O Group, and Waggener Edstrom. Almost all other firms rated at 99, with the exception of Ruder Finn, which got an “n/a.”

Zimmerman Agency PR

Advance America signs Zimmerman Advertising as AOR

Zimmerman Advertising Agency was just named the AOR for Advance America. Advance America is a company providing cash and payday advances and other loans. They have their headquarters in South Carolina.

Zimmerman has been growing during the last year. In 2015, they added 12 new accounts including BPI Sports, America Media’s health and fitness brands, and Broward Health. And, last month, they signed as AOR for the Smokey Bones restaurant chain.


Staff additions for Finn Partners and Porter Novelli

Finn Partners – Jeff Hentz, travel marketing expert, just joined forces with Finn Partners to lead their travel and lifestyle practice. He will be in charge of expanding the services they offer to clients in that sector. They’ll be adding sales and marketing development for meetings, travel trade representation; conferences, exhibitions, incentives; cruise marketing development, and sports tourism. Mr. Hentz has worked in senior managerial positions in market development, global sales, and marketing. Past clients include Walt Disney World, Destination Yosemite, California’s High Sierra, Big Red Boat, and Universal Studios/Warner Bros.

Porter Novelli – Greg Jawski was just named Sr. VP – Reputation Management Practice in their New York office. He’ll be in charge of working with the corporate affairs clients and reporting to PN’s managing director in the NY office, Darlan Monterisi. Jawski’s previous experience includes managing director and head of the NY office of JCPR, as well as Sr. VP for Emanate.

PR News

Information is a powerful tool

Have you checked out the Everything PR Infographic? It’s all about business intelligence, and as they say, “without Business Intelligence (BI), your efforts could be doomed to failure,” when it comes to transforming your company. Everyone knows in business and branding today, it’s all about social media and mobile tech – if you aren’t up to speed on those, you’re going nowhere fast. But even if you know those, are you good enough at them to compete with the big companies and do you know where to start, what to plan, and what’s most important on that list?

Big data is all the rage, it has been for a couple of years, but a few years ago, it was also expensive, only the really big players could afford the costs of running the tech and hiring the experts to run them and then make sense of the information and analysis. Now, in many situations, you can buy an inexpensive app to run the information. But that means you have to know what’s available and what will work for your brand.

If you don’t know the answers to questions above, check out the infographic, it may just supply the information you’ve been looking for. The charts provide helpful tips and suggestions so you can determine your goals for the coming year(s).

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